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 The Sky Demon Sword gave off traces of demonic qi that resulted in terrifying ripples as a seven-meter-long sword image appeared.

By now, the gigantic Wind Disaster Beast had reached Zhao Fu, and it gave off a powerful air of suppression as its sharp beak shot towards him.

Zhao Fu didn't move, and as the Wind Disaster Beast arrived, he swung the Sky Demon Sword, causing the massive sword image to also slash out as he gave off an aura that seemed to be able to crush rocks.


The sword image slashed through the air, chopping off the Wind Disaster Beast's head.

Instantly, the Wind Disaster Beast's body turned into a wild gale that exploded, and an azure crystal appeared in the air.

Zhao Fu steadied his body and resisted that wind, and after it dissipated, he looked at the azure crystal.

At the same time, Zhao Fu received a system announcement that he had killed a Level 2 Wind Disaster Beast and stopped a cyclone, rewarding him with 4,000 Virtue Points.

Disaster Beasts were split into different Levels, and their Level determined how much destruction they could cause. This was only a Level 2 Disaster Beast, and because it was quite easy to deal with, killing it gave the killer only 2,000 Virtue Points. However, because of Great Qin's natural disaster resistance stat, he obtained 4,000 Virtue Points.

However, it was only because of the City Lord Seal that Zhao Fu had been able to deal with it so easily. Otherwise, with his own strength, it would have been quite troublesome.

Zhao Fu then looked at the azure crystal - it was about as long as a finger and two finger-lengths wide, and it gave off a wind-attribute energy.

[Wind Disaster Crystal]: A crystal produced after a Disaster Beast is killed. Using it can cause one to obtain the heaven's blessing, and it might be accompanied by an item.

"Heaven's blessing?" Zhao Fu felt quite curious and immediately used it.

The crystal gave off a bright azure light as a light breeze blew. After the azure light faded, a helmet appeared before Zhao Fu's eyes. Zhao Fu looked at the stats and found that they were quite good, and it was a Gold grade piece of equipment.

It seemed that the heaven's blessings weren't anything direct, and this was just something that gave extra items like previous festivals.

Zhao Fu continued onwards and found a Wind Disaster Beast in a valley. It was quite small, only having a wingspan of ten meters, and could only create wind that affected everything within ten kilometers, making it not very strong.

As soon as the Wind Disaster Beast saw Zhao Fu, it flapped its wings and created a large gust of wind as it immediately tried to escape. With how fast Wind Disaster Beasts were, Zhao Fu wouldn't be able to catch up to it.

Zhao Fu immediately took out an Evil-Crushing Spear and filled it with his King's Power. The Evil-Crushing Spear shined with a brilliant silver light as the inscriptions on it moved about, and an evil-crushing power radiated out.

Zhao Fu vigorously threw out the Evil-Crushing Spear, which turned into a silver ray of light and pierced through the escaping Wind Disaster Beast.


The Wind Disaster Beast's body exploded and turned into a large gust of wind, leaving an azure crystal in its place.

"System announcement! You have killed a Level 1 Wind Disaster Beast and obtained 2,000 Virtue Points."

Zhao Fu flew over and took the azure crystal and used it, which gave him an ordinary Gold grade piece of equipment. It seemed that Disaster Beasts would give at least Gold grade pieces of equipment if one was able to kill them.

The three main cities were being assaulted by massive gusts of wind, and what was causing this was a Level 4 Wind Disaster Beast that could create cyclones affecting everything within 10,000 kilometers.

Under this immense wind, the ordinary soldiers found it difficult to even walk, and it was impossible to reach the center of this cyclone.

The three City Lords felt incredibly helpless, and they had to use their City Lord Seals. Disaster Beasts wouldn't directly attack villages. Instead, they only created natural disasters. A Wind Disaster Beast that could create a cyclone affecting everything within 10,000 kilometers wasn't easy to find, and the closer they got to the center, the more difficult it was to advance.

The Level 4 Wind Disaster Beast had a wingspan of 100 meters, and even for the three City Lords with their City Lord Seals, it would be quite difficult to deal with it.

Zhao Fu temporarily didn't go to challenge the Level 4 Wind Disaster Beast because he knew it would be quite difficult to deal with it and would be a waste of his time. Moreover, with his natural disaster resistance stats, killing a Level 2 Wind Disaster Beast would be equivalent to killing that Level 4 Wind Disaster Beast to others.

If he could kill a Level 3 Wind Disaster Beast, that would be equivalent to others killing a Level 5 Wind Disaster Beast. Moreover, Level 3 Wind Demon Beasts already gave Half-Legendary grade items.

After battling for an entire night, Zhao Fu finished using up his Evil-Crushing Spears and gained 28,000 Virtue Points, which was quite good. If he had three times more points, he would be able to obtain the tenth-ranked pill, the Hundred Dragon Sun Pill. Of course, Zhao Fu valued his Virtue Points and wouldn't purchase such a thing.

At the same time, after killing his tenth Level 1 Wind Disaster Beast, he received a blessing.

[Heaven's Favor]: Level 1: Description: The Heavens' favor towards you will give you protection. It also provides your territory with natural disaster resistance +5%.

It turned out this festival could even give one natural disaster resistance stats, which shocked Zhao Fu. This could, no doubt, increase the gap between Legatees and ordinary factions. In the later stages, when natural disasters became more and more frequent, Legatees would have a massive advantage.

Of course, these stats wouldn't be given for free. Only by working hard and killing Disaster Beasts would one obtain these stats.

Moreover, since Heaven's Favor was labeled as 'Level 1,' there were definitely higher levels for killing different Levels of Disaster Beasts.

After battling for a night, Zhao Fu felt quite tired and went back to the Great Qin City to rest, and he ordered his subordinates to collect more information on Disaster Beasts.

This was because Disaster Beasts didn't spawn very quickly, so he would have to visit regions other than the Forest of Horrors if he wanted as many points as possible. Regardless, Great Qin would be fine whether Disaster Beasts spawned quickly or not.

However, if Disaster Beasts spawned quickly, other places would be in dire straits, and there wouldn't be a single village left intact in the entire Forest of Horrors.

Now, Zhao Fu felt that most of the Wind Disaster Beasts in the Forest of Horrors had been killed, so he decided to have a look at other regions.

A while later, one of Zhao Fu's subordinates came to report that there was a massive flood in another region. There had been a torrential rain since the Disaster Festival had begun, and it hadn't stopped. The amount of water that had gathered was terrifying, and not only had the entire region been flooded, but the surrounding regions had also been severely affected.

The City Lords could only work together to destroy the Void Zones and evacuate the millions of residents so that they could survive.

The villages in the wilderness weren't so lucky - they were unable to avoid the floodwaters and were drowned by them. With how big a region was, Zhao Fu estimated that at least seven million people had died.

What was going on? With such a terrifying flood, if it had happened in the Forest of Horrors, even Great Qin would have been greatly affected. It was surprising that such a terrifying natural disaster could happen during this festival.