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 Zhao Fu and Mu Yuan alternated their attacks, and their powerful attacks forced the Fire Disaster Beast into a disadvantageous position.

At that moment, Mu Yuan grabbed an opportunity and dealt a severe blow to the Fire Disaster Beast, causing it to madly charge towards him.

At that moment, Zhao Fu raised the Sin Dragon Sword, and countless streams of water gathered towards it, forming a water sword that was a hundred meters long. Zhao Fu slashed down at the Fire Disaster Beast from behind, and the water sword cleaved the Fire Disaster Beast's body in two.


The Fire Disaster Beast's gigantic body exploded into flames, and a fiery crystal was left behind where it was.

"System announcement! You have killed a Level 6 Disaster Beast and obtained 40,000 Achievement Points."

Now, Zhao Fu had enough Virtue Points to exchange for the Dao Comprehension Pill. He felt quite delighted and took the fiery crystal and put it away.

Mu Yuan smiled as he flew over and said, "Thank you, sir, for your help. Would you like to come to Shepherd Plains City so that I can thank you and show you our hospitality?"

Zhao Fu thought about it, and since it was Mu Yuan's territory and he didn't quite trust Mu Yuan yet, he decided to decline. He could now buy the Dao Comprehension Pill, and he didn't want someone to claim it before him.

Hearing this, Mu Yuan felt a bit disappointed and said goodbye to Zhao Fu before turning into a ray of light and disappearing. Now that the Level 6 Disaster Beast had died, the temperature had greatly fallen, and the light had become less intense, making it less hot than before.

Zhao Fu returned to Holy Light City and took a look at the Exchange Stone Stele. The number ten pill, the Hundred Dragon Sun Pill, and the number nine pill, the Might Pill, had been claimed.

No one yet had the ability to buy the number one pill, the Dao Comprehension Pill, so Zhao Fu bought it. Looking at the black and white medicinal pill in his hand, Zhao Fu felt quite satisfied and no longer felt any pressure.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu planned to rest and take care of some other matters after fighting for three days.

First, Zhao Fu used the Level 6 Disaster Crystal to see what he would obtain. The crystal continuously shined with a fiery light, and a jade giving off a searing aura appeared.

This piece of jade was about as big as his palm, and it was the shape of a fiery bird - it looked quite like that Fire Disaster Beast from before. It was a fire-red color and was quite hot. If anyone touched it directly without any protection, that person would be burned.

[Fire Disaster Beast Crystal]: A special item from the Disaster Festival that can be used to enhance equipment and create Disaster Equipment.

"Disaster Equipment?" Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to use it on the Great Spirit Roc Bow. Right now, he lacked long-range attacks. If he could enhance the Great Spirit Roc Bow, it would be of great use to him in the future.

Following this, Zhao Fu fused the Fire Disaster Beast Crystal with the Great Spirit Roc Bow, and great changes happened to the bow.

The bow became a red-violet color, and its appearance became much more refined and exquisite. It also had a picture of a fiery bird on it, and the bow gave off a fire-attributed energy.

Zhao Fu looked at the bow's information and found that its name had changed to Disaster Fire bow. The stats were still there, but because the bow had been enhanced by something called 'Fire Disaster,' its power was many times greater than before. It had also become an exquisite Legendary grade weapon.

Now, Zhao Fu could finally put this bow to good use. He happily put it away and prepared to use the Heavenly Sage Pill and rest.

However, he suddenly remembered that he had almost forgotten something and ordered people to bring Xianru over.

A short while later, Xianru came to Zhao Fu's room and bowed before asking, "Your Majesty, what do you need?"

Zhao Fu nodded and took out the two-meter tall phoenix statue and asked, "What is this, and what use does it have?"

Xianru looked at it in curiosity and examined it, after which she revealed a shocked expression and said, "Your Majesty, this is a divine item. If it has a great amount of Phoenix Qi, its power will be equivalent to a Nation Armament; if it has a massive amount of Phoenix Qi, its power will be equivalent to a Clan Armament; if it has an amount as large as an ocean, this item's power will be even more powerful than a Clan Armament."

Hearing Xianru's words, Zhao Fu also felt quite shocked, and his gaze became quite serious. "Is this thing really that powerful? And what is Phoenix Qi?"

Xianru nodded seriously and explained, "Your Majesty, you most likely know that a Son of Heaven is also called a Dragon of Heaven. Your body has Dragon Qi, and the counterpart is Phoenix Qi, which is something that a Daughter of Heaven has.

"In ancient times, anyone who was chosen to be an imperial concubine would have to have Phoenix Qi. There are more people with Phoenix Qi than people with Dragon Qi, but the number is still not great. After all, there would be countless women within a harem, but only a few would be official imperial concubines.

"Phoenix Qi is an important type of Fate. Dragon Qi is extremely domineering and suited to fighting, conquering, expanding one's territory, and establishing a nation, but Phoenix Qi is milder and more suited to administering internal affairs and solidifying the empire.

"Dragon Qi is strong, and Phoenix Qi is gentle. Not only is Phoenix Qi important to Your Majesty, but it can also be of great help to you and all of Great Qin."

After hearing Xianru's explanation, Zhao Fu felt less confused and asked, "The number of women with Phoenix Qi must be very few, and I doubt there are any with such a great amount of Phoenix Qi. Does that mean the Emperor Phoenix Statue is useless?"

Xianru smiled as she replied, "Not at all, Your Majesty. This is the Age of Kings, and all of the Legatees have Son of Heaven Fate. For anyone who becomes an Emperor, this wife will be the Empress, his mother will be the Empress Dowager, his daughters and sisters will become princesses, and all of them will have a large amount of Phoenix Qi."

The implications of this were that if he took another Emperor's women, the amount of Phoenix Qi he would have at his disposal would be much greater. However, wasn't that a bit too vicious?

At that moment, Xianru continued, "Also, Your Majesty, the more beautiful a woman, the likelier that she has a great amount of Phoenix Qi. Since ancient times, beauties have been quite unlucky and wouldn't live very long; very few of them died good deaths.

"Your Majesty, you have quite a few good candidates by your side, so you can..."

Hearing these words, Zhao Fu couldn't help but cut Xianru off, "We'll talk more about this after the Festival ends."

Xianru could tell what Zhao Fu was thinking, and she said seriously, "Your Majesty, you don't actually have to do anything to them. All you need to do is bring them back, add them to the harem, give them a title, and obtain their Phoenix Qi. In this chaotic world, there's no use worrying about such feelings and morality; the strong are a law unto themselves in this world.

"There's no need to see them as people; just look at them as tools that contain Phoenix Qi. With enough Phoenix Qi, this statue will become an Emperor Phoenix that will protect Great Qin's Nation Fate. Not only is this beneficial to Your Majesty, but it will also be beneficial to Great Qin in the future as well."

After hearing this, Zhao Fu sighed and said, "Alright, that's enough. I'll take care of this."

Xianru felt that she had overstepped her position and bowed as she said, "Your Majesty, I spoke a bit harshly before; please forgive me!"