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 A while later, Zhao Fu was told that Wu Yang's wife and daughter had been successfully brought to the Ying family's residence, and after calling them and confirming this, Wu Yang let out a sigh or relief.

By now, Wu Yang and the others had already made a plan and were just waiting for an opportunity to execute it.

However, he could only stay in the Chai family's residence for now. If anyone discovered that his entire family had disappeared, their plan would be exposed, and their lives would be in danger.

Even though Wu Yang had done a lot for the Chai family, he knew the consequences for betraying the Chai family - they definitely wouldn't even leave him as an intact corpse.

After hearing from Wu Yang, Zhao Fu started to mobilize his army. At the same time, he gathered a large number of Eternal Night members to set up isolation barriers and scout in order to see if there were any patrolling soldiers.

Right now, Zhao Fu was unable to fully trust anyone. Even though Wu Yang's wife and daughter were in his hands, he knew that he still wouldn't be able to fully control him.

For example, if his wife and daughter were fake or he was willing to sacrifice his wife and daughter for even greater benefits, Zhao Fu would be doomed. After all, in the face of immense benefits, parents and children could kill each other, and siblings could betray each other.

As such, Zhao Fu made incredibly comprehensive plans. After all, he only had one life, and if he messed it up, he wouldn't have another chance. Zhao Fu had to be incredibly wary because he also had to think of his subjects, whose lives depended on him as well.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu and his 120,000 soldiers arrived near Later Zhou's position. Later Zhou was against a large lake, and its town walls were made out of white stone. With the reflection of the town walls on the lake, it created a beautiful and peaceful scene.

By now, Great Qin's Assassins had finished setting up an isolation barrier but hadn't activated it yet. At the same time, Great Qin's Assassins had also finished scouting and confirmed that there were no patrolling soldiers around.

Zhao Fu let out a breath and started to wait for Wu Yang to carry out his side of the plan. This would require them to wait later into the night.

Even though Later Zhou knew that its position had been exposed, they had never expected Great Qin to be here already and for their people to have betrayed them already.

Soon, it was 8 PM, and the sky was filled with stars that continuously twinkled, looking quite beautiful.

Wu Yang and ten or so people looked at each other before returning to the real world and stealthily arriving at the rendezvous point where they got into cars arranged by the Ying family and returned to the Heaven Awaken World.

The ten or so people were completely loyal to Wu Yang, so he also took their safety into account and asked Zhao Fu to protect them as well.

Now that they didn't have to worry about the consequences, Wu Yang and the ten or so others grinned and started to carry out their plan.

Wu Yang had first secretly gathered a group of players, those he could trust, and told them his plan. He then told them that joining Great Qin would result in ten times the benefits and that they would also be able to immediately receive one gold coin.

One gold coin was worth $100,000 in the real world, and none of them had expected Great Qin to be so wealthy. After comparing Later Zhou and Great Qin, they saw that the difference was far too great.

Before, Wu Yang could only control 30,000 players, but with the money from Great Qin, he could control 40,000 players.

There were 3,000 people who were loyal to the death to Later Zhou, and they weren't willing to submit to Great Qin. Since he had told them the plan, he couldn't allow them to live, or they would expose the plan.

This was why they had conducted the meetings in a remote forest. There were ten or so people each time calling a single person into the forest and telling him the plan. If he was willing to join, he could immediately receive his money, after which the next person would be called. If he wasn't willing, he would be killed on the spot. By doing this, they had dealt with the 3,000 people loyal to Later Zhou.

There was also a group of people who was in the real world and hadn't returned to the Heaven Awaken World in a while, so they weren't considered either.

After doing these things, Wu Yang had finally gathered the player faction using money as bait.

Because Zhao Fu had promised to make Wu Yang the master of this region, he was incredibly careful when doing these things and did them with his utmost ability. If Great Qin's Legatee could take down Later Zhou easily, he would be valued even greater. Now that the player faction was under his control, he started to move against the Zhou family's forces.

By now, it was 11 PM, and most of the residents were already asleep. Later Zhou's Town had fallen into silence. Torches were lit on the town walls, making it seem quite bright.

Wu Yang first had some of the players burn bewildering smoke in each building, which was quite effective against residents who had low cultivation. However, it wasn't very effective against soldiers.

Afterward, Wu Yang and the ten or so other people brought many jars of wine and went to the town walls. Because Wu Yang was a core member of Later Zhou's forces and knew many people, most of Later Zhou's soldiers trusted Wu Yang and wasn't surprised that he had come.

"It's been getting cold recently, and I'm sure it's been tiring standing guard. Have some wine to warm yourselves up, or it'll be easy to get a chill." It was already late autumn, and the temperature was becoming colder and colder. This was especially so at night when the temperature dropped quickly, so Wu Yang used this as an excuse to give the soldiers wine with poison.

When they saw that Wu Yang cared about them so much, the soldiers all felt warm within their hearts, and one of the soldiers said with gratitude, "Sir Wu, you're simply too good to us; you're much better than the other sirs."

Wu Yang smiled as he replied, "It's nothing! You're Later Zhou's soldiers, and we're all relying on you to protect us. I've heated up this wine, so make sure you have some before it gets cold."

Some of the soldiers came over, drank some of the wine, and had delighted smiles on their faces. They thanked Wu Yang before going back to their stations.

Wu Yang couldn't help but feel quite guilty when he heard the soldiers thanking him. However, now that the situation had come to this, there was no turning back.

Wu Yang hid his guilt as he smiled and said to the soldiers who hadn't drank any of the wine yet, "Brothers, just have a bit and warm your bodies. It'll be fine. I spent 30 or so silver coins to buy this wine, so it'll be a pity if you don't have any."

The other soldiers couldn't help but come down and have some as well. Wu Yang's character was quite good, and because he was quite familiar with these soldiers, they all greatly trusted him.

The soldiers just wanted to have a bit of wine because they were certain that there would be no harm in this. None of them had tasted wine that cost 30 silver coins, and most of them just wanted to give Wu Yang some face.

Seeing them all drinking the wine, Wu Yang was finally able to relax and inwardly sighed - Later Zhou was now doomed!