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 After Zhao Fu led the soldiers back to Great Qin, he brought a portion of Eternal Night's members to Battle City.

The changes in Battle City surprised Zhao Fu. Apart from the soldiers on the city walls, there were very few soldiers anywhere else. There weren't any soldiers patrolling the city, and the shops were all closed. The streets were in complete disorder, and a few bands of people were currently fighting, leaving a lot of blood on the streets.

Great Qin's restaurant at Battle City was also forced to close because it was too chaotic outside. People indiscriminately attacked each other, and shops not closing would bring too much trouble. At the same time, because of how chaotic it was, there wouldn't be any customers anyway.

The situation in Battle City was incredibly hectic, and there was no order at all. All sorts of factions, large and small, were engaging in battles.

However, Zhao Fu noticed that most of the factions participating were player factions, and very few system factions were participating. Most of the deaths were from the player side, and no one bothered to pick up the corpses. Right now, there were essentially no solo players left.

This was because solo players were doomed to die when walking alone on the streets, so the only players remaining here were part of factions. No one dared to go out by themselves.

Zhao Fu went to the restaurant and said to the hooded person beside him, "Ergou, bring me all of the information you have on Battle City."

"Yes, Your Majesty," Wang Ergou replied before bringing over a pile of documents. Zhao Fu sat on a chair and attentively read through the information. From the information provided, Battle City had been through what could be called a large baptism or a great trial by fire.

Even though there were battles erupting all over Battle City, there was still a certain level of order. The city walls and some areas were protected, such as the system's shops. Most of these places didn't suffer any damage, and the city's basic facilities were still there.

The current City Lord wasn't very capable, and he had just turned Battle City into a massive arena, allowing the various factions to kill each other before picking the strongest out of them.

From the information, Zhao Fu could tell that there were a few people who were most likely to succeed the City Lord.

The person with the greatest potential who had the biggest faction was called Xiong Qi, and he was the first gold medallion fighter in Battle City. He was the most famous out of the candidates, and his faction was established first, which was why it was the most powerful.

The second person was called Hong Tianshan. He was Battle City's second gold medallion fighter, and he was slightly less famous than Xiong Qi. His faction was also slightly weaker. They were the two biggest rivals in Battle City, and there was often conflict between their sides.

The third person was Ge Nia. He was the most famous gold medallion fighter recently, and his Sword Sect was also a powerful force.

Apart from these three people, there were also a few candidates who weren't weak at all. There was a person from the Qidan ethnic group, a Dark Elf, and a person called Zhan Xiaofei. These three people were all gold medallion fighters, and they had their own factions as well.

Now that the various factions had started fighting chaotically, Zhao Fu didn't plan on getting involved. Great Qin wouldn't give Ge Nia any help because this was the City Lord's trial for picking out the strongest and most talented person.

If Great Qin became involved and the City Lord found out about it and was displeased, it would result in trouble for Ge Nia. Moreover, Zhao Fu trusted in Ge Nia's abilities.

"Let's go back!" After looking at this information, Zhao Fu found that he had come for nothing, so he went back to the Great Qin City with the others. The chaos in Battle City would last for a while until there was a final victor.

Ge Nia ran the Sword Sect as a neutral faction, not attacking anyone who didn't attack him. He also relaxed the entrance requirements and took in some decent people, further expanding and developing the Sword Sect.

At the same time, training became even more strict and intense so that they could develop a group of powerful swordsmen. Only then would the Sword Sect be prepared to win and cut away all obstructions.

To others, they didn't seem very strong or very weak. There was no benefit in joining the chaotic battles so early on because the drain on their resources would be great. This would result in them having no power in the later stages, allowing others to reap the benefits. As such, Ge Nia was only prepared to start fighting in the middle to later stages.

There were many factions with similar plans, so in the beginning, it was only the countless small and mid-sized factions fighting.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu refined the two historical Generals' corpses. Now, Great Qin would develop steadily for a while.

Before, Great Qin had wanted to peacefully and smoothly develop for a while, but after discovering Later Zhou's location, they had to change their plans and attack.

Now that they had taken Later Zhou, Great Qin would naturally return to its original plan. Now, within the territory that Great Qin wanted, only the Kingdom of Qi remained.

Zhao Fu had sent his forces to look for the Kingdom of Qi's location, and this was a matter of great importance. If they could destroy the Kingdom of Qi, there would be no Legatees within the territory that Great Qin wanted to claim for its nation.

Of course, these were only the Legatees that Zhao Fu knew about, and they hadn't yet discovered any hidden Legatees. However, even if there were, there would most likely be very few of them. After all, just the Midland Continent alone was many times bigger than the entire earth, so it was unlikely there would be so many Legatees gathered together.

Furthermore, even if there were any Legatees within those regions, they would be extremely weak, or they wouldn't hide. Normally, those with a nation's Legacy were quite powerful and reigned above even the large families, so there was no need to hide unless it was in front of a Dynasty's Legacy.

It was a pity that even though Great Qin had expended a lot of effort searching for the Kingdom of Qi, they still hadn't found anything. It was as if the Kingdom of Qi had disappeared, and they couldn't find any information on it.

It wasn't just its Town's location but even its headquarters within the system main city that couldn't be found because it disbanded its headquarters. The Kingdom of Qi had most likely cut off all connections with the system main city and gone into hiding so that it could silently develop. This meant that Great Qin could do nothing to it.

Since they couldn't find the Kingdom of Qi, Zhao Fu could only relent, and Great Qin turned to solidify its foundation.

This was primarily in terms of welfare - Great Qin was currently building roads, and because they were making the roads out of stone brick, it was easier than digging up rocks and refining them.

Zhao Fu ordered people to build large workshops for mass-producing stone bricks. Great Qin would be using the stone bricks for many things in the future, such as building houses, city walls, and roads, so they couldn't lack workshops.

The workshop he had ordered people to build for Yin Bone China was also complete, so they had started to mass-produce Yin Bone China. Yin Bone China was received quite well, and it had resulted in great sales.

Yin Bone China was quite unique and barely anyone had seen such a thing before. Even though Yin Bone China wasn't the unique chinaware of the Heaven Murder Empire, those were ancient times, and now, only Great Qin knew how to make it, making it something unique to Great Qin.

Most of those who bought Yin Bone China were upper-class figures - after all, not just anyone could afford to spend five gold coins on Yin Bone China.

Zhao Fu didn't plan on lowering the price - even though Yin Bone China barely cost anything, Great Qin was selling this as a premium item. Now that players were becoming richer and richer, the market would expand in the future.