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 As Nangong Shuyue continued walking, her clothes gradually fell until only a long silk gown remained. The silk gown was quite light and almost transparent, and Nangong Shuyue's mature curves could cause anyone's desires to run rampant and go out of control.

Nangong Shuyue didn't take off this final piece of clothing. As a mature woman, she knew how men responded, and leaving something to the imagination was even more tantalizing.

By now, Nangong Shuyue had fully displayed the charm of a mature woman. She reached Zhao Fu, lightly sat on his lap, and rested her head against Zhao Fu's shoulder as she looked at him seductively, whispering, "Your Majesty, let me serve you."

Now that Later Zhou had submitted to Great Qin, Nangong Shuyue had to think of the future. If she could become Great Qin's Legatee's woman, not only would she benefit, but the entire Chai family and her own family would also benefit.

If she became his woman, she would have much authority in Great Qin and would be able to talk with Zhao Fu directly. Because he was Great Qin's Legatee, this opportunity wouldn't be easy to obtain, and if she became his woman early on, the benefits in the future would be much greater.

Moreover, if she became his woman, the Chai family would undoubtedly benefit the most because this relationship would strengthen the bonds between the two families.

Shaohui's branch would also be able to firmly cement its position in the Chai family, and no one would be able to threaten them. No matter how strong the other branches were, under the threat of Great Qin's Legatee, they would have to lower their heads. Such was the power of Great Qin's Legatee.

Moreover, the Nangong family would also greatly benefit. Her whole family would rejoice if she became Great Qin's Legatee's woman, and because of her relationship with him, the Nangong family would also be able to establish a relationship with him. Her family had always been silently supporting her, so she felt that she should repay them.

Most importantly, Nangong Shuyue was thinking about her son. If she became Great Qin's Legatee's woman, even if her son couldn't have the position of Crown Prince, he would still have a Prince title, allowing him to fulfill his ambitions.

When Later Zhou submitted, Nangong Shuyue had already made preparations to give up her body, which was why she told Chai Shaohui that he would still accomplish great things in the future. Not only did Nangong Shuyue believe in her son, but she was also determined to help him.

Of course, right now, she didn't feel anything towards Zhao Fu. However, for the many reasons above, especially her son, she was willing to sacrifice herself. Not only was she willing to give up her body, but she would also truly love Great Qin's Legatee. Only by having feelings for him would she be able to win his feelings for her.

Nangong Shuyue was very clear about how feelings worked. Her body could only attract him for a short while, and as Great Qin's Legatee, he would have many women in the future. There would also be many women better than her, and using her body was simply too shallow - only feelings could truly bind her to him.

With a mature woman sitting on his lap and smelling that enchanting fragrance, Zhao Fu started to react.

Within the darkness, the massive blood-red star started to slowly turn, giving off a blood-red light.

Surprisingly, Zhao Fu didn't refuse. He turned to look at Nangong Shuyue's beautiful face and smiled as he lifted up her chin.

It was only now that Nangong Shuyue properly saw Great Qin's Legatee's appearance properly. He was quite young and good-looking, but the airs he gave off were especially alluring. There was a trace of dignity, a trace of elegance, and a trace of majesty - just his airs alone would be able to attract many women.

Seeing Zhao Fu do this, Nangong Shuyue wasn't displeased but instead quite happy.

She knew that Great Qin's Legatee was interested in her now. At the start, she was worried that her looks wouldn't be good enough to attract him. Even though she was a famous beauty, with how prestigious Great Qin's Legatee's identity was, it was possible that he wouldn't think that she was good enough.

Even though Nangong Shuyue had prepared herself mentally, a red blush still covered her face, and she felt quite embarrassed. However, she took the initiative to lean closer to Zhao Fu, and their lips naturally came together.

At that moment, a sort of excitement and attraction seemed to draw them together, making their hearts beat faster and faster.

At first, their kiss was quite simple, and Nangong Shuyue found that Zhao Fu was quite inexperienced. After noticing this, she felt quite happy because this meant that he didn't have many women.

Nangong Shuyue's husband had died when Chai Shaohui had only been one year old, and she hadn't been very experienced in these sorts of things. However, as a mature women, she still knew more than Zhao Fu.

Nangong Shuyue wrapped her arms around Zhao Fu's neck and passionately kissed Zhao Fu, stretching her tongue into Zhao Fu's mouth. Zhao Fu opened his mouth, allowing Nangong Shuyue's tongue to slip in. Their tongues intertwined as their temperature rose higher and higher and their hearts beat faster and faster.

Nangong Shuyue started to become more and more immersed, and her face became incredibly red. Her body powerlessly lay within Zhao Fu's embrace, and her eyes were tightly closed as she deeply kissed Zhao Fu.

Hugging Nangong Shuyue's mature body, Zhao Fu's hands started to roam around. His hands first caressed her back before slipping them into her clothes and gripping her full breasts, causing her to moan.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door as a soldier announced, "Your Majesty, I have matters to report."

This immediately interrupted the two passionate people, and Zhao Fu immediately let go of Nangong Shuyue. Seeing how enraptured she looked, he chuckled and said, "Get up and put your clothes on."

Nangong Shuyue nodded and felt a bit disappointed that they had been cut off at an important time. However, she still obeyed and calmed down her rapidly beating heart while putting on her clothes, returning to her mature and dignified look.

Only then did Zhao Fu say, "You may enter!"

Following this, the soldier pushed open the doors and entered. The loyal soldier didn't dare to directly look at Zhao Fu, so he didn't notice anything out of the ordinary and cupped his hands as he reported, "Your Majesty, there has been news from Battle City that something big has happened."

Battle City? Zhao Fu had handed matters over there to Ge Nia, so he very rarely went over. What had happened now?

Zhao Fu asked the soldier just what had happened, and he didn't bother asking Nangong Shuyue to leave. Since it was something big, it was most likely not something that was secret, so there was no need for that.

However, Nangong Shuyue felt quite happy and excited because this meant that she had succeeded. When the soldier had said that something big had happened, she had expected Zhao Fu to ask her to leave, but unexpectedly, Zhao Fu hadn't shown such intentions.

This meant that Zhao Fu had already accepted her and that he trusted her slightly, so she had become closer to obtaining power in Great Qin.