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 In the real world, it was 9 PM.

Within an elegant room, a noble and beautiful middle-aged woman placed a few books on the table and had a lovely smile on her face as she said to the 12-year-old boy next to her, "Shaohui, these are some books on how to govern a nation and the art of war. Make sure you read through them carefully because they'll help you in the future. An Emperor needs to not only be versed in internal affairs but also military affairs; only then will you be able to do great things."

The 12-year-old boy was called Chai Shaohui, and he was the Legatee of Later Zhou. He was much more mature than other boys his age and had a resolute personality.

"I understand, mother!" Chai Shaohui replied as he started to earnestly read through one of the books. After he had obtained the Legacy, he understood what a great burden he shouldered. What's more, they had a powerful enemy, the Song Dynasty, so he had to continuously work hard to build up Later Zhou.

However, no matter how hard Chai Shaihui worked, there were still some who disapproved of him because he was too young. Because of this, it was very difficult for him to get people to follow him.

Another reason was because the branch that he was part of was fairly weak. Even though he was part of the main family, Chai Shaohui's father had passed away a long time ago, and because no one else from their branch had great abilities, their branch had gradually weakened in power.

The other few branches were far more powerful than Chai Shaohui's branch, and they were quite displeased about Chai Shaohui obtaining Later Zhou's Legacy and becoming the ruler of Later Zhou. As such, they tried to take power from him.

This resulted in a lot of chaos and disharmony in Later Zhou. This also caused many people, such as Wu Yang, to see that there was no hope for Later Zhou.

If it wasn't for his branch and mother supporting him, Chai Shaohui might have been killed already. As long as the foundation of Later Zhou wasn't harmed, they could choose a second Legatee. Even though they would lose a lot of Fate, they would still be able to take the Legacy away from him.

Chai Shaohui's mother, the beautiful middle-aged woman, was 36 years old and had the countenance of a flower and the radiance of the moon. She had been a famous beauty when she was younger, and despite so many years passing, her beauty hadn't faded. Instead, she now had a mature charm.

This woman was called Nangong Shuyue, and she was the eldest daughter of the Nangong family. Even though it wasn't a family with a legacy, it was still quite powerful.

It was only because of her family's support that Nangong Shuyue was able to bear such heavy pressure; otherwise, Chai Shaohui's entire branch would suffer. Chai Shaohui knew how tough things were for his mother, which was why he worked so hard.

At that moment, Chai Shaihui was diligently reading while Nangong Shuyue lovingly stayed by his side, but they had no idea what was happening in the Heaven Awaken World.

By now, it was 12 AM in the Heaven Awaken World, and the soldiers hiding near Later Zhou's Town still hadn't moved because they were waiting for Wu Yang.

Soon after, Wu Yang sent people to report that everything had been done.

Now, Great Qin's soldiers could finally move. However, they didn't have to go all out because Wu Yang's information told them that Great Qin could simply stealthily enter.

There were ten or so villages around Later Zhou's Town. Luckily, Zhao Fu had brought many Assassins, and he ordered them to enter these villages to either tie up or kill the villagers to prevent them from alerting Later Zhou's Town.

The Assassins quickly entered those villages like ghosts. The villages only had a few hundred people each, so it was easy to gain control of them.

After gaining control of the villages, Zhao Fu ordered the Hundred Ghost Illusionists to head to Later Zhou's Town. This was because there were only 300 Hundred Ghost Illusionists, and if they brought the entire army of 120,000 people, the noise would be simply too great.

The Hundred Ghost Illusionists quickly reached the area near the Barracks. Later Zhou's Town had 10,000 soldiers, and because there were 2,000 to 3,000 soldiers on the town walls and another 2,000 or so on patrol, there were roughly 5,000 in the Barracks.

Because of Wu Yang, Zhao Fu had comprehensive information about Later Zhou's Town, so he ordered the Hundred Ghost Illusionists to go and trap those 5,000 soldiers in the Barracks.

Even though Later Zhou had made many preparations, the talisman papers were wholly ineffective because Dark Ghost World was an extremely powerful combination illusion. Now that it was cast by 300 Stage 1 soldiers, it was incredibly easy for it to deal with soldiers who weren't Stage 1 yet.

Now, Wu Yang had the western town wall under control, while those at the other three town walls had no idea. There was a historical General guarding the eastern town wall, so Wu Yang didn't dare to go overboard.

Zhao Fu split 10,000 soldiers into three groups and had them secretly enter Later Zhou's Town. As the other players gradually took control of the town, many people were still asleep because the Barracks were covered by a gray ghostly qi, causing the surroundings to fall silent.

Meanwhile, the patrolling soldiers had either been put to sleep by the bewildering incense or been killed.

Right now, the only places that Great Qin didn't control were the town's central region and the three other town walls. Great Qin couldn't step into the central region because the City Heart would go into self-defense mode and release a protective barrier once any outsiders stepped into the central region.

After Later Zhou's Town was under their control, Zhao Fu gave the order to advance, and Great Qin's soldiers, who had been hiding near the town, started to attack from the other three town walls.

There were only 2,000 or so soldiers on the three town walls, while Great Qin's side had 10,000 soldiers in total and around 40,000 players within. This battle was incredibly one-sided.

None of the soldiers on the town walls expected to be struck with arrows from behind, and the soldiers were completely defenseless as they were killed.

The historical General on the eastern town wall was completely shocked. However, seeing the massive number of enemies rushing towards the town walls, he knew that the situation was bad and yelled, "Enemy attack!"

The historical General's yell cut through the air, but no one replied. The sounds of battle were quite loud, but there was no response.

Immediately, the historical General's heart sank, and the battle quickly concluded. The defending soldiers were either killed or taken as captives, and the historical General wanted to resist. However, he was surrounded by a few of Great Qin's Generals and also taken captive.

The other town walls were also easily taken down by Great Qin, and only the central region hadn't been broken through yet.

Zhao Fu led in the army from the western gate and didn't hesitate as he went straight towards the central region.

At that moment, the central region released a yellow energy barrier, and 100 soldiers and a historical General stood guard there, looking around them.

Everywhere around them had been surrounded by Great Qin's soldiers, and they were packed so densely that it seemed that even the wind wouldn't be able to pass through them.