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 Zhao Fu walked towards the woman in green dangling in the air and prepared to force her back into her original form to resolve the flood and receive a massive reward.

Seeing Zhao Fu walk over, the woman in green struggled for a while, and after finding that she couldn't break free, she went back to her flirtatious self and said, "Owner, I'll obey now. Please release me; I'll serve owner well with my mouth, my breasts, and my feet. I'll also do any position you want!"

Zhao Fu ignored her words - right now, Zhao Fu was using the Dragon-Sealing Well and the chains' power to lock her down. Once he released her, it would be almost impossible for him to catch her again if she escaped.

The woman in green struggled for a bit more, and after finding that it was impossible to break free, she could only sigh and give in.

However, at that moment, Zhao Fu suddenly stopped walking. He realized those people trapped on the mountain peaks had some value, and if he stopped the flood, they wouldn't be in danger anymore.

After thinking for a while, he realized that those people on the mountain peaks were essentially free resources and that it would be too much of a shame not to take them in. As such, he looked at the woman in green and decided to deal with her later.

Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin and bought many boats and ships. He then came back to the region with enough people to man all of the boats and ships. This place had many low areas and flat areas that were already submerged, so only the places with mountain peaks would have survivors.

Now that the woman in green was under Zhao Fu's control, the flood had calmed down, but it hadn't receded yet. The sky was still dark, and it continued to drizzle.

When Zhao Fu's people appeared on the boats and ships, all of the people on the mountain peaks saw a trace of hope within all of the despair. They all kowtowed, begging the soldiers to save them.

This was exactly what Great Qin's soldiers wanted to see, and they smiled as they helped these people onto the boats and ships. The people were desperate to get on, and they were afraid that the boats and ships would leave. Moreover, the floodwaters still weren't receding, and because they might rise even higher, staying here would only result in death.

Zhao Fu had sent thousands of boats and ships, and he brought back 230,000 or so people back to Great Qin. However, Zhao Fu was quite disappointed because these were all the people remaining in an entire region; the rest had either drowned or been evacuated already.

When the floodwaters receded, there would be countless corpses left behind. Zhao Fu didn't feel too much about this because they weren't Great Qin's subjects.

Great Qin's population had already been at around 870,000 people, and with these 230,000 people, they now had roughly 1.1 million residents. At the same time, Zhao Fu had obtained many City Creation Stones, and Great Qin now had 624.

This was quite an unexpected harvest, and Zhao Fu grinned as he returned to that stone tunnel.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had returned, the woman in green let out a sigh of relief. Zhao Fu had left for a long time, and she had thought that he had abandoned her after re-sealing her. She had no idea when she would be freed again, and when she thought of how long that would be, she had started to feel afraid.

As such, upon seeing him, she smiled and called out, "Owner, you're back!"

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised that her tone had become much better, and he gave a simple reply. He came before her and stretched out a hand, and a formless energy covered her.

The woman in green's body gave off a green light before turning into a sword.

The appearance of this sword was somewhat domineering. It was a steel-green color and about a meter long and three fingers wide. At the place where the blade and hilt connected, there was a dragon's head, and the hilt seemed to be made out of dragon scales. The sword gave off a powerful aura of suppression, and it also had an aura of disaster.

Zhao Fu gripped the sword and sent his King's Power into it, fully controlling it and not giving it a chance to resist. At the same time, Zhao Fu received a system announcement.

"System Announcement! Congratulations, you have subdued the Sin Dragon Sword and stopped the flood. You have obtained 600,0000 Virtue Points."

Zhao Fu felt quite shocked to have suddenly received so many Virtue Points.

A rainbow-colored crystal appeared in front of Zhao Fu, and seeing this light, Zhao Fu's heart rapidly thumped. He excitedly went over and picked up the rainbow-colored crystal.

Last time, it was the rainbow-colored Fish Jewel, and when he opened the rainbow-colored Fish Jewel, Zhao Fu had obtained a Heavenly Domain Stone.

Zhao Fu deeply breathed in and chose to use the rainbow-colored crystal.

Because Zhao Fu had subdued the Sin Dragon Sword, the overwhelming floodwaters on the surface gradually receded. At that moment, a rainbow light appeared in the sky that pierced through the dark clouds. Soon, the dark clouds also disappeared, revealing a blue sky as if a miracle had happened.

Within the stone tunnel, Zhao Fu looked at the crystal as it continuously giving off a rainbow light, and he could feel the powerful aura it emanated. After the light disappeared, a crystal statue appeared before Zhao Fu.

This stone statue had a chicken-like head, a snake-like neck, a body like a mandarin duck, wings like a great roc, legs like a crane, and long feathers on its tail. Its entire body gave off a noble and dignified aura; this was a crystal statue of an incredibly realistic phoenix.

The phoenix statue was two meters tall, which was quite big. Because it was completely made of crystal, it looked incredibly beautiful, and Zhao Fu looked at its description.

[Emperor Phoenix Statue]: Contains a multitude of Phoenix Qi that can be used by the user.

The description as quite short, and Zhao Fu still had no idea what this statue could be used for. As such, he decided to ask Xianru about it later - she would know more about it.

After putting away the statue, Zhao Fu looked at the sword. The sword was forged from a Sin Dragon, and it was quite powerful. Its grade was definitely greater than Epic grade.

[Sin Dragon Sword]: Grade: Saint Armament - Level 2, Stats: Strength +40, Intelligence +35, Constitution +30, Agility +30, Description: A sword forged from an incredibly powerful Sin Dragon. Not only is its power immense, but it also has a disaster attribute.

Indeed, it was something that surpassed Epic grade weapons - it was a terrifying Saint Armament. Above Epic grade weapons were Saint Armaments, Divine Earth Armaments, and Emperor Heaven Armaments.

Every grade was then split into nine levels. The Sin Dragon Sword was a Level 2 Saint Armament, and the Xuanyuan family's Regulus Sword and the Chiyou Sabre were both Level 1 Saint Armaments.

Saint Armaments were something that Epic grade weapons couldn't even compare to. In fact, even 100 Epic grade weapons couldn't compare to a single Saint Armament - this showed the value of Saint Armaments. At the same time, Saint Armaments had devastating power.

Saint Armaments were also incredibly rare - there wouldn't be greater than ten in the world, and now, Zhao Fu had one.

After looking at the Sin Dragon Sword's stats, a satisfied smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face. He had suddenly gained 600,000 Virtue Points, which was simply astounding. With the 170,000 Virtue Points from before, he now had 770,000 Virtue Points, which could buy many things. Just thinking about it made him feel excited.

However, just as Zhao Fu was about to put the Sin Dragon Sword into his King's Ring, a figure darted out and wrapped its arm around his.