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 There must have been something that had affected the Disaster Festival for such a horrifying thing to happen.

The flood was of such a magnitude that not only did it inundate an entire region, but it had also flooded the surrounding few regions. It was possible that this was the highest level disaster, a Level 10 Disaster.

Zhao Fu was quite interested in this region. If he could resolve this disaster, the benefits he would obtain would be massive. As such, he asked Guo Binglin to collect information on that region, and after reading through it, Zhao Fu started to look quite serious. That region had the Dragon-Sealing Well.

That definitely had to do with this flood; otherwise, it would be too big of a coincidence. The City Lords of that region had gone to take a look, and he had fished there for a long time in the past. However, everything had been normal. Could it be that the Disaster Festival had caused some sort of change?

When he thought of this, Zhao Fu decided to go and have a look for himself.

Since the region was completely inundated, he couldn't directly teleport there. As such, he teleported to a neighboring region before entering the flooded region.

After entering that region, Zhao Fu felt quite shocked. The sky was completely dark, and it gave off a powerful oppressive aura as rain poured down torrentially without stopping. The entire region was like a massive ocean, and only a few mountain peaks could be seen.

However, with how quickly the water level was rising, these mountain peaks would be submerged soon too, and the survivors could only wait for death in despair.

Zhao Fu didn't bother saving them - rather than just saving a few of them, it would be better to find the source of this flood and cut it off at its root.

Zhao Fu took out his map and flew towards where the Dragon-Sealing Well was. A few hours later, he finally arrived.

The water here was abnormally still and clear, and it seemed incredibly pure. It was as if there was some sort of power protecting the Dragon-Sealing Well.

Zhao Fu stood in the air and looked at the Dragon-Sealing Well below. He was now sure that the Dragon-Sealing Well was the reason for this disaster.

This was because Zhao Fu could clearly feel that the Dragon-Sealing Well gave off a powerful aura of disaster, and there were ten Level 1 Water Disaster Beasts guarding it.

These Water Disaster Beasts looked like fishes and were only ten meters long, and their bodies were made of water. They gave off a faint blue light, and their eyes looked like two blue gems.

Zhao Fu didn't fear the ten Water Disaster Beasts individually, but it would be quite difficult to deal with the ten Water Disaster Beasts together. If they all attacked at once, that would be quite problematic.

Zhao Fu raised the Sky Demon Sword and lightly yelled, "Godly Hell's Doors!"

The Sky Demon Sword gave off a black sword light that shot into the sky, and a 100-meter wide black hole that gave off a terrifying aura appeared. Traces of demonic qi flowed out of the black hole as demons' roars could be heard.

Following this, demons holding pitchforks with wings on their backs continuously flew out of the black hole. Because Zhao Fu had used his full strength and also used the City Lord Seal's power, he was able to summon 1,000 or so demons.

These 1,000 or so demons flew about in the air and horrifyingly laughed. If there was anyone around, they would've been shocked and scared to the point that their legs would have given out.

Zhao Fu lowered his sword towards the water, and the countless demons obeyed, shooting towards the water.

The Water Disaster Beasts around the Dragon-Sealing Well started to attack. They sucked in water before spitting them out like cannonballs. When the water cannonballs hit the demons, the demons dissipated.

However, even though the water cannonballs were incredibly powerful and fast, there were simply too many demons. By now, many of the demons had reached the water and started to attack the Water Disaster Beasts.

The pitchforks stabbed towards the Water Disaster Beasts bodies, and though the demons weren't too strong, they were still able to deal some damage to the Level 1 Water Disaster Beasts.

The Water Disaster Beasts started to retaliate. They gave off a bright blue light as they twisted their bodies, resulting in large splashes that knocked the demons off them.

As the demons and the Water Disaster Beasts fought, Zhao Fu started to move. He turned invisible before stealthily arriving beside a Water Disaster Beast and suddenly attacking it.

The Sky Demon Sword shined with a piercing light as it stabbed into the Water Disaster Beast's head. The Water Disaster Beast's body froze and exploded into water, leaving behind a blue crystal.

Zhao Fu had summoned so many demons not to take down the Water Disaster Beasts but to use them to distract the Water Disaster Beasts so that he could get rid of them.

With the thousand or so demons, it was much easier for Zhao Fu to deal with the Water Disaster Beasts. After a while, Zhao Fu had killed them all, and he obtained 20,000 Virtue Points and ten Disaster Crystals, which he was quite happy with.

After killing the Water Disaster Beasts, Zhao Fu went to the side of the Dragon-Sealing Well. It looked just like before and didn't seem very special. The well was made out of white brick, and there were 36 chains lowered into it. It also seemed incredibly deep.

Zhao Fu slightly hesitated before diving down into the well. The space within the well was surprisingly big, and it was difficult to tell how wide and deep it was.

As Zhao Fu continued to descend, the light became dimmer and dimmer before it became completely dark, and the silence around him was quite terrifying as well.

Zhao Fu took out a pearl called a Light Pearl, which could be bought in shops at the system main cities.

Light Pearls were a high-quality item, and the light they gave off could illuminate everything within a few hundred meters. With the light, the depths of this well didn't seem as terrifying.

Even though it was quite large inside the well, Zhao Fu knew where he was going - after all, he was just following those 36 chains. Zhao Fu had no idea how long those chains were because he had been descending for thousands of meters, yet there was still no sign of the end.

As he continued to descend, time seemed to slow down, and soon, Zhao Fu started to feel impatient. He had no idea how deep this well was. There seemed to be no end to this, nor were there any changes to his surroundings.

Zhao Fu decided to keep going for a bit longer, but he had no idea when he would reach the bottom.

Suddenly, a massive figure appeared behind Zhao Fu that immediately opened its mouth and bit towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu dodged to the side, avoiding this attack, and he saw what it was that had attacked him.

It was a Level 4 Water Disaster Beast that was about 100 meters long. It gave off a powerful oppressive aura.

Seeing this Water Disaster Beast, Zhao Fu let out a breath of relief - after all, seeing this Water Disaster Beast meant that he was getting somewhere. If he continued descending without any changes to his surroundings, he would lose his patience.