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 In the remainder of the time of the Disaster Festival, Zhao Fu and Long Xiaoxiao went and killed all sorts of powerful Disaster Beasts, most of which were above Level 4. They didn't even bother killing Disaster Beasts below Level 4 unless they came and attacked of their own accord.

During this period of time, Zhao Fu saw many different types of Disaster Beasts - apart from Wind Disaster Beasts, Water Disaster Beasts, and Fire Disaster Beasts, there were six other types.

One was the Metal Disaster Beast, which turned the ground and plants into metal, causing life to die out. This was a fairly terrible disaster, and it was quite difficult to recover from.

These Disaster Beasts looked like apes and seemed to be made out of metal, and they were extremely firm. They were stronger than other Disaster Beasts as well and quite difficult to deal with.

The second type was Earth Disaster Beasts, which could cause earthquakes and destroy structures; it was quite a destructive Disaster Beast.

These Disaster Beasts seemed to be made out of mud, but they often hid underground and were difficult to find and kill.

The third type was Wood Disaster Beasts. They caused trees to grow everywhere, which was in itself good, but the trees would grow in inconvenient places, such as on paths, roads, or within people's homes. This was troublesome but not as destructive as the other disasters.

They looked like dryads and had a powerful life force and regenerative abilities, making them quite difficult to kill.

The fourth type was Ice Disaster Beasts, which could cause massive snow storms that filled the sky and covered the ground. They could also freeze bodies of water as well.

They looked like elephants, were made from ice, and were quite big. Every step they took, they would leave behind a frozen footprint. Compared to the other Disaster Beasts, they were quite easy to take down.

The fifth type was Sand Disaster Beasts. They caused the ground to turn into sand, causing plants to wither and creating a disaster that was difficult to recover from.

They looked like sandworms and were made of sand, and they were the easiest type of Disaster Beast to kill.

The sixth type was Lightning Disaster Beasts. They could cause lightning to descend from the sky and had frightening power. The might they gave off was the most terrifying out of all of the Disaster Beasts.

They looked like pythons with wings, and their bodies seemed to be made of electricity. Out of all of the types of Disaster Beasts that Zhao Fu had encountered, they were definitely the most powerful, and Zhao Fu had been wounded from killing a Level 5 Lightning Disaster Beast.

Apart from these Disaster Beasts, there were some Disaster Beasts that Zhao Fu had seen, such as the Ocean Disaster Beasts that only could be found near oceans. They would cause tsunamis, destroying everything in their way. There were also rare Dream Disaster Beasts, which made people fall into dream-like illusions.

The most terrifying type was the Death Disaster Beast. The Death Disaster Beast was definitely the most powerful Disaster Beast, but no one knew what they looked like. However, rumors said that they were covered with a gray deathly aura.

Wherever they went, the plants would wither, and the ground would become barren. No life would remain, as anything that went near it would have its lifeforce quickly drained, turning it into a corpse.

Essentially no one could go near it because one would immediately die. Even City Lords were not immune to this, so no one had ever seen a Death Disaster Beast and lived to tell the tale.

The Death Disaster Beasts were extremely rare, and even though they were incredibly monstrous, they weren't frequently seen. Because of this, no one knew how many people had been killed by them.

There were a few more types of Disaster Beasts that Zhao Fu hadn't seen, but it was now the evening of the seventh day. There was only one more hour until the Disaster Festival ended, so it seemed that Zhao Fu wouldn't have an opportunity to encounter them.

Zhao Fu went through his Disaster Crystals: there were three Level 7 Disaster Crystals, 12 Level 6 Disaster Crystals, 25 Level 5 Disaster Crystals, and 32 Level 4 Disaster Crystals.

Level 4, 5, and 6 Disaster Crystals could give Legendary grade items, equipment, and materials. By now, Great Qin could forge Legendary grade equipment, but only Rhode could do this so far.

Level 7 Disaster Crystals were guaranteed to give Epic grade items, which Zhao Fu was somewhat excited about, and he opened the first Disaster Crystal.

A light flashed, and after it disappeared, a crystal ball appeared in front of Zhao Fu.

This crystal ball was two meters wide and looked quite pure. It was completely without defects. It didn't even have a single bubble in it, making it look flawless.

Zhao Fu looked at its stats and found that it was called a Void Orb, making Zhao Fu feel quite delighted. This could be used with the Heavenly Domain Stone, and now, he only lacked one more thing to be able to use the Heavenly Domain Stone.

The first item was quite good, and Zhao Fu smiled as he opened the second Disaster Crystal. After the light receded, an icy-looking saber appeared before him.

The saber was quite long and thin, and it seemed to be made out of ice, giving off an intense chilling intent.

[Icesoul Saber]: Grade: Epic, Stats: Strength +30, Intelligence +30, Constitution +20, Agility +25, Description: An icy saber created from ten thousand year old Extreme Chilling Ice. It has extremely powerful ice-attribute attacks.

It was an Epic grade weapon, and its stats were quite good. However, Zhao Fu didn't use sabers, so he put it away, planning to use it as a reward in the future for his subordinates.

Now, there was one Level 7 Disaster Crystal left. After Zhao Fu used it, a light flashed, and a white ball of flames the size of a fist appeared.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu looked at its stats curiously.

[Disaster Fire]: A fire with powerful disaster energy. It can cause equipment or creatures to have a disaster attribute. If the Disaster Beast Crystals of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth are fused into it, the Disaster Fire's stats will be even more powerful.

Disaster Beast Crystals were crystals that could cause equipment to have disaster attributes. After opening so many Disaster Crystals, Zhao Fu had obtained quite a few. Apart from the ones specified in the Disaster Fire's description, he also had Wind Disaster Beast Crystals and Ice Disaster Beast Crystals.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu put the five different types of Disaster Beast Crystals into the Disaster Fire, causing the white flame to burn with five different colors. It flickered as it floated in the air, giving off a terrifying aura that seemed to cause space itself to burn.

Now that he had strengthened the Disaster Fire, Zhao Fu wondered if he should use it on equipment or creatures.

If it was creatures, there was Little Gray, Little Black, Little White, and the Wyvern that was about to hatch.

If it was equipment, there was the Sky Demon Sword, Slaughtering Ghost Sword, Royal Wood Sword, and Sin Dragon Sword.

If Zhao Fu were to use it on a living creature, the best candidate would be the Wyvern. This would make it a Disaster Dragon, and its stats would most likely have great changes. If it was equipment, the best candidate would be the Sin Dragon Sword because it already had a disaster attribute, and the Disaster Fire would strengthen that disaster attribute.

There were benefits to both, but Zhao Fu suddenly thought of something. He went to an open area and raised his hand as the King's Ring gave off a vague golden light, and the sound of horses galloping could be heard.

Ten Skeleton Cavalrymen riding on white Skeleton horses, wearing golden armor, and giving off a holy and majestic aura appeared. They got off their horses and half-knelt as they said, "We greet Your Majesty!"