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 Zhao Fu first revoked the Void Beast's conquering of the Universal Den and then had the little Wyvern conquer it. The little Wyvern was very obedient and flapped its wings over to the round stage before conquering the Den.

Afterward, Zhao Fu gave the little Wyvern over to those who were responsible for raising it, and when he looked at the Universal Den's stats, a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

This Universal Den would spawn Wyverns of random ages, just as the Origin would spawn residents of different ages. It was possible for the Universal Den to spawn juvenile Wyverns, mature Wyverns, and aged Wyverns.

Mature Wyverns had Stage 5 strength, and they would be Great Qin's most terrifying force. Even juvenile Wyverns had Stage 3 strength and would be able to be used immediately. Only newborn Wyverns wouldn't be able to be put to use immediately.

With these Wyverns, Great Qin could sweep away all obstacles in its path, and very few people would be able to stop Great Qin. However, the spawning time was a bit slow, which was ten days for one Wyvern.

What's more, this was only because of Great Qin's bonus stats and the Universal Den's Legendary grade. Without those stats, it would most likely only be able to spawn a Wyvern once every year.

Moreover, the Den was currently only a Basic Den, so it had a lot of potential. With mature Wyverns, they would be able to kill countless creatures, making the Den level up quickly. The Den needed time, so they would leave it for now.

Now, Great Qin had 200,000 soldiers. The soldiers that Bai Qi had been training were added in, and now, Great Qin greatly lacked Blood God Pills. The corpses that they obtained in Gloomy Jungle were far from enough to meet the demand.

Before, Zhao Fu had been preparing to attack Heavenstone City - this was something that he had been preparing for a long time. However, because of the Qin Resistance Alliance's crazed attacks and its arrogant behavior, Zhao Fu changed his mind and decided to cause a calamity.

This calamity would be horrifying, and Zhao Fu knew that countless people would die. However, Zhao Fu didn't care anymore - he had been suppressing his rage this entire time. Since they were determined to destroy Great Qin, Zhao Fu wouldn't show any mercy either.

What Zhao Fu was preparing for them was... the Undead Disaster!

Casting Undead Disaster required a massive number of corpses, and the best place for gathering corpses was the region that had been completely flooded.

That region had essentially become a land of ghosts. After the flood receded, it left behind a countless number of bloated bodies. There were both humans and animals, and the system main cities didn't relocate back because there were too many corpses there. There was now an aura of death, and the place had become a cursed place.

Any living creatures that went there would feel an uncomfortable and eerie feeling, causing their bodies to grow weaker. Moreover, relocating back was incredibly difficult, and continuously moving the City Heart would also damage it.

As such, there weren't any living creatures in that region, only corpses. Even if Zhao Fu didn't do anything, many Undead would spawn there.

For the next seven days, Zhao Fu ordered the Disaster Cavalry to continuously use Undead Disaster, reviving the countless corpses. Because they had a disaster attribute, the spirit flames in their heads were black. They also had many resistances and were much stronger than normal Skeletons.

Now, that region was filled with countless Skeletons, and there were at least ten million of them. This was because there were not only human Skeletons but also animal Skeletons.

With so many Undead, Great Qin had long since lost its control over them. In other words, Great Qin was unable to command them or stop them, and they simply acted on their instincts to kill all living creatures.

Great Qin seemed to be playing with fire, and Zhao Fu knew that he could no longer contain the situation. However, he was determined to do this.

Since the other factions didn't seem to care about the civil war reducing China's strength, Zhao Fu didn't care about it either. After all, Zhao Fu never planned on sparing any of Great Qin's enemies.

The entire region was covered with a deathly aura, and the sunlight couldn't reach the ground. All signs of life seemed to have disappeared, and the grass and plants lost their green color. The sound of wailing could be heard from time to time, and anyone who came to this region would feel his hairs stand on end - this was already a region of the Undead.

Zhao Fu stood in the air while the ten Disaster Cavalrymen, which were shrouded in darkness, waited for Zhao Fu's order.

"Begin the slaughter!" Zhao Fu ordered as he icily looked at the region in front of him.

The Disaster Cavalry drew their black swords and pointed forwards, and the countless Skeletons sensed something and started to amble forwards. The sound of them walking was simply deafening and completely frightening.

Even though the Disaster Cavalry couldn't fully control these Skeletons, because they were the summoners, they could still guide their basic instincts.

Zhao Fu's goal was to move the Skeletons to another region and allow them to run amok, causing a massive slaughter.

Gradually, the ten million Skeletons entered the region like an ocean of bones, and the deathly aura around them caused countless beings to feel shocked.

As soon as the ten Disaster Cavalrymen and the countless Skeletons entered this region, many creatures detected them, whether or not it was a bird or a beast. All of them were completely terrified and started to run.

Before the Undead army had fully arrived, a small flood of beasts had already formed as they ran for their lives.

The countless Skeletons detected these living creatures' aura, making them feel excited. They rushed forward after those living creatures, and the ten Disaster Cavalrymen could no longer guide them anymore.

Now, the massive slaughter had begun!

No matter what it was, whether it was a tiger, a pack of wolves, or even a lion, all of them seemed incredibly weak and pitiful in front of the countless Skeletons. Only by running could they perhaps survive. Those that were fast were safe for now, but those that were slower would be inundated by the Skeletons and die immediately.

When there were enough deaths, the ten Disaster Cavalry could once again use Undead Disaster, causing the Skeleton army to continuously grow stronger, turning the northern side of the Midland Continent into a living hell.

Within the boundless darkness, the massive blood-red star seemed to go through some changes.

Zhao Fu stood in the air, his blood-red eyes giving off a chilling light as he coldly watched everything. Howls and shrieks continuously sounded out, and fresh blood dyed the ground as countless creatures died in horror and pain.