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 At that moment, a soldier walked into the hall and half-knelt before reporting, "Your Majesty, there's a message from a person called Su Yan. He says that if Great Qin remains within one region and doesn't try to expand or attack any other regions or factions, he will spare Great Qin and cease the attacks against Great Qin."

"Hahahaha..." When he heard this, Zhao Fu's anger swelled to its limit, and he coldly laughed.

The atmosphere within the hall became incredibly cold, and all of the leaders lowered their heads, not daring to move. They could all feel Zhao Fu's anger and the killing intent within that laughter.

"Do you all think Great Qin should submit so easily?" Zhao Fu asked as he looked at his subordinates.

"Your Majesty, of course Great Qin cannot submit so easily. With respect to what has happened, Great Qin should retaliate and show everyone Great Qin's true strength," Wang Jian stepped forwards as he said.

"Your Majesty, this subordinate believes that with Great Qin's strength, we can engage in battles that will open up the path to establishing a nation," Bai Qi said as he stepped out, his eyes burning with passion.

"Your Majesty, I support Commander Bai Qi's words. Now that Great Qin has many talents, we can engage in battle. Time is scarce, and we can officially begin restoring Great Qin as a nation," Wei Liao said and stepped out after some consideration.

The other leaders all expressed their views as well. Within the boundless darkness, the massive star gave off a blood-red light, causing Zhao Fu's eyes to give off a devilish blood-red light.

"Xianru, how can the Emperor Phoenix Statue be used?" After hearing the various leaders' words, Zhao Fu turned to look at Xianru beside him.

Xianru smiled as she replied, "Your Majesty, all you need to do is take it to the Heaven Prayer Platform."

"It's that simple?" Zhao Fu thought there would have to be some sort of ceremony to use it.

Xianru nodded as she replied, "Your Majesty, the Heaven Prayer Platform is the place where the most Fate is gathered. Placing the Emperor Phoenix Statue there will be quite fitting, and the statue will naturally fuse with Great Qin."

"I see," Zhao Fu said before looking at his subordinates. "The road to restoring Great Qin's nation has begun. However, we need to make detailed plans. Since our businesses in the various regions have been attacked, we'll pause them for now. There's no need to increase the casualties, and it will be better for us to focus on preparations."

The various leaders all agreed, and they started to discuss among themselves.

Soon, Zhao Fu gave out a new order, "Bai Qi, train another 40,000 soldiers and raise Great Qin's army to 200,000 people." Bai Qi nodded and accepted this order.

Zhao Fu then looked at Wang Ergou and said, "Ergou, give me all of the information of those participating in the Qin Resistance Alliance. Don't let off even a single one." Wang Ergou also nodded and accepted this order.

Zhao Fu then turned his gaze to Little Sha and said, "Little Sha, I will expand the Eternal Night's members to 30,000, and I'll leave the training to you. Teach them all sorts of killing methods; Great Qin needs more effective assassins." Little Sha also nodded and gave a blank 'oh' in response.

Zhao Fu then turned to Ba Qing and said, "Ba Qing, calculate our losses from these attacks and give benefits to those who were injured or killed. If we're lacking people in any department, make sure those positions are filled soon."

"Thank you, Your Majesty!" Bai Qi replied gratefully. Most of those who were injured were from the Business Department, and with this order from Zhao Fu, she would be able to give them good compensation.

Finally, Zhao Fu said to Guo Binglin, "Guo Binlin, give me all of the information you've collected on Heavenstone City." Hearing this, Guo Binglin also nodded.

After everyone had their orders, the meeting concluded, and everyone went to carry out their orders.

Zhao Fu took Xianru to the Heaven Prayer Platform and placed the two meter tall crystal statue onto it.

"That's it?" Zhao Fu asked.

Xianru lightly nodded, indicating that this was fine.

After this, Zhao Fu thought of something and said, "Xianru, since you can see Fate, stay by my side from now on."

"Yes, Your Majesty," Xianru said as she smiled. This was what she wanted - the closer she was to Zhao Fu, the higher her position would be.

After placing the Emperor Phoenix Statue on the Heaven Prayer Platform, Zhao Fu and Xianru went back to the hall, where Guo Binglin was waiting with the recent information on Heavenstone City.

Zhao Fu read through the information carefully. Ever since that large battle, the relationship of Heavenstone City with the three other main cities had been much better. Evidently, Heavenstone City's City Lord wanted to ally with the three other City Lords to deal with Great Qin.

The three other City Lords knew this, but they didn't agree or reject his offer either.

On one hand, they were afraid of inviting trouble to themselves - they knew that Heavenstone City had offended a powerful Dynasty's Legatee. On the other hand, if their region lost a City Lord, their overall strength would go down, and it was possible that this Legatee would turn against them too.

Zhao Fu had to think about this carefully - if the four City Lords allied together, Great Qin wouldn't be able to shake them at all. As such, Zhao Fu put this matter on standby for now and looked at the other information.

The Heavenstone City had already replaced the 10,000 soldiers who had died during that fight, but most of them were only Stage 0-7 or 0-8. They only had 90,000 or so Stage 1 soldiers. Right now, Great Qin had 80,000 Stage 1 soldiers, just 10,000 less.

In terms of residents, Heavenstone City had 360,000 residents, which was quite normal. Some of the more developed system main cities had 400,000 or so indigenous residents.

There was also information about how the Young Lord, Shi Wen, had turned over a new leaf, but it was too late.

After looking through the information on Heavenstone City, Zhao Fu came to a decision. Also, the Qin Resistance Alliance was quite a great threat. If all of the regions were connected, they would be able to join up together, and Great Qin really would have to step back.

Zhao Fu knew that Great Qin wasn't powerful enough to face off against them directly, so he didn't overestimate his capabilities.

For now, he didn't plan on doing anything drastic. After everything was prepared, he would deal with them.

In response, the many factions were quite surprised by Great Qin's lack of reaction. Some said that Great Qin was weak, while others said that it was the calm before the storm.

This matter caught the attention of the whole world because it related to Great Qin. Many of the foreign factions were quite happy about this civil war, with most of the Chinese factions banding together to restrain Great Qin's Legatee.

If China didn't become weaker, how could they have an opportunity to rise? If Great Qin wasn't destroyed, how could they be at ease? Great Qin was already a thorn in many people's hearts, making them feel pain and terror.

The Chinese factions all knew that this civil war would reduce their overall strength, but they were still determined to go through with it. This related to their life, and if they didn't suppress Great Qin now, they would all face destruction.