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 Now, the Kobold leader, Doke, had also become one of Zhao Fu's main fighters. Zhao Fu looked at his stats and found that he was S grade and used sabers. Zhao Fu greatly lacked those who used sabers, so he directly gave Doke one of the Silver grade sabers.

Because Doke had been severely abused by Liu Mei, he was a little traumatized. Every time he met Liu Mei, he actively avoided her. Zhao Fu had no idea what Liu Mei had done, but when he returned, he saw Doke covered with wounds and on his final breath.

Now, the Great Qin Village's main task was to continue exploring!

Bringing along Little Grey was something that was now essential to Zhao Fu. With its nose, he could find other Outlanders and animals much faster.

Little Grey led the way as it sniffed around, and Zhao Fu followed behind it while riding on Little Black. Suddenly, Little Grey discovered something. It raised its head with a serious expression on its face as it looked ahead before turning around and calling out a few times to Zhao Fu. This meant that there was some sort of powerful creature ahead.

Zhao Fu nodded and told everyone to be careful.


As everyone advanced, a massive tiger roared. A ferocious tiger the size of a cow walked out. The tiger's fur was snow-white without any blemishes, and it gave off a cold aura.

[Iceborn Tiger]: Ice-type Chief class creature.

Zhao Fu immediately gave the order to attack when he saw the tiger. Arrows started to fly towards it, but in the next second, an ice wall appeared in front of the Iceborn Tiger, blocking most of the arrows. However, a few of the arrows from the soldiers with Refined Martial Souls were able to pierce through the ice wall, though the Iceborn Tiger was able to easily evade them by the time they arrived on the other side.

When the Iceborn Tiger saw so many people, even though it wasn't weak, it wasn't stupid and knew that it would lose, so it chose to run.

Zhao Fu immediately gave the order for the Kobold Spearwielders to attack.

In order to increase the strength of the Spearwielders, Zhao Fu prepared 10 iron javelins for each Spearwielder and gave them a bag to carry them on their backs. This was so that they would still have a weapon if they threw their weapon and was not able to retrieve it in time.

The might of 200 javelins at once was simply terrifying. Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! The air was torn as the javelins rained down towards the Iceborn Tiger.

Facing so many javelins, the Iceborn Tiger immediately summoned another ice wall. However, the ice wall simply could not stand up against so many javelins, and the Iceborn Tiger was still hit by 7 or 8 javelins.

Because the Iceborn Tiger was a Chief class creature, it had powerful defenses and only the heads of the javelins pierced into its body, and they were not able to deal fatal damage to it.

In its immense pain, the Iceborn Tiger lost its rationality and leapt at Zhao Fu's soldiers, opening its massive mouth.


The Iceborn Tiger roared as washbowl-sized ice bullets shot towards Zhao Fu's soldiers. The Shieldbearers immediately raised their shields and stepped forwards.


Massive explosions sounded out as the ice bullets smashed onto the shields and exploded, sending the Shieldbearers back by one step. Frost also started to cover their shields.

Zhao Fu's expression did not change as he ordered his Archers to attack. The Iceborn Tiger rapidly dodged the arrows, but it was still hit by quite a few of them. Currently, the Iceborn Tiger's body was covered with arrows, but it still angrily charged over.

Bai Qi, Zhang Dahu, Doke, Old Logue, and Liu Mei went forwards to meet it, launching their various skills.

First was Old Logue's two blood-colored fireballs, which flew towards the Iceborn Tiger.

The Iceborn Tiger dodged to the left, avoiding Old Logue's attack. However, in the next second, Liu Mei's Wind Blade flew at it from the direction that it had dodged in, hitting it and leaving a wound on its body.


The Iceborn Tiger roared in pain.

Following this, Zhang Dahu and Doke attacked from its right and left, and the Iceborn Tiger raised its paws to swipe at the two people. However, the two of them instead ran past it, not only dodging its paws but also leaving cuts on its sides.

The Iceborn Tiger furiously turned to bite Doke when a ray of sword light suddenly flashed and massive amounts of blood spurted out - Bai Qi had slashed its throat with a single strike.

Zhao Fu did not do anything the entire time as he sat on Little Black, and he did not take a single step. He calmly watched his subordinates attack the Iceborn Tiger. After all, that was the role of a Lord: to sit at the back and look calm while watching his or her subordinates get rid of enemies.

"System announcement! Your General has killed a Chief class magic beast, Iceborn Tiger, and has gained 27 Achievement Points."

"System announcement! You have gained 23 Achievement Points."

After the Iceborn Tiger died, it dropped 100 or so silver coins and 3 items.

The first item was a cube that shined with blue light - Zhao Fu knew that this could be used to create a village. In actuality, Elite magic beasts could drop White grade City Creation Stones; Chief class magic beasts could drop Blue grade City Creation Stones; and Lord grade magic beasts had a chance of dropping Silver grade City Creation Stones.

The City Creation Stones obtained from killing magic beasts were not restricted to any race. The race of the villagers that spawned from it was determined by the user's race.

Zhao Fu put the City Creation Stone away and looked at the orb of light in front of him that gave off a chilling aura - this was similar to something Zhao Fu had seen before.

[Innate Elemental Orb]: Description: After using the orb, one will obtain the D grade skill Ice Explosion Bullet.

Ice Explosion Bullet was most likely the skill that the Iceborn Tiger had used just then. Zhao Fu thought about it, and his main subordinates who did not have Magic skills were Bai Qi, Zhang Dahu, and Doke. Because Bai Qi solely focused on using his sword, Zhao Fu decided to give the Innate Elemental Orb to Zhang Dahu.

After receiving the orb, Zhang Dahu happily thanked Zhao Fu deeply and used it, making Doke, who had just joined Zhao Fu, to feel quite a bit of admiration.

The third item was something that Zhao Fu did not recognize. It was an unevenly-shaped stone that gave off traces of chilling aura.

[Ice Strengthening Stone]: Description: An Ice-type Strengthening Stone that can strengthen all equipment and give Ice-type damage bonuses or Ice-type defense bonuses.

After looking at this information, Zhao Fu said, "Bai Qi! Give me your sword for a minute."

Bai Qi did not hesitate at all when giving his Gold grade Star Slashing Sword to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu took the Star Slashing Sword and placed the Strengthening Stone against it and chose to use it. The Strengthening Stone turned into a cold mist that surrounded the Star Slashing Sword before slowly merging into it.

The Star Slashing Sword now seemed to have a layer of frost on it, and it had an icy feeling when held in one's hand.

Zhao Fu looked at the Star Slashing Sword's stats:

[Ice - Star Slashing Sword]: Grade: Half-Legendary (Incomplete), Stats: Strength +10, Constitution +6, Agility +4. Description: A Half-Legendary grade weapon that has become rusty due to the passage of time, becoming an ordinary Gold grade weapon. After being strengthened by the Ice Strengthening Stone, it has recovered some of its Half-Legendary power and deals bonus Ice damage.