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 Chai Shaohui, who had been earnestly reading, suddenly heard a system announcement, and his little face became incredibly pale. Beside him, Nangong Shuyue detected this and asked with concern, "What is it, Shaohui?"

Chai Shaohui's body stiffened as he replied, "Mother, Later Zhou is being attacked by enemies, and they've already entered the Town. The protective barrier has been activated."

"What?" Nangong Shuyue was unable to stay calm and quickly asked, "Just what is going on? Doesn't Later Zhou have 110,000 people defending it? How could someone attack so silently?"

Chai Shaohui shook his head - he had no idea what was going on either. After all, he had only received a system announcement that the Town was in danger and that the protective barrier had been automatically activated.

"Shaohui, hurry and enter the Heaven Awaken World to take a look. We can't allow anything to happen to Later Zhou," Nangong Shuyue said seriously.

Chai Shaohui nodded and picked up his Heaven Awaken Stone as he entered the Heaven Awaken World.

Nangong Shuyue felt an ominous feeling - with Later Zhou's current strength, who would dare to attack it? Just who were these people?

At that moment, Nangong Shuyue could only pray that it was just some bandits who had accidentally triggered the protective barrier. If something happened to Later Zhou, Chai Shaohui's branch would become the sinners of the Chai family and be attacked by the rest of the Chai family.

Chai Shaohui's branch was already quite weak, and if something like this happened, none of them would be spared. The Chai family would never show mercy, and she wouldn't be able to protect her own son.

Nangong Shuyue could only hope that everything would be fine. However, she still felt quite unsettled, so she anxiously also entered the Heaven Awaken World.

What greeted her eyes were soldiers wearing fine equipment, giving off powerful auras, and looking like ferocious beasts. Seeing this, Nangong Shuyue's pupils constricted.

Seeing so many terrifying enemies, Chai Shaohui also felt quite anxious and afraid. In front of these people's auras, Chai Shaohui's body trembled, but when he thought of the fact that he was Later Zhou's Legatee and the future ruler of Later Zhou, he mustered up his courage and looked around him.

Right now, the entire Town had been taken down except for the central region. The 100 or so people around them were all enemies, and none of them were from Later Zhou.

Later Zhou had fallen, and there was no chance of the situation being reversed. Was it just going to end like this? Were his ambitions and efforts all going to come to nothing?

In the end, Chai Shaohui was still a child, and he started to tear up as he yelled, "Who are you? Why are you attacking Later Zhou?"

Hearing his tender voice, the crowd parted, and a black-cloaked figure giving off a terrifying aura walked forwards.

Zhao Fu's gaze fell on Chai Shaohui and felt quite surprised - he had never expected Later Zhou's Legatee to be a 12-year-old boy. A cold smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he asked, "Who are we? Even now, do you have no idea? Those who oppose Great Qin won't be spared."

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, which were filled with killing intent, Chai Shaohui felt quite surprised - it was Great Qin; that terrifying Legatee, Great Qin's Legatee, had come.

"Great Qin!" Chai Shaohui felt quite bitter, and his courage was shattered instantly. Later Zhou had been destroyed so easily by Great Qin and been unable to resist at all.

A hand lightly patted his shoulder, and he turned to look at his mother. He couldn't help but cry, and Nangong Shuyue patted her son's back as she comforted him, saying, "You're Later Zhou's Legatee, so you can't act like a child in times like this."

Chai Shaohui wiped away his tears and nodded as he said, "I understand, mother."

After comforting her son, Nangong Shuyue looked at Wu Yang, who was standing beside Zhao Fu, and her expression became cold as she said, "Wu Yang, you must have worked quite hard for Great Qin to be able to take down Later Zhou so easily."

Facing Nangong Shuyue's gaze, Wu Yang lowered his head and replied, "Apologies, madam. Later Zhou's location was exposed long ago, and even without me, Great Qin would've been able to easily take down the Town. No one can stop Great Qin's rise, and after opposing Great Qin, the Chai family was destined to be destroyed. Moreover, I believe that Great Qin's Legatee is someone who can bring peace to the world, which was why I decided to submit to him."

Hearing Wu Yang's words, Nangong Shuyue couldn't help but coldly harrumph. After all, many of the decisions hadn't been made by her but by the Chai family.

At the beginning, she had been very against joining the Qin Resistance Alliance because they already had Great Song as an enemy. Later Zhou was unable to fight against two Dynasties, but when Great Qin started to rise in power, the Chai family's old leaders had been influenced by Su Yan and thought that the School of Vertical and Horizontal would help the Chai family, which was why they joined the alliance.

Now, reality had shown that this wasn't the case. Great Qin had become even more powerful, forcing the Hundred Schools of Thought to lower their heads and the School of Vertical and Horizontal to not help against Great Qin.

However, no matter how rational and just Wu Yang's words were, Nangong Shuyue wouldn't forgive him for his betrayal.

"Wu Yang! We treated you incredibly well!" Nangong Shuyue coldly said. She knew that Wu Yang controlled a large portion of the players, and if they rebelled now, Later Zhou would still have a trace of hope.

Hearing Nangong Shuyue's words, Wu Yang could only sigh. His 40,000 players simply couldn't compare with Great Qin's soldiers, and even if they tried to rebel, they would only make a bit of trouble for Great Qin and not be able to change anything.

Now that he had personally seen how powerful Great Qin was, Wu Yang felt even more loyal to Great Qin.

"Apologies madam, I've already chosen to join Great Qin," Wu Yang said with determination as he bowed towards Nangong Shuyue. After raising his head, he now viewed Nangong Shuyue as an enemy.

Hearing this, Nangong Shuyue became enraged and was about to say something when another voice sounded out.

"Enough!" Zhao Fu looked at the mother and son in front of him and didn't want to waste any more time. His gaze fell on Chai Shaohui as he said, "Show me Later Zhou's power! Given your age, I'll give you an easy death."

Zhao Fu wouldn't show mercy just because his enemy was a child, nor would he let off Later Zhou. At some point, Zhao Fu's heart had become colder and crueler.

"Mother, you should return to the real world." Chai Shaohui gently pushed Nangong Shuyue away, and his gaze became resolute as he looked at Zhao Fu. As Later Zhou's Legatee, he had to show Later Zhou's pride and courage.

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he slowly drew the Sky Demon Sword at his waist. "Come! I want to see Later Zhou's power."


Zhao Fu stepped out, and the ground around him cracked as a monstrous aura burst forth. Everyone felt as if a mountain was weighing down on them, making it difficult for them to breathe.