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 The civil war wasn't beneficial to anyone in China in the long term; any loss was a loss for China.

With the support of the various Dynasties, the factions in the northern side felt incredibly proud and confident, and they didn't even place Great Qin in their eyes anymore.

With the various factions added together, their people numbered in the tens of millions, and let alone Great Qin, they wouldn't fear even multiple Dynasty Legatees. That was how confident they felt.

However, their weakness was that they were unable to gather all of their forces together.

Even though Great Qin was weaker than all of them collectively, its military might wasn't something that any of them could individually rival. This was something that they all knew.

The Ancient Clans, the oldest factions in China, also knew this, and the ten or so elders gathered to discuss.

One of the elders said, "How about we do some mediating and end the civil war? If a civil war really explodes, all of China's northern side will take a great blow, and there are many hungry wolves waiting for an opportunity. For China, we need to do something."

Another elder said, "But the Qin Resistance Alliance has acted too savagely without any thoughts of consequences and hasn't given Great Qin any face. Will the bloodthirsty Great Qin really agree to settle?

"Last time, when the Chaos Imperial Star descended, everyone could tell that Great Qin's Legatee would become the most bloodthirsty and evil Emperor. How could he give in?

"Moreover, the Qin Resistance Alliance has an overwhelming advantage right now, and it has become incredibly arrogant. How could it be willing to negotiate with Great Qin?"

Another elder said, "Since things have come to this, we need to at least try. This civil war might shake the entirety of the northern side of the Midland Continent, and it could affect the entire world."

Hearing this elder's words, everyone else sighed and nodded. They had to at least try to stop this from happening.

The various Schools from the Hundred Schools of Thought were split into two factions: one hoped that a lot of fighting and chaos would result, and the one who won would be the sovereign. The other faction wanted peace - if a war exploded, China's strength would be reduced by at least a quarter, if not more.

There was another large faction within China that was also quite concerned, which was Flower Moon. Currently, 20 or so beautiful women sat around a large table.

"Big sis, should we sell items to the factions in the northern side? If we sell them now, we'll be able to make great profits since it's a time of need," one of the women said and smiled as she looked at the mature woman in the main seat.

Another woman rolled her eyes as she said, "If a civil war begins, our business activities in the entire northern side will be affected, and it will already be good if we don't make a loss."

"Right now, the northern side is in chaos, and all of the factions that might be even slightly related to Great Qin are being attacked. Even some of our factions have been attacked. However, I'm not worried about them. Rather, I'm afraid of Great Qin, which has been completely silent and hasn't responded at all - this is much more terrifying."

Another woman laughed, "When did you become so scared? Great Qin isn't all that. If it faces off against the entire northern side, it will definitely lose, which is why it hasn't dared to do anything."

"It's because you don't understand how terrifying Great Qin is!" the woman who originally spoke retorted.

Seeing that these two were about to start fighting, an older, gentler woman said, "Alright, stop arguing and listen to what big sis has to say as to whether we should participate or remain neutral."

The mature woman sitting in the main seat smiled as she looked at the women and said, "I think we should remain neutral for now; there's no need for Flower Moon to be caught up in that chaos just for a bit of profit. Great Qin has a massive amount of Fate, so it won't lose easily. Also, the civil war hasn't truly erupted yet. When the time comes, it won't be too late for us to get involved either. That's all for today!"

Hearing this, the women nodded before leaving.

"Yuyan, be careful with your matter." Seeing everyone leave, the mature woman suddenly smiled as she spoke to Su Yuyan, who had been departing.

Su Yuyan's face paled before she nodded seriously. "Understood, big sis."

Time quickly passed, and soon, a week had passed. The countless factions were all shocked that Great Qin still hadn't done anything or started up its businesses again. The Ancient Clans had offered to mediate and provide a peace treaty, but they hadn't heard a response.

It was as if Great Qin had disappeared, and there was no news about it - could it be that Great Qin was giving in?

The northern side's factions started to celebrate, and they were covered with an atmosphere of joy. This was indeed worth celebrating, as they had finally suppressed Great Qin, which had been overbearing. Now, Great Qin had seen how powerful the northern side's factions were and was scared.

The factions that had submitted to Great Qin also felt quite surprised - Great Qin hadn't done anything, and they hadn't received any information, making them feel quite unsettled.

"Mother, what do you think is going to happen?" Chai Shaohui asked as he looked at Nangong Shuyue.

Nangong Shuyue lightly shook her head and said, "I don't know either; His Majesty is most likely preparing something. I'm sure we'll know soon."

The situation was the same in the State of Wei. One of the State of Wei's people asked Wei Xin, "Young Master, Great Qin still hasn't responded; don't tell me it's truly afraid? After all, there are so many factions from the northern side."

After surrendering, Wei Xin had renounced the title of 'Majesty' and was now called 'Young Master.'

Hearing this, Wei Xin could only shake his head. He felt that there was a storm brewing where countless people would die. It would be a calamity for the entire northern side.

Back at the Great Qin City, Zhao Fu brought some people to the incubation room. There was a gray egg there, which was the Wyvern egg. After such a long time, it was nearly time for it to hatch.

The half meter tall egg started to tremble and give off a powerful aura as if there was a small being trying to struggle out.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Cracks started to appear along the egg as bits of the shell fell off, and a mucus-covered head poked out. A pair of large, black eyes looked around curiously as the rest of the egg split apart and its body came out of the egg.

It was a Wyvern that currently looked like a lizard with a pair of wings. It was covered with gray scales and had a pair of little horns. Its body was covered with mucus, but it innately gave off an aura of suppression.

After getting out of the egg, it saw Zhao Fu, happily flapped its wings, and flew towards Zhao Fu. Because Zhao Fu had already bonded it to him using his blood, the little Wyvern already saw him as its closest person.

Zhao Fu hugged the little Wyvern, ignoring the mucus on its body. He stroked its head, and the little Wyvern had a satisfied expression on its face. Zhao Fu then took out a Raising Stone and fed it to the Wyvern before taking it to the Universal Den.