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 Swish, swish, swish...

Right after Zhao Fu dodged the bite, the Water Disaster Beast's body shined with a blue light as spears made of water formed around it and pointed at Zhao Fu. The spears gave off an incredibly sharp aura and shot towards Zhao Fu.

Facing the countless spears, Zhao Fu didn't dare to be careless and dodged as he used his most powerful defensive ability. A ten-meter tall image of a shield appeared, and it gave off a firm and unbreakable aura.

The spears that hit the shield exploded back into water, and the massive shield image continuously trembled as it bore these attacks.

Zhao Fu started to counterattack, and he slashed out, causing the Sky Demon Sword to hum as a massive black sword light blasted out and hit the Water Disaster Beast's body.


The Water Disaster Beast howled in pain as the black sword light cut open a part of its body, injuring it heavily.

However, the Water Disaster Beast once again attacked. A massive water cannonball shot out as Zhao Fu quickly flew to the side. However, the cannonball was too big, and Zhao Fu was still grazed by it, giving him a minor injury.

As expected, a Level 4 Disaster Beast wasn't that easy to deal with. Zhao Fu immediately entered stealth, and with the Stealther pendant and his Assassin profession, if Zhao Fu wanted to hide, it would be very difficult for anyone to find him.

"Roarrrr!!" Seeing that Zhao Fu had disappeared, the Water Disaster Beast seemed quite shocked, but in the next moment, a black sword light slashed out from its side. The Water Disaster Beast quickly tried to dodge, but it was still hit and blasted backward.

This attack once again heavily injured the Water Disaster Beast, and after realizing it still couldn't see Zhao Fu, it started to continuously twist about and launch large-scale attacks.

The shockwaves from these large-scale attacks were quite powerful, and it would be similar to being rammed by a bull. As such, Zhao Fu could only stay away.

However, the large-scale attacks used a lot of the Water Disaster Beast's strength, and this only continued for a short while before it stopped. Suddenly, a black figure that gave off demonic qi charged towards the Water Disaster Beast.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had finally revealed himself, the Water Disaster Beast spat out another massive water cannonball, wanting to heavily injure Zhao Fu. However, just as it was about to hit 'Zhao Fu,' the real Zhao Fu appeared by its side, holding the Slaughtering Ghost Sword - that black figure was the Sky Demon. Catching the Water Disaster Beast by surprise, Zhao Fu swung and chopped into its head.

"Roarrr!!!" The Water Disaster Beast roared in pain before its body exploded into water, knocking Zhao Fu back as a blue crystal appeared where it had been.

"System announcement! You have killed a Level 4 Water Disaster Beast and obtained 8,000 Virtue Points."

"Master, I helped out a lot this time, so please reward me!" The Sky Demon smiled as it looked at Zhao Fu expectantly.

Zhao Fu waved his hand, and the Sky Demon turned into a black light that shot towards Zhao Fu and became a sword again. Zhao Fu said, "Have I ever treated you unfairly?"

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, the Sky Demon grinned and didn't say anything.

Zhao Fu chose to use the crystal dropped by the Level 4 Water Disaster Beast and obtained a Legendary grade material, which he put away.

Following this, Zhao Fu continued to dive down, and his surroundings became more and more dangerous.

A day later, Zhao Fu wiped away a trace of blood from his mouth and put away a crystal left behind by a Level 5 Water Disaster Beast.

After a whole day, Zhao Fu had traveled down incredibly far, and he had seen many different Water Disaster Beasts. He now had 170,000 or so Virtue Points, which was enough to purchase many of the top ten medicinal pills.

At the same time, he had obtained three Level 5 Disaster Crystals and 11 Level 4 Disaster Crystals.

If Level 4 Disaster Crystals gave normal Legendary grade items, Level 5 Disaster Crystals would give excellent Legendary grade items. For now, Zhao Fu still hadn't seen a Level 5 Disaster Beast.

What made Zhao Fu feel quite happy was that the chains were no longer going straight downwards, and they were instead somewhat slanted. This meant that he was nearly at the bottom, making him quite delighted. He was quite worried that the chains would go on forever.

Two hours later, Zhao Fu arrived in front of a stone tunnel. This stone tunnel was extremely big, and there were many luminescent rocks, making it possible to see around him without the Light Pearl. The chains that he had been following stretched into that tunnel.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu put the Light Pearl away. Since he could now see, he didn't need the Light Pearl, and doing so would free up his hands.

Zhao Fu looked into the tunnel before carefully entering it.

After entering it, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised that it wasn't completely dead and silent within it. There were many green, luminescent kinds of grass that looked quite pretty, and there were many small fishes swimming around.

There was nothing too special here, so Zhao Fu continued to follow the chain forwards. Half an hour later, Zhao Fu reached a hall, and this was where the chains ended. Now, he could see what those chains were attached to.

This hall was incredibly big, and it was at least 10,000 meters wide. There was green luminescent grass growing everywhere, and there were also small luminescent trees. There were also all sorts of creatures swimming about, making it seem like a place out of a fantasy.

Within the hall, there was a stone bed on which a woman lay. The woman's face was incredibly beautiful and flawless, and she seemed quite young.

Her body was quite long and slim, and her skin looked as smooth as jade. Her large breasts were even bigger than the Black and White Impermanences', and she was wearing a long green dress that was unable to restrain her chest, revealing a large patch of whiteness.

The woman's eyes were closed as if she was in a deep sleep, and her hands and feet were bound by chains.

Could it be that this woman was the reason for this massive flood? Zhao Fu didn't dare to move rashly, and he instead stood on the spot as he thought about his options.

At that moment, the woman on the bed slowly opened her pair of green eyes and rolled over to look at Zhao Fu. There was an enchanting smile on her face as she beckoned with a finger, saying, "Finally, someone has come. Come here, little brother, and serve big sister."

Zhao Fu completely ignored her words, wondering if she was a Disaster Beast and whether killing her would award Virtue Points.

"Hurry, little brother," the woman said, a flirtatious tone in her voice. Her body started to writhe, revealing her white legs. Even though she was wearing a green dress, it didn't seem like she was wearing anything else.

Zhao Fu wasn't fooled - this was clearly a trap. He guessed that he would most likely be hit by a fatal attack if he stepped forward. Any creature that could cause a Level 10 Disaster was definitely terrifying.