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 The names on the list were all factions that were part of the Qin Resistance Alliance. Since they had attacked Great Qin, Zhao Fu didn't intend of letting them off and would show no mercy.

Without the protection of the system main cities, these people would quickly die to the Undead Disaster. Even if they survived by sheer luck, they would be listed as wanted criminals, no longer be able to enter system main cities, and be greatly restricted.

The second requirement was something that Zhao Fu was saving for the future.

After striking this deal, Zhao Fu smiled as he said, "Alright, go and close your city gates. Also, use this formation to suppress the life aura from your cities. I'll guide the Skeletons to not harm your cities."

Hearing that Zhao Fu only had these two requirements, the four City Lords let out sighs of relief and nodded their heads. They turned around, and their bodies turned into rays of lights as they disappeared over the horizon. Because the Undead Disaster was already out of Zhao Fu's control, they had to act quickly, or the consequences would be unimaginable.

The fastest was the young man because the Undead army was closest to his city. After returning, he immediately gave the orders to expel those people on the list.

The factions were completely dumbfounded and had no idea why the system main city was expelling them for no apparent reason. Moreover, at the same time, they found out about the Undead Disaster, so if the system main city was expelling them, they would definitely die. They begged and pleaded, but it was useless. Soon, all of them had been expelled from the system main cities.

Seeing these people being expelled, the other players felt quite afraid and were worried that they too would be expelled. There was no chance of survival in the face of that monstrous Undead Disaster, so all of the players became incredibly docile and didn't dare to cause even the slightest bit of trouble.


That terrifying sound came closer and closer, and the skies gradually darkened as they were covered by gray clouds. A chilling wind blew, making everyone's backs feel incredibly cold.

At that moment, countless Skeletons came over a mountain and started to appear. After personally seeing this unending ocean of Skeletons, countless people's legs gave out as they stared in horror. None of them had thought that the situation would be so grim.

The city gates were tightly shut, and the formation that suppressed the aura of life was activated. However, those who had been expelled weren't so lucky.

Facing the countless Skeletons, they couldn't even run from them. These people tried to leave the Heaven Awaken World and come back in a few days, but they found that they couldn't leave and were instead greeted with a system announcement.

"System announcement! A great disaster has happened in your region, and you are unable to leave the Heaven Awaken World!"

Seeing the people outside the main cities, the countless Skeletons excitedly rushed up. The people continuously begged the system main cities to let them in, but no matter how they pleaded, it was all useless.

After all, if they opened the city gates now, the aura of life would come spilling out of the city, causing the countless Skeletons to madly attack the city. If that happened, there would not be a single person left in the city afterward.


Cries of pain sounded out from outside, causing those inside the city to shudder. They knew how terrifying it was outside, and their bodies couldn't stop trembling.

Soon, all of the howls subsided, and because the Skeletons couldn't detect the aura of any more living creatures, the Disaster Cavalry were able to guide them onwards.

After everything settled down and the Skeleton army left, some people mustered up the courage to look outside. They saw countless corpses with terrified expressions peacefully lying on the ground. There were dismembered limbs and organs all over the place, and blood dyed the ground. The stench of blood filled the air, and it looked like a slaughterhouse of horrors.

Anyone who saw this scene felt incredibly horrified. Everyone also rejoiced that they hadn't been expelled, or else this would have been their fate.

The countless Skeletons continued onwards to other main cities, giving off an aura that could sweep across anything. The conclusions for those who had been expelled were the same.

As time passed, the Undead Disaster became more and more terrifying, and the region seemed to be bearing unspeakable pain and death. Death, and more death - Death was the only thing present.

This day was destined to be the most horrifying day for this region, and the aura of death filled the entire region. The sky lost all brightness, making the land seem incredibly dark. The grass and plants had become deathly gray, blood stained the ground, and the howls of the Undead could be heard everywhere.

The players in this region described this horrifying scene on the Heaven Awaken World forum, garnering the sympathy of countless people.

At the same time, more and more people started to pay attention to this Undead Disaster. Soon, all of China heard about how terrifying this Undead Disaster was.

Most of the creatures in a region had died - not just beasts but also villages in the wilderness and countless players. The land and plants had been infected with the aura of death and lost all vitality, and they wouldn't be able to recover in a long time.

The entire region had been severely damaged, but it wasn't a complete disaster - after all, the four system main cities, surprisingly, hadn't been attacked, and everyone inside had remained safe.

However, everyone was incredibly curious why none of the four system main cities had been attacked, and soon, news of some players being expelled was spread.

Many people realized that these people were all part of factions that were part of the Qin Resistance Alliance. A few factions being expelled from a system main city wasn't a big deal, but these specific factions being expelled was a bit too coincidental.

It was said that these factions were not only expelled but also listed as wanted criminals. Even if the players didn't die, they would only be able to stay in the wilderness, and they wouldn't dare to enter system main cities. Otherwise, they would be killed by the city guards.

If this really was done by Great Qin, their methods were savage and malicious to the extreme - they were cutting off all hope and not leaving any problems for themselves in the future. However, this was only a guess, and no one could confirm that this was done by Great Qin.

However, it was still enough to make many people feel a grim feeling.

After hearing about this, Su Yan's expression became extremely serious. There had been no news about Great Qin recently, which had made him feel quite uneasy. Recently, Great Qin had been like a silent beast that could launch a terrifying attack at any moment, so he immediately ordered his people to gather information on Great Qin.

None of the factions in the northern side had connected the dots, and all of them thought that this was a coincidence. After all, the northern side was quite big, and this was just a single region. Therefore, it wasn't a big deal.

The various Dynasty Legatees felt a bit worried, but they decided to see how things progressed from here.

The various Schools of Thought and sects also paid some attention to this. Some talented people could feel that something big was about to happen.