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 By now, the ten King's Undead Cavalry had reached Stage 2, and they were incredibly powerful. However, the Skeletons they led were still quite weak.

Logically, if the King's Undead Cavalry were at Stage 2, the Skeletons that they led could grow to Stage 2 as well. However, let alone Stage 2, most weren't even at Stage 1. This was because all of the Stage 1 and above corpses were used to refine Blood God Pills, and very few were left to become Skeleton soldiers.

Moreover, each of the King's Undead Cavalrymen could control 3,000 Skeletons. In the early stages, 3,000 Skeletons was quite good, but now that Zhao Fu had an army of 160,000 people, 3,000 Skeletons didn't seem like much and couldn't help much anymore.

As such, Zhao Fu wondered what would happen if he fused the Disaster Fire with the King's Undead Cavalry.

Zhao Fu looked at the half-kneeling King's Undead Cavalrymen. They were the equipment spirits of the King's Ring, and after thinking about it, Zhao Fu took off the King's Ring and fused the five-colored Disaster Fire into the King's Ring.

Immediately, a wild wind started to blow, and after fusing with the Disaster Fire, the King's Ring hovered in the air and gave off terrifying ripples as the golden light around it disappeared and was replaced by a black light.

The King's Undead Cavalrymen's bodies trembled, and their golden light faded as the golden flames within their heads flickered and slowly became black.

A powerful aura of disaster, as well as a monstrous wave of power, spread out as the King's Undead Cavalrymen's flames became completely black, and a black aura seeped out from their bodies and covered them. Their golden armor and weapons all became black.

The King's Undead Cavalry looked completely different - their equipment was black and covered with a black fog, and their holy and majestic aura disappeared and was replaced by one of disaster and destruction, making those who saw them feel fear.

It wasn't just them, but their Skeleton horses became black and were covered with a black fog as well.

The King's Ring also turned into a black ring and gave off an aura of disaster and nobility.

Zhao Fu looked at the stats and found that its name had become Disaster King Ring, and its grade had become Epic grade. Its stats had been greatly boosted, but the bonuses to EXP and Achievement Points weren't increased.

The King's Undead Cavalry's names had also changed to King's Disaster Cavalry, or just Disaster Cavalry. Their stats were even more powerful, and they had an SSS+ grade profession, which was a top-tier profession.

The Skeletons that they summoned could maintain 90% of their strength from when they were alive and use their skills from before they died. They were also strengthened by disaster power, which boosted their battle abilities by many times.

More importantly, the ten Disaster Cavalrymen had become Lord class Undead, and each of them could now lead 3,000 Skeletons for a total of 30,000 Skeleton soldiers.

30,000 Skeleton soldiers would be a powerful force for Great Qin, and seeing this, a trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face.

Zhao Fu also found that the ten Disaster Cavalrymen had a terrifying combination skill called 'Undead Disaster.'

Zhao Fu knew about this skill from the information from God Kerr, and he knew how terrifying it was. Undead Disaster something that only King class Undead could use, and it was a King class Undead's most powerful skill.

King class Skeletons were rarer than even human Kings, and they were quite special existences. There would only be a Skeleton King in roughly every 100 billion Skeletons.

Because Zhao Fu's Disaster Cavalrymen were Undead and had obtained King's Power and Disaster Power, they had fused to form this terrifying skill. The Undead Disaster that they cast together would be even more terrifying than one cast by a Skeleton King because those Skeletons would all have the disaster attribute.

This skill was powerful enough to become Great Qin's trump card, but the Undead Disaster skill couldn't be used recklessly. Right now, the Disaster Cavalry were unable to control so many Skeletons, and it would be easy for them to lose control of the skeletons. As such, it would be best not to use that skill unless the situation was dire.

After looking at the Disaster Cavalry's powerful stats, a pleased smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face. Now, it was midnight, and the Disaster Festival had officially finished.


Suddenly, an explosion sounded out in the sky as the dark night sky shined with a golden light. This sudden change caused everyone in the Heaven Awaken World to look up towards the sky.

At that moment, a gigantic stone stele that gave off a boundless aura appeared in the sky, and it floated in between the heavens and the earth.

"System announcement! You have ranked first on the Virtue Points Rankings. Would you like to hide your identity?"

Letters and numbers, which were people's names and their Virtue Points, started to appear on the stone stele.

Number one, Unknown, Virtue Points: 1.69 million.

Number two, Tina Pendragon, Virtue Points: 560,000.

Number three, Si Ji, Virtue Points: 500,000.

Number four, Caesar Augustus, Virtue Points: 480,000.

Number five, Di Wutian, Virtue Points: 450,000.

Number six, Akhenaten, Virtue Points: 420,000.

Number seven, Liu Ye, Virtue Points: 410,000.

Number eight, Ji Shenming, Virtue Points: 400,000.

Number nine, Unknown, Virtue Points: 390,000.

Number ten, Muawiyah, Virtue Points: 380,000.

There were 100 names on the stone stele, and essentially all of them were the Legatees of Dynasties who had powerful Nation Armaments. How could ordinary people compete with them? After these names appeared, everyone received a system announcement.

"The Disaster Festival has concluded, and everyone who has greatly contributed has obtained the acknowledgment of the heavens and the earth and obtained different amounts of Fate.

"Those who ranked 100th to 30th will each receive three S grade Pills that can raise any grade to S grade and one Lower Heaven's Gift Treasure Box, which will give an ordinary Legendary grade item.

"Those who ranked 29th to 11th will each receive three SS grade Pills that can raise any grade to SS grade; three Middle Heaven's Gift Treasure Boxes, which will give three high-quality Legendary grade items; and an SS General Summoning Talisman, which can summon an SS grade General.

"Those who ranked in the top ten will not only obtain a large amount of Fate but also a small Earth Realm Mark; three SSS grade Pills that can raise any grade to SSS grade; three Upper Heaven's Gift Treasure Boxes, which can give three top-tier Legendary grade items; and an SSS General Summoning Talisman, which can summon an SSS grade General."