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 "Owner! I also want to stay outside. Also, I haven't even served you; I want owner's big d-" the woman in green said seductively as she rubbed her large chest against Zhao Fu's arm.

However, the other three sword spirits were unable to take this at all, and the Sky Demon immediately cut her off and said, "You perverted dragon, can you not be so disgraceful?!"

The woman in green ignored the Sky Demon and continued to rub against Zhao Fu's arm as she said coyly, "Please? Please? Owner!!"

Zhao Fu didn't say anything, and even the taciturn Slaughtering Ghost said, "How shameless! Owner, you should seal her again and not let her out."

Hearing these words, the woman in green became quite angry and coldly harrumphed, "As owner's slave, how could you not even take care of his body? If I were owner, I would have thrown you unthoughtful slaves away."

These words made the other sword spirits feel speechless, and they all paused.

"That... if owner wants us to, I can also serve him!" Celia, who was fairly shy, said with a red face.

Seeing this, the Sky Demon coldly harrumphed. She was a demon and didn't care about these things, so she said, "I can also serve owner. After all, owner has a Level 11 Bloodline and is a King, so he has a noble identity and deserves to be served by me."

At that moment, the Slaughtering Ghost's cold voice became even more piercing and icy, and she said, "I am only willing to serve as owner's sword to create a pure land within this chaotic and bloodthirsty world; a place without gods, buddhas, demons, or devils, creating peace in this world!

"I believe owner isn't a lustful person; rather, he's a King who will usher in a prosperous era. Of course, if owner wants me to, I am willing to give my body!"

After the Slaughtering Ghost spoke, the clattering of armor could be heard as if the Slaughtering Ghost was taking off her clothes.

"Alright! I have things to do." Zhao Fu, who hadn't spoken this whole time, felt quite speechless and cut everyone off. He looked at the woman in green and said, "Go back into your sword. I'll also wear you by my side."

The woman in green smiled and nodded. She turned into a green light and returned to her sword, and the other sword spirits didn't say anything either.

Zhao Fu attached the Sin Dragon Sword's scabbard to his side, and now, he had four swords there, which was the limit. If he equipped five or more swords, it would be too restrictive and restrict his movements too much.

By now, it was the second day of the Disaster Festival, and he had no idea how other people were doing. Now that he had so many Virtue Points, it would be a tragedy if he reached the Exchange Stone Stele and all of the top ten medicinal pills were gone.

Zhao Fu had no idea if this would happen. After all, there had been people claiming things on the very first day, so Zhao Fu didn't waste time and immediately went to the system main city to take a look.

Luckily, all of the top ten medicinal pills were still there.

Zhao Fu looked at the medicinal pills and didn't consider the number one pill, the Dao Comprehension Pill, for now. He wouldn't be able to use it anytime soon, so it would be better to claim things that he could use right now.

The first thing that he bought was the Heavenly Sage Pill, which could raise his grade to Heaven Grade. This cost 250,000 Virtue Points. The second pill that he bought was the Revival Pill, which could bring someone back from the dead, and it was incredibly valuable - he spent 200,000 on this.

The third pill that he bought was the All Poison Divine Pill. It could give him a Poison Spirit Constitution, giving him immunity or great resistance against countless types of poisons. It would be of great use in key moments. For this, he spent 170,000 Virtue Points.

In total, these three pills cost him 620,000 Virtue Points, so he had 150,000 Virtue Points left. The number one pill, the Dao Comprehension Pill, cost 300,000 Virtue Points, which he couldn't afford at the moment.

Zhao Fu turned his gaze to the other medicinal pills. He didn't consider the Vermillion Bird Blood Pill for now, and he instead looked at the seventh-ranked pill, the Stage Breaking Pill, in detail. Rather than making one immediately a Stage 5 expert, it would simply make one's cultivation progress to Stage 5 incredibly smooth and unhindered.

Cultivating to Stage 5 would take quite some time, so this made Zhao Fu want to give up on it. Since he was only 150,000 Virtue Points away from claiming the number one pill, the Dao Comprehension Pill, he decided to gain those points quickly. As such, he didn't waste any time after buying the pills, and he didn't use them either.

He called Wang Ergou over and asked him to investigate where there were other large disasters in other regions.

Soon, Wang Ergou came back with some documents because he had already done a lot of research on the surrounding regions.

Zhao Fu chose a region and immediately headed over.

Many people noticed that three medicinal pills had suddenly disappeared from the Exchange Stone Stele, and because they had disappeared together, they started to wonder if the same person had bought all three of them.

However, after thinking about it, most people ruled this out as impossible. After all, the number one medicinal pill was still there. If someone had that many Virtue Points, the person definitely would've bought the first-ranked medicinal pill. None of them could guess Zhao Fu's reasoning.

Moreover, these ordinary people could barely obtain even a few Virtue Points, and they had to suffer from the disasters. No one believed that anyone could suddenly obtain so many Virtue Points.

As for who had obtained those medicinal pills, everyone guessed that one of them was definitely Great Qin. After all, by now, everyone knew about what Great Qin had done so far.

Apart from the Divine Fish Festival, Great Qin had ranked first in all of the other festivals. This caused the other countless factions to feel terrified - Great Qin was simply too powerful, and no other faction could compare to it.

None of the ordinary people or smaller factions reacted greatly to three of the top ten medicinal pills disappearing. After all, none of them had expected to obtain any of them, but some of the more powerful factions started to feel worried.

After hearing about this, Su Yan looked quite serious. Right now, he led 80% of the factions in the northern side of the Midland Continent, and altogether, they were stronger than Great Qin. There were people a part of his alliance in all of the regions, so he roughly knew of Great Qin's movements.

From the flood, to Great Qin buying boats and ships en-masse, to the flood receding, and the three medicinal pills disappearing...

Su Yan's expression became uglier and uglier, and he could already guess that it was Great Qin's Legatee who had claimed those three medicinal pills. With the amount of Fate he possessed, Great Qin's Legatee would develop faster and faster. Su Yan felt that Great Qin would only become more terrifying if he continued to wait.

Immediately, Su Yan made some amendments to the information he had received and told everyone that it was Great Qin who had calmed the flood and that Great Qin had obtained massive benefits. Not only had Great Qin obtained a rainbow-colored crystal, but Great Qin had also obtained 500,000 or so people from the flood.

Even though Su Yan guessed that Great Qin had only obtained 250,000 or so people, he had to exaggerate the numbers to make the threat of Great Qin seem even greater. After all, 500,000 people was a small figure compared to an entire region, and it was still believable.

Finally, Su Yan told everyone clearly that it was Great Qin's Legatee who had obtained all three of the taken top ten medicinal pills!