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 After Su Yan told the factions this information, it was as if a massive boulder had been dropped into a lake, causing massive waves and ripples. Even some of the powerful factions started to become serious.

Not only did Great Qin have an enormous amount of Fate, but it also had a powerful military force that was enough to threaten them. If they didn't do anything now, they could only wait to be destroyed when Great Qin grew more powerful.

The countless factions started to discuss this matter. Now, Great Qin was developing many times faster than them, and they had to do something to slow it down.

The other Dynasty Legatees no longer cared about their dignity anymore and also joined. Now, Great Qin was isolated from the rest of China and viewed as an enemy by almost everyone.

Zhao Fu didn't know about this at all - he had gone to another region. By now, it was the night of the third day, and even though it was night time, it was still bright as day. It was as if there were countless suns in the sky, and the searing light felt as if it could burn people's skin off.

It was around 60 degrees Celsius, and the ground started to crack from the heat and dryness. The trees had also started to wither, and any person standing directly in the open would be baked in just a few minutes.

As soon as he arrived, Zhao Fu was forced to use his King's Domain to block out the intense light and the boiling heat.

This was most likely a drought, mainly because of the intense sunlight. There were too many suns in the sky, and the Disaster Beasts were fiery birds.

These birds were completely made out of fire and looked quite ferocious. They gave off an intense light that was quite blinding, making them look like little suns.

Just as Zhao Fu arrived, he encountered three Fire Disaster Beasts. These Fire Disaster Beasts were all Level 1 and quite easy to deal with. However, because Zhao Fu's aura was too powerful, they immediately fled. Zhao Fu found that after using up his Evil-Crushing Spears, he lacked long-range attacks.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu could only take out the Great Spirit Roc Bow. The arrows it shot were weaker than the Evil-Crushing Spears, but he could only make do for now. Apart from the Great Spirit Roc Bow, he didn't have any other way of attacking from a distance.

Zhao Fu drew an arrow and released it, and a violet light shot towards one of the Fire Disaster Beasts. It drew an arc in the air and hit the Fire Disaster Beast in the wing, but most of the violet energy was blocked by the flames. The arrow was burned to ashes by the flames.

The Disaster Beast cried out in pain, and the injured Disaster Beast and the two Disaster Beasts around it no longer escaped and instead turned around angrily to attack Zhao Fu, shooting out fireballs.

When he saw that the Fire Disaster Beasts were no longer flying away, Zhao Fu grinned and put away his bow. He flew into the air and killed the three of them quickly.

Zhao Fu then continued onwards and killed a few more Disaster Beasts, resulting in him obtaining 20,000 or so Virtue Points. Now, he was getting closer and closer to the Dao Comprehension Pill.

Suddenly, a massive explosion sounded out. Zhao Fu looked at the horizon, which had turned into a sea of flames, where a bird with a wingspan of 200 meters was battling with a young man.

The fire bird was a Level 6 Disaster Beast, while the young man was a City Lord because there was a City Lord Seal floating above his head and giving off a powerful light.

Zhao Fu temporarily didn't act and decided to hide and watch for now. Neither side was an ally to him, so it would be best to wait for them to tire themselves out and kill both of them.

However, the young man had already seen Zhao Fu, and seeing how calm he looked, he realized something and flew over.

The Level 6 Fire Disaster Beast roared as it spread its wings, condensing hundreds of fireballs that gave off an incredibly searing aura. It then flapped its wings, sending the countless fireballs streaking towards the young man like meteors.

The young man slashed out with his sword, sending out an arc of light that was hundreds of meters wide, causing the fireballs to explode.

By now, the young man wasn't too far away from Zhao Fu and shouted, "Sir, I am Shepherd Plains City's City Lord, Mu Yuan. Please help me kill this Level 6 Disaster Beast; all of the items will belong to you, sir."

Mu Yuan hadn't come to kill this Disaster Beast for the rewards. It was because the disaster it caused had greatly affected the system main cities and not a single person would dare to come out onto the streets. They could only hide within their houses, and most of the water sources had dried up. The crops were all dying, and if it hadn't been for the preparations they had made, many people would've died of thirst already.

Mu Yuan was determined to kill this Disaster Beast right now, for the longer it existed for, the greater the damage it could cause. Once all of the water sources completely evaporated or large fires started, the situation would become even more dangerous.

Hearing Mu Yuan's words, Zhao Fu did not immediately respond and started to weigh the benefits and costs of helping him.

In the end, Zhao Fu decided to help the City Lord. Together, it would be quite difficult to kill the Level 6 Disaster Beast. Moreover, it wasn't too likely that they would tire each other out or injure each other severely because Mu Yuan had now noticed Zhao Fu. No person was stupid enough to do all of the work and allow someone else to reap all of the benefits.

Seeing Zhao Fu agree, Mu Yuan let out a sigh of relief. Facing a Level 6 Disaster Beast by himself was quite difficult.

"Skreeeee!!" The massive Fire Disaster Beast cried out and caught up to Mu Yuan. Its fiery claws gave off an incredibly dense blistering aura as it raked towards Mu Yuan.

Mu Yuan turned and his eyes glinted as he roared, "Three Flying Strikes!"

Three terrifying arcs of light shot out from Mu Yuan's sword that gave off extremely sharp auras as they collided with the Fire Disaster Beast's claws.


A massive sound rang out as a shockwave and wild gusts of wild resulted from this clash.

At that moment, Zhao Fu also acted. He drew the Sin Dragon Sword and prepared to test its power.

When Zhao Fu drew the Sin Dragon Sword, an enormous wave of power flowed into his body. Zhao Fu pointed the sword towards the ground, and a green light came out of the Sin Dragon Sword. Countless streams of water erupted out from the ground as if there was a fountain, and water quickly gathered the hundreds of meters around them.

Zhao Fu vigorously raised his sword, and a water dragon tens of meters long rose up like a bolt of lightning and smashed into the Fire Disaster Beast, sending it flying. White smoke rose from the Fire Disaster Beast's body, and its injury looked quite serious.

The Sin Dragon Sword was water-attributed, and because water countered fire, it dealt great damage to this Fire Disaster Beast.

Mu Yuan was quite shocked to see that Zhao Fu's attack was even more powerful than his. Based on this, the person in front of him was definitely a powerful expert.

After being hit by this attack, the Fire Disaster Beast turned its gaze furiously to Zhao Fu and charged towards him instead of Mu Yuan.

Mu Yuan once again attacked, sending out a massive sword wind towards the Fire Disaster Beast. Zhao Fu also flew into the sky and started to attack.