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 With Long Xiaoxiao's help, Zhao Fu had killed most of the Disaster Beasts in this region in just half a day, netting him more than 100,000 Virtue Points. Most of them were Level 3 or below.

With the seriousness of this region's flood, there was most likely at least one Level 6 Disaster Beast, so Zhao Fu was currently looking for that Level 6 Disaster Beast.

Fortunately, this would be quite easy - all they had to do was head towards the center of the disaster because that Level 6 Disaster Beast was most likely the main source of this flood.

Very soon, Zhao Fu found it - this Water Disaster Beast was 200 meters long, which was quite big. It looked quite like a catfish and had a long, flat mouth; two whiskers; and a powerful tail.

When Zhao Fu found it with the green dragon, the Water Disaster Beast took the initiative to attack them first. It flicked its tail, causing a formless water blade to shoot towards them.

The green dragon showed no intent of avoiding the attack, and its jade-like horns gave off a faint green light as it charged forward. A massive explosion sounded out as the water blade was instantly destroyed.

In the next second, the Water Disaster Beast once again attacked. It opened its gigantic mouth, sucked in a large amount of the muddy lake water, and spat out a 10-meter wide ball of water that contained an immense amount of destructive power towards the green dragon.

The green dragon roared, seeming like the king of the water domain, and countless streams of water gathered around it, forming a 100-meter tall wall of water. This wall of water was not for defensive but offensive purposes.


A massive sound rang out as the 100-meter tall wall of water gave off an aura that seemed to be able to topple mountains and overturn seas, and it fell towards the Water Disaster Beast. The ten-meter wide ball of water was instantly shattered, and when the wall of water collapsed on the Water Disaster Beast, it was blasted back.

After bearing this attack, the blue light from the Level 6 Water Disaster Beast's body grew dimmer, and it didn't hesitate as it turned and ran, knowing that it couldn't beat the green dragon.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised - Level 6 Disaster Beasts were quite powerful, and Zhao Fu thought that he would have to act himself. He had never thought that Long Xiaoxiao would have such an overwhelming advantage over it.

The green dragon shot out a massive ball of water from its mouth, which was extremely fast, and it quickly smashed into the escaping Water Disaster Beast.


The massive ball of water exploded, and a terrifying energy shockwave rippled out, temporarily creating a vacuum where there was no water. Only after a few seconds was that vacuum filled.

The destructive power of the ball of water seriously injured the Water Disaster Beast, but it continued to run.

The green dragon flicked its tail, and it shot forwards like an arrow out of a bow, instantly reaching the Water Disaster Beast's side and biting down on the Water Disaster Beast's neck.


Finally, the Water Disaster Beast's body exploded into water, leaving behind a blue crystal.

Zhao Fu grinned, and he grabbed with a hand, causing the blue crystal to float over to him. He looked at it before putting it away.

"Owner, how am I doing?" Long Xiaoxiao asked in a cheerful voice.

Zhao Fu had never thought that the green dragon would be able to deal with a Level 6 Disaster Beast so easily, so he gave her some simple praise.

"Owner, my skills in the bed are actually even better!" Just as Zhao Fu finished praising her, Long Xiaoxiao once again spoke in a seductive voice.

Zhao Fu couldn't take it anymore and smacked her back as he said, "Alright, we've killed most of the Disaster Beasts in this region now; let's go to the next region."

Long Xiaoxiao agreed while laughing. She had found that Zhao Fu no longer cared about what she said anymore.

In the next two days, because Zhao Fu knew that Long Xiaoxiao had a massive advantage in flooded places, all the regions that they visited had floods and Water Disaster Beasts.

Over the course of these two days, Zhao Fu had amassed more than 400,000 Virtue Points, and all of them had been earned by Long Xiaoxiao. Zhao Fu hadn't acted at all, and he had truly witnessed how powerful the Sin Dragon Sword was.

With so many Virtue Points, the obvious thing to do was to use them to claim items.

After coming to Holy Light City, Zhao Fu bought all of the items that he had set his eyes on before. Now, the number eight pill, the Stage Breaking Pill, and number seven pill, the Life Connecting Pill, had been claimed.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite surprised - it was already the fifth day of the Disaster Festival, but there were still so many of the top ten medicinal pills left. Could it be that no one had gathered enough Virtue Points? Could they have claimed other items?

Indeed, many people didn't even consider any of the top ten medicinal pills. This was because many of the best ones had disappeared on the very first day, and these were only singular pills, which could only work on one person. For a faction, it would be better to purchase items that could benefit the whole faction.

Zhao Fu looked through the medicinal pills again and found that the number six pill, the Vermillion Bird Blood Pill, and the number four pill, the Berserker Pill, were still unclaimed.

Since there weren't any other items that Zhao Fu wanted, he put his gaze on those two medicinal pills.

Even though the Berserker Pill was ranked fourth and could greatly increase one's battle strength, it may have attracted Zhao Fu in the past, but he wasn't interested now that he had his City Lord Seal.

However, he was still quite interested in the Vermillion Bird Blood Pill because it only cost 150,000 Virtue Points, which would be quite easy to gather.

As such, Zhao Fu went to continue killing Disaster Beasts.

This time, he and Long Xiaoxiao came before a massive lake. Zhao Fu had visited this place during the Divine Fish Festival, and the flood here wasn't too bad; at most, there was a Level 5 Disaster Beast. Even though the highest level of Disaster Beast here wasn't very high, farming this place for 150,000 Virtue Points wouldn't be too difficult.

Zhao Fu still didn't bother acting, and he left everything to Long Xiaoxiao. Long Xiaoxiao was a hard worker, but her words started becoming lewder and lewder, making the other sword spirits feel incredibly embarrassed and awkward. They all expressed their discontent at Long Xiaoxiao, but she ignored them, doing as she pleased.

Another day later, it was now the sixth day, and Zhao Fu had amassed 150,000 Virtue Points and claimed the Vermillion Bird Blood Pill.

The Vermillion Bird Blood Pill was about as big as a longan fruit, and there was a picture of a Vermillion Bird on it. This picture seemed to be alive, continuously flying about on the surface of the pill and making it look quite mystical, and the medicinal pill gave off the stench of blood.

Zhao Fu hadn't thought about who to give the Vermillion Bird Blood Pill to, and the Berserker Pill had finally been claimed by someone else as well. By now, all of the top ten medicinal pills had been claimed.

It was only the sixth day of the Disaster Festival, but Zhao Fu felt that there was nothing else to claim. It was the first time he had felt this way about a festival.

Since there was nothing that he wanted, Zhao Fu turned his attention to his Disaster Crystals. Level 4 and above crystals could give Legendary grade equipment, and Great Qin currently only had around 30 pieces of Legendary grade equipment. The more they had, the better.