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 After hearing Zhao Fu's words, the soldier immediately replied, "Your Majesty, it's said that Battle City's City Lord was somehow seriously injured and is dying. This has caused Battle City to descend into chaos, and each faction is trying to obtain power. There have been many fights, but the city guards haven't cared at all. It's best that Your Majesty takes a look for himself."

The battle for the City Lord's position was happening so soon? Zhao Fu hadn't expected this, and he nodded before asking the soldier to leave.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Fu got up and turned to look at Nangong Shuyue before saying, "I'm going to return to Great Qin!"

Nangong Shuyue understood that Zhao Fu had something to take care of, so she smiled and nodded before embarrassedly asking, "Your Majesty, about just then..."

Zhao Fu suddenly lightly laughed - he had allowed his passions to get out of control, which was quite surprising. However, that experience had been quite tantalizing.

Zhao Fu knew that there weren't any feelings between him and Nangong Shuyue just yet - that had all been the heat of the moment. If they had developed feelings right after meeting, that would be quite strange.

Zhao Fu looked at Nangong Shuyue before asking, "How do you think I should treat you?"

That question didn't surprise Nangong Shuyue, and she could already tell from Zhao Fu's expression and tone what he meant. Nangong Shuyue happily came up and hugged Zhao Fu, putting her head against him as she said, "Your Majesty, I'll be your woman from now on."

Since they had already gone that far, Zhao Fu didn't have anything to regret or worry about. He put an arm around Nangong Shuyue's slim waist and nodded.

Seeing this, Nangong Shuyue's smile became incredibly brilliant, and her face reddened as she said in a small voice, "Your Majesty, shall we continue where we left off?"

Nangong Shuyue wanted to become even closer with Zhao Fu because her body was instinctively reacting after what had just happened.

"No need. I still have things to do." Zhao Fu wouldn't let important matters slip away just for this kind of thing. Zhao Fu was still quite rational regarding women and wouldn't allow himself indulge in sex. This was why he had been fairly restrained towards women the entire time.

"Alright, Your Majesty. My body is ready for you at any time." Nangong Shuyue felt a bit disappointed but still smiled.

Zhao Fu smiled and let go of Nangong Shuyue. By now, Nangong Shuyue could understand Zhao Fu's personality more, and she felt quite appreciative of him. Even though she hadn't been successful this time, she had become his woman, so she would have many opportunities in the future. As such, there was no need to force anything now.

Afterward, Zhao Fu left the hall. The Generals outside wondered what Nangong Shuyue had to say to Zhao Fu, but after seeing Nangong Shuyue following behind Zhao Fu with a slightly red face and affectionate look on her face, they could guess what had happened.

This made all of them feel quite happy because their Majesty had finally become interested in these matters. However, some people frowned because they had only just taken down Later Zhou, and it would've been better to wait to test her loyalty. Nangong Shuyue had most likely taken the initiative, and her goal was too obvious.

However, they trusted that Zhao Fu had this within his control - as a future Emperor, the number of women he would have would be as vast as the territory he would control, and this was quite normal.

Any woman Zhao Fu wanted would be brought into the chambers of the imperial concubines, and they wouldn't mind at all. In fact, they would even help to search for such people and bring them to Zhao Fu - this was the Emperor's privilege.

Zhao Fu could tell what the Generals were thinking and didn't mind, and he brought them back to the Great Qin City.

After Zhao Fu left, Nangong Shuyue was in charge of managing the situation at Later Zhou's Town. The first thing was to give burials to the deceased soldiers and replenish their military force. Now that their position had been exposed, they had to strengthen their defenses.

Now, with Great Qin's protection and Wu Yang's player faction, Later Zhou wasn't in much danger, but they still had to be prepared for anything.

At that moment, a man came up and reported something, causing Nangong Shuyue's expression to become cold, and she returned to the real world.


The scene was similar to what had happened in the Heaven Awaken World, with everyone from their branch being surrounded. However, what was different was that they were surrounded by the Chai family's people.

"Where are Chai Shaohui and Nangong Shuyue? Hand them over. Right now, they're the sinners of the entire Chai family - Later Zhou has been destroyed while in your hands. Everyone from your branch should die to pay for your sins," a young man angrily shouted.

However, some didn't approve, saying, "We're all part of the same family, so killing them might be too extreme. I believe we should just exile them from the Chai family. However, Chai Shaohui and his mother cannot be forgiven."

When Nangong Shuyue had brought people over, the scene was just as she had expected - it seemed that the Chai family wasn't willing to let them off.

Seeing Nangong Shuyue walk out, everyone's attention turned to her. A middle-aged man, a prominent figure of another branch, said, "Later Zhou has been destroyed while in your hands - how are you going to account for this?"

Nangong Shuyue's expression didn't change at all as she calmly replied, "Later Zhou was destroyed by Great Qin, and Shaohui's branch bears half of the responsibility. However, the other half of the responsibility is on all of you - if it wasn't for all of your meddling, Later Zhou wouldn't have been attacked by Great Qin. Moreover, Great Qin has given Shaohui a Lordship, and because he has submitted to Great Qin's Legatee, he will still become a great person in the future. If you try to do anything to him, the entire Chai family will flow with rivers of blood."

After hearing about Great Qin, everyone paused - after all, Great Qin was as terrifying as a demon. At the same time, everyone felt quite happy because Later Zhou's foundation hadn't been destroyed, and even though Later Zhou was gone, Chai Shaohui was now Lord Zhou. They could now also rely on Great Qin.

"Alright, we won't lay our hands on Shaohui, but you, someone from a different family, must bear the consequences," a middle-aged woman yelled.

Nangong Shuyue remained calm as she replied, "What do you want?"

The middle-aged woman coldly laughed, "Of course for you to die to pay for your sins! Someone needs to bear the consequences of Later Zhou being destroyed."

"What gall!" Suddenly, a voice sounded out as a valiant-looking young man brought many people arrived. They were from the Nangong family.

Seeing the Nangong family's people arrive, the Chai family's people's expressions became ugly. Someone from the Chai family called out, "Nangong Xiong, don't meddle in the Chai family's business!"

Nangong Xiong, the valiant-looking young man came before Nangong Shuyue and said, "Big sis, dad wants me to bring you back. You should know that you can't stay in the Chai family any longer, so don't insist or things will be difficult for everyone."