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 The woman in white stood on the city walls and looked at the aftermath of the Undead Disaster. She clenched her fists, looking incredibly hateful. In the future, she was determined to make that demon pay in order to seek justice for the countless deceased beings.

The things that had happened in this region quickly spread to the real world, and the results of the Undead Disaster caused countless people to feel deathly afraid and terrified.

This Undead Disaster was a catastrophe that could destroy an entire region. Anyone, whether or not it was a player faction, an indigenous resident in the wilderness, or a wild beast, who caught the attention of the ocean of bones was doomed.

Moreover, all of the factions a part of the Qin Resistance Alliance had once again been expelled. Now, even idiots would realize that this incident had to do with Great Qin. The first time may have been a coincidence, but this was already the second time. No one would believe that this was a mere coincidence.

Now, the Undead Disaster had swept through two regions, and it had shown no signs of getting weaker. In fact, it had been growing more and more, and when everyone thought about the terrifying aftermath, everyone could guess that a terrifying storm was brewing.

Countless factions, Schools, and sects quickly held meetings to discuss this matter. Even though the Undead Disaster had only gone through two regions, they understood how terrifying it was.

The scale of the Undead Disaster exceeded anything Zhao Fu had expected, which allowed Zhao Fu to change his plans. Since this was the case, it was possible to have it not only sweep through the northern side of the Midland Continent but the entirety of China's territory, if not the entire Heaven Awaken World. It was entirely possible for this Undead Disaster to sweep through every corner of this world and bring a disaster to all beings.

No one knew what Great Qin's Legatee was thinking or what he wanted, but from his bloodthirsty and cold nature, they knew that it was entirely possible that the rest of the world could be affected as well, not just the northern side of the Midland Continent.

By now, the Undead Disaster had reached the third region, and its speed was even faster. The massive ocean of bones swallowed everything in its path, and everything before it seemed extremely weak and tiny.

Living creatures continuously died, and howls filled the wilderness as the Undead Disaster gave off a shocking aura and killed everything in its way, causing it to grow more and more.

At the same time, all of the factions a part of the Qin Resistance Alliance were expelled from the system main cities.

Countless factions understood how severe this situation was, and because they understood that their own faction could be affected, none of them dared to be careless.

Mohists: "We must stop this disaster as soon as possible; otherwise, if it truly develops, it will be able to sweep away everyone under the heavens, and countless people will die!"

Confucians: "Great Qin's Legatee is a star of disaster, causing countless people to suffer this calamity. He is extremely cold and bloodthirsty, so we must stop him."

Taoists: "This terrible disaster will cause the land to be dyed red with blood, and people's corpses will form mountains. This is simply against the peace of the Heavens; we must make Great Qin's Legatee stop!"

All of the factions wanted to stop this disaster because the consequences were too severe, and almost the entire Heaven Awaken World could be affected.

However, even if they wanted to stop it, they were unable to. After all, they simply lacked the power to do anything - if Great Qin's Legatee wanted to create a catastrophe for the Heaven Awaken World, they couldn't do anything about it.

Immediately, they felt incredibly helpless, and even though they knew that a disaster was coming and that countless people would die, they simply couldn't do anything about it.

For the Ancient Clans, ten or so elders looked incredibly worried as they met together. One of them said, "I knew that Great Qin's Legatee wasn't someone who could be easily offended. With how bloodthirsty and violent he is, how could he tolerate the things that happened in the northern side of the Midland Continent? This is great - now, not only the northern side but all of China might be affected."

Another elder said, "Back when we sent people to mediate between Great Qin and the northern side's factions, Great Qin's Legatee didn't respond. At that time, I already felt that something was off, and it was simply laughable that some people would think that Great Qin would submit and back down."

"Enough! There's no need saying these things. Right now, the most important thing is stopping this disaster. We don't have the power to stop it, so we can only hope to contact Great Qin's Legatee and ask him to stop this disaster," another elder said.

Hearing this, the others could only nod. Apart from this, they had no other plan.

At the same time, Flower Moon also held an emergency meeting.

One of the women said, "Now you know how terrifying Great Qin is. Seventeenth Sister, you helped the northern side's factions a bit before, and now, Great Qin has listed you as someone on its hit list. Luckily, Great Qin doesn't know much about Flower Moon, or we would've been doomed."

The woman referred to as Seventeenth Sister pouted but didn't say anything. She had indeed underestimated Great Qin's Legatee and had never thought that he would create such a catastrophe.

Another woman asked the woman sitting in the main seat, "Big sis, what do you think we should do? This Undead Disaster has already swept through three regions, and it's becoming bigger and bigger. If it truly develops, our business will be severely affected."

The mature woman in the main seat looked quite serious as she said, "Our business will indeed be affected by this, but will we be able to stop Great Qin's Legatee?"

This question caused everyone to fall silent - they were just as helpless as everyone else.

The factions in the northern side were incredibly worried, and they all asked Su Yan what to do. Su Yan felt a headache coming on - he knew that something was off from the beginning, and now, the northern side's factions' weakness had been revealed. Even though they had many people, they were unable to gather their forces.

If they could gather together, they could kill the Skeletons and end the Undead Disaster, but because they were scattered, this was impossible.

None of them had expected Great Qin to have such methods, and now, they could only try to negotiate with Great Qin and give back the territory they had taken from it with extra compensation.

They also needed to slightly restrict Great Qin from attacking whoever they wanted, rescue the dignity of the northern side, and gather their own strength.

After making this decision, Su Yan immediately sent people to negotiate.

Now, basically all of the factions in China sent people to the Ying family to ask Great Qin to stop this disaster, making the Ying family's residence as busy as a marketplace.

The Ying family's leaders secretly felt incredibly delighted and felt that they had been unnecessarily worried. They had never thought that Great Qin's Legatee would have such terrifying power, and the Ying family, which had been ostracised, suddenly became incredibly welcome by everyone.