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 This good news was regarding Later Zhou from the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, which had been one of the members of the Qin Resistance Alliance.

Because Great Qin destroyed the State of Zheng, Later Zhou had become incredibly terrified and had no idea how the previous two States in front of it had their locations exposed. Later Zhou was worried that its own position would be exposed because it would be unable to resist like the previous two States, so it moved all of its forces in the system main cities back to its Town.

By moving the players to its Town, this boosted Later Zhou's defenses, but with the character of the players... this resulted in Later Zhou's position being exposed.

Later Zhou was the last dynasty of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. After destroying Later Han, Guo Wei established Later Zhou. After succeeding Guo Wei, Chai Rong fought wars on all sides, preparing to unite China once again.

In actuality, Later Zhou was the dynasty most likely to unite China after the Tang Dynasty. However, Chai Rong died too early, and Chai Zong, who succeeded him, was only been seven years old when he succeeded the throne. Soon after, Zhao Kuangyin led a military revolt and established the Song Dynasty.

The Song Dynasty essentially reaped everything that Later Zhou had sown, including uniting China.

That was how history went - many Kings were paranoid and killed loyal Ministers and Generals, but Kings would often be betrayed by their Ministers or Generals.

Later Zhou followed the end of the Tang Dynasty, so its Fate wasn't weak. This was especially because it had essentially led to China being united again. Even though it was Zhao Kuangyin who had accomplished this in the end, Later Zhou would have obtained quite a bit of Fate as a result as well.

Now that Later Zhou's position had been revealed, Great Qin would definitely attack. However, Later Zhou was enemies with the Song Dynasty, and by doing this, Zhao Fu would once again be helping someone else.

Now, Great Qin had already taken down three Legatees - he had helped Great Ming destroy Great Shun, and he also helped Great Tang by destroying the State of Zheng, while the State of Wei didn't have any enemies. It was just that they only felt some hatred because the Second Emperor of Qin got rid of them.

However, Zhao Fu was determined to take down Later Zhou. Even though he would be helping others, the greatest benefiter would still be Great Qin.

Now that they had obtained information as crucial as Later Zhou's position, obtaining other information was much easier. Of course, Great Qin had to pay a price for this information.

Apart from Great Qin, it was useless for others to know the locations of Legatees - after all, did they dare to attack them? Even if they did, did they have the ability to win? Each Legatee controlled the most powerful faction in his region, and it would be incredibly difficult for a normal person to do anything to them.

Later Zhou's Town had 60,000 or so residents and around 50,000 players in the system main city. If Zhao Fu didn't think of something, it would be quite difficult to take them down. If Great Qin launched a direct assault, they would suffer quite a bit.

Luckily, the situation would be quite easy to solve if they exploited Later Zhou's weakness, which was their players. As such, Zhao Fu immediately ordered people to go and start contacting Later Zhou's players.

If Later Zhou hadn't done such a thing, Great Qin would have steadily developed for a while. However, since Late Zhou had moved their players and exposed their location, Great Qin wouldn't let go of this opportunity.

A bit of benefit could make a person voluntarily do something, a lot of benefits could make a person do many things, and massive benefits could make a person do crazy things.

Very soon, under the lure of massive benefits, they contacted a person.

Within a hidden room, Zhao Fu sat on a chair as a scar-faced man respectfully stood in front of him.

This was the person Great Qin had contacted, and his name was Wu Yang. He held a great deal of power within Later Zhou's player faction because he had once saved a descendant of the Chai family's main family. Even in the real world, the Chai family was quite powerful, and it wouldn't expect him to betray the Chai family.

Wu Yang held a lot of power and was respected by many, but he still had to act incredibly respectfully. He had never thought that Great Qin's Legatee would personally come to see him.

After all, Great Qin's Legatee could become a King in the future, and his faction was currently unstoppable. When he thought of this, Wu Yang couldn't help but feel respectful and fearful.

"Tell me what you want, and I will do my best to satisfy you," Zhao Fu said as he looked at Wu Yang. From the information he had, Wu Yang seemed quite capable, or he wouldn't have been valued so highly by the Chai family.

Wu Yang bowed before replying, "First, I would like Great Qin to guarantee the safety of my wife and daughter in the future whether it's right now or after the Heaven Awaken World devours the real world."

Zhao Fu was quite surprised - Wu Yang's first request hadn't been power or money but the safety of his wife and daughter. This was quite simple, so Zhao Fu nodded and replied, "I promise you this. I will send people to take care of this right now!"

When he heard this, Wu Yang inwardly let out a breath of relief. What he was most worried about was his wife and daughter because he knew the true face of this world.

Right now, each of the factions was already ferociously fighting each other, resulting in countless deaths. However, people wouldn't die true deaths, and all situations could be kept under control.

However, once the real world was devoured by the Heaven Awaken World and true battles between nations erupted, the world would descend into total chaos, resulting in countless battles and deaths.

Right now, even though the Chai family had a successor, it wasn't very united, and it was instead split into three factions. They often fought for control, and if it wasn't for the threat of Great Qin's Legatee, it would have been impossible for them to even come to a single decision. Seeing this, Wu Yang had long since disapproved of the Chai family.

Wu Yang wasn't confident that Later Zhou wouldn't be destroyed, and if that happened, not just him but also his wife and daughter wouldn't be spared.

As such, he had made the decision to find a strong backer, someone who could bring peace to the world. When Great Qin's people contacted Wu Yang, he realized that Later Zhou's position had been exposed and that it was doomed.

Even if he didn't do this, someone else would. As such, Wu Yang made the decision to join Great Qin.

Afterward, Wu Yang continued, "If Great Qin can make me a Village Chief, I will be incredibly satisfied!"

Now that his biggest worry had been taken care of, Wu Yang also needed to think about the future. Just joining Great Qin wouldn't give him value, but if he had the position of Village Chief, his wife and daughter wouldn't have to worry about their daily living and would be able to live comfortably.

Zhao Fu lightly chuckled, not expecting that Wu Yang would have such simple requests; it was simply too unexpected.

When he heard this chuckle, Wu Yang felt quite surprised. Could it be that Great Qin's Legatee wasn't even willing to give him the position of Village Chief? Well, living safely with his family was enough.

"Actually, Your Majesty, I don't need the position of Village Chief," Wu Yang said as he lowered his head.