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 At that moment, Zhao Fu's three swords seemed to detect something, and they transmitted some information to Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu understood the situation and smiled as he said, "Do you want me to undo the seal? I can release you, but the price is that you must obey me!"

The woman in green sexily smiled and said, "I don't mind obeying you, but you have to satisfy me and make me feel good; then, I'll naturally obey you."

Zhao Fu frowned and asked, "You don't want me to unseal you? You must have been here for a long time; don't you want your freedom?"

"Of course I want to be unsealed, but compared to that, my body feels so pent up. Hurry up! I can't endure it anymore."

The woman in green looked at Zhao Fu and stretched out her red tongue, licking her sexy lips and seeming incredibly thirsty and desperate. She got off her stone bed, and her large breasts and bottom swayed as she walked towards Zhao Fu.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu realized it wouldn't be so easy to make this woman submit; she had to be taught a lesson first. This woman's strength had been sealed, but because it was possible that she still had a bit of her power left, Zhao Fu used his full strength from the beginning.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand towards the woman in green, and a black mark appeared on his palm that gave off a black light as a formless energy rushed towards the woman.


A massive explosion sounded out as a ten-meter wide crater on the ground was blasted open by the formless energy.

The woman in green lightly backflipped, landing on a large stone and easily dodging Zhao Fu's attack. She flirtatiously smiled as she said, "What a surprise; it's basic King's Power. Not bad, little brother, but it won't be that easy to conquer me. Use your lower half to conquer me if you dare!"

This was the first time that Zhao Fu had ever encountered such an outrageous woman. If it wasn't for the fact that she was a Level 10 Disaster, as well as the mystery about her, Zhao Fu would have left immediately, not bothering to deal with her.

Moreover, it seemed that the chains were unable to seal her full power, and she still had a portion of her strength. As such, she was still extremely dangerous. Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel wary and draw the Sky Demon Sword.

Seeing Zhao Fu prepare to attack, the woman in green's tone changed, and she said, "Alright, if you can unseal me, I'll obey you."

At that moment, the woman in green was gleefully thinking about her strength being restored after she was unsealed. When that time came, they would see who would be obeying who.

Seeing the woman in green finally become serious, Zhao Fu carried out his plan. He thought about the unsealing items he had, such as the Unsealing Stones, Unsealing Talismans, and an incredibly powerful unsealing item.

[Eight Trigrams Unsealing Plate]: A powerful unsealing item that can break through all sorts of seals. Single-use consumable.

Zhao Fu told the woman in green to stand at the center before taking out hundreds of Unsealing Talismans. These Unsealing Talismans were quite weak and could only break open some minor seals. However, Zhao Fu decided to use many of them to see if they would work.

Zhao Fu threw the talismans, which turned into rays of light and stuck onto the chains. The chains continuously trembled, but they seemed otherwise unaffected.

After Zhao Fu finished using the talismans, the chains still seemed fine. Seeing how tough the chains were, Zhao Fu guessed that the Unsealing Stones were useless, so he could only take out the Eight Trigrams Unsealing Plate.

The woman in green felt a bit disappointed. After being sealed in here for so long, if she had the ability to, she would have long since run off. However, she was unable to break free from the chains with her own strength - this showed how powerful the chains were.

At that moment, Zhao Fu used the Eight Trigrams Unsealing Plate. The Eight Trigrams Unsealing Plate floated into the air and gave off a powerful white light, which turned into a two meter wide Eight Trigrams diagram that gave off a powerful aura and radiated in all directions.

Zhao Fu walked forwards and placed his hand in the center of the taichi in the Eight Trigrams diagram. He sent his power into it, and the black and white sides of the taichi started to spin as a white light shot onto the woman in green's body.

A small Eight Trigrams diagram appeared on the woman's forehead, which started to quickly spin. The chains tied to her body went taught as if they were withstanding a massive amount of energy.

Feeling this, the woman in green felt delighted. She could feel her body regaining its strength, and she started to struggle free from the chains.

Zhao Fu sent a massive amount of King's Power into the Eight Trigrams diagram, causing it to shine with an even more intense white light.

Under the assault of the two types of power, the chains could no longer endure it and started to shatter. In just a few moments, the 36 chains had all been destroyed.

Immediately, countless dark clouds gathered in the sky, and the rain became even denser. The floodwaters thrashed about, and even savage lightning bolts descended, making it seem like the apocalypse.

Following this, the Eight Trigrams diagram in front of Zhao Fu turned into countless motes of light and disappeared.

A powerful aura suddenly exploded out, making it seem as if the water had solidified. The woman in green had broken free from her seal, and her power was truly immense.

"Hahaha..." The woman in green started to wildly laugh, no longer seeming as seductive. Now, she just seemed wild and arrogant.

Suddenly, the woman in green turned to look at Zhao Fu, and her eyes were as savage as those of a ravenous wolf's. "Boy, thank you for helping me undo my seal. You angered me just then - no man has ever dared to refuse my request, especially a man I want. Today, I'm going to take you by force and suck out all of your basic King's Power."

The woman in green loudly laughed as she sprang towards Zhao Fu.

However, Zhao Fu was prepared and coldly looked at the woman in green. He stretched out his hand and grabbed at the air, causing the entire space to tremble.

Clang, clang, clang...

Clanging sounds rang out as countless chains appeared from all directions and shot towards the woman in green. The woman in green stared in surprise and was locked by the hundreds of chains, causing her to dangle in mid-air.

In actuality, the Eight Trigrams Unsealing Plate was unable to undo the seal - it was the King's Crown that had actually undone the seal.

After all, the King's Crown was forged from a God-Sealing Beast's body and an Emperor's bones. One of the God-Sealing Beast's abilities was to fuse its own chains with other chains.

Zhao Fu had secretly fused the King's Crown's chains with the chains sealing the woman in green. Then, he had temporarily released her and then re-sealed her. Now, if he could get her to turn back into her original form, the disaster would stop, and he would get all the credit, resulting in him obtaining incredible rewards.

"Haha, perverted dragon, you dare to scheme against my owner? Now you know how wrong you were!" the Sky Demon said as it laughed.

The woman in green coldly harrumphed and felt quite surprised that there was a Sky Demon hiding in Zhao Fu's sword. She had been completely fooled and didn't say anything else.