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 Everyone knew that the neighboring region had been completely flooded, and most people believed that some abnormal circumstances had caused those corpses to turn into Undead, resulting in this disaster.

However, none of them could have expected that the Undead Disaster had been caused by Great Qin. No one realized the danger of the situation, and everyone thought that only one region was doomed.

Many people started to feel a sense of wicked gleefulness, rejoicing that it wasn't their region that had been attacked by the Undead. However, the players in that region all started to worry.

In that region, the ocean of bones gave off an aura of suppression that seemed to cover the entire land, and they continued to swarm forward. They now covered tens of thousands of kilometers, and the Disaster Cavalry once again cast Undead Disaster, causing the ocean of bones to grow even bigger and for the aura of the army to become even more powerful.

Some of the Skeletons had already gathered enough life force to evolve, and their spirit flames became even bigger as they obtained some intelligence. Their bones also became bigger, and using the death energy they had, they condensed bone weapons.

These Skeletons could change professions by themselves, and some of them had become basic Skeleton Soldiers that were more powerful than ordinary Skeletons. Now, the ocean of bones had once again become more powerful.

The nearest City Lord looked at the approaching gray clouds and couldn't watch on any longer. He turned into a ray of light and flew towards the Undead army.

Seeing that endless ocean of bones, the City Lord was completely dumbfounded. His city was unable to stop such a massive army, and even if he used his City Lord Seal, he would be powerless against these Skeletons.

"What do I do?" Looking at the ocean of bones that was coming closer and closer to the city, the City Lord felt quite worried. Very few things could make City Lords feel this way - it was clear how terrifying this Undead Disaster was.

Suddenly, he sensed something and quickly flew towards the center of the ocean of bones. There, he saw a person, who gave off a powerful aura, wearing a black cloak and standing in the air.

Seeing this person and the ten Disaster Cavalrymen below him, he immediately realized that this Undead Disaster wasn't a natural disaster but something caused by this person. He felt quite furious and couldn't understand why this person would want to cause the deaths of millions of people.

"Sir, why are you doing this?" the young man loudly said as he furiously gazed at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's blood-red eyes glanced at the young man, and he lightly laughed, "Of course... it's so that countless creatures will die."

"You!" Hearing Zhao Fu's cold words, it was as if he saw the countless creatures as ants, and he couldn't help but feel enraged. He prepared to attack Zhao Fu.

He could sense that Zhao Fu had a City Lord Seal, and he also gave off an extremely dangerous aura. In the end, the City Lord decided to quell his anger because he didn't dare to attack.

However, Zhao Fu drew the Sin Dragon Sword, and a powerful aura swept out from him. If he could use this Undead Disaster to take down a few system main cities, that would be quite ideal.

Seeing that Zhao Fu was preparing to fight, the young man felt quite startled, and he drew a long saber and made preparations.

Suddenly, three rays of light flew over, revealing three figures that gave off mighty auras. They were the City Lords of the three other system main cities.

It was impossible of them not to know about such a massive Undead Disaster, so they had also come over to take a look.

They had also found that Zhao Fu was the cause of this Undead Disaster, so the four City Lords stood in the air and surrounded Zhao Fu. They believed that killing him would stop the Undead Disaster.

However, what they didn't know was that the Disaster Cavalry had long since lost control over the Undead Disaster, so killing Zhao Fu would be useless. Nevertheless, with Zhao Fu's current strength, it would be impossible for them to kill him.

The 4 City Lords were all men, and a big man said furiously, "You'd best stop this disaster, or we'll have to attack. Do you really think that you'll be able to fight against four City Lords just because you are also a City Lord?"

The three other City Lords looked at Zhao Fu seriously. Even though the Undead Disaster had only been going for a short while, millions of creatures had already died. If this continued, who knew how many creatures would perish? Today, they had to stop this calamity or kill Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed, "Do you really think you'll be able to kill me?"

An aura that was terrifying to the extreme burst forth, and it was as if space itself was unable to withstand this aura. The space started to crack. Zhao Fu not only used his Nation Armament's power but also his Clan Armament's power.

This massive force caused the four City Lords' faces to pale, and their confidence was instantly shattered.

In the end, the four City Lords could only take a step back and ask, "What do you want to stop this disaster?"

Zhao Fu also started to make alternate arrangements. The four system main cities would be difficult to defeat if they banded together. With players, the four cities had roughly six million people, and with the strength of the cities themselves, it would be quite difficult for the Undead army to break through them.

This was only the first region that the Undead army had stepped into, and it hadn't started truly developing yet. Ordinary Skeletons were weaker than the average person, and there weren't enough of them yet to take down an entire region.

Of course, with so many Skeletons, they would be enough to deal serious damage to the four main cities and could even destroy the main cities at the cost of most of the Skeletons being destroyed.

However, Zhao Fu's ambitions were greater than this; his goal was to make this Undead Disaster sweep across the entirety of the northern side, turning it into a place of the dead. Not only would he be able to wipe out all opposition, but he would also be able to great benefits. How could he stop here?

Zhao Fu calmly replied, "This Undead army is already out of control, and I'm unable to stop it. However, I have methods to make you immune to this Undead Disaster, though it will cost you."

Upon hearing that the Undead Disaster was out of Zhao Fu's control, the four City Lords became quite startled, but hearing that Zhao Fu could grant them immunity, they let out a sigh of relief and asked, "What do we have to do?"

Zhao Fu smiled as he handed out a list and replied, "Expel all of these factions from your system main cities and list them as wanted criminals who will be killed as soon as they step into the city."

The four City Lords looked over the list, and essentially all of the factions were player factions that wouldn't affect them at all. As such, they happily agreed - otherwise, their cities, including their residents and soldiers, would die from the Undead Disaster.

Seeing them agree, Zhao Fu stated his second requirement, "In the future, I'll need your help as well. Don't worry. It won't be detrimental to you at all."

When they heard the second requirement, the four City Lords hesitated, but they still agreed in the end.