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 Su Yan had already expected none of the Legatees of Dynasties to reply. After all, this matter couldn't be solved very easily, and he only wanted to at least try. If a Legatee of a Dynasty was willing to join, they would have a much greater chance of success.

It was a pity that there were none who were willing. The rest of the factions went into a period of consideration. Su Yan didn't even think about the Hundred Schools of Thought.

This was because none of the Hundred Schools of Thoughts would go fully against a particular nation because their various members all served different masters. As such, there was no need to consider them.

As such, they could only settle on this for now. If they accomplished something great, it was possible that a Legatee of a Dynasty would join in the future. They could also join up with foreign factions to resist Great Qin together. They most likely understood the threat of Great Qin and would probably join.

Su Yan started to think and thought of various plans. Now, with many factions supporting them, the forces they had were massive, so he had a lot more confidence.

Back at the State of Zheng's Town, after Zhao Fu conquered it, he once again received countless announcements.

"System announcement! The State of Zheng has perished, and all of its Fate has been devoured by Great Qin. Great Qin has obtained a great amount of Fate."

"System announcement! Great Qin has destroyed the State of Zheng and obtained all of the State of Zheng's Legacies."

"System announcement! The Great Qin's City Heart has started evolve, and it has completed 2/30 of the evolution."

"System announcement! The Great Qin City has obtained one-fifth of the State of Zheng Town's stats."

"System announcement! The Nation Armament Twelve Metal Colossi has obtained a massive amount of Fate and has slightly upgraded."

"System announcement! The Clan Armament Imperial Ruler's Seal has obtained a massive amount of Fate and has slightly upgraded."

"System announcement! You have conquered a Legacy Town and obtained 3,000 Achievement Points."

"System Announcement! You have obtained 100 War Points."

Zhao Fu was quite used to these system announcements, and he didn't bother going through them in detail. He quickly went through them, and because he saw that there was nothing special, he didn't pay them much mind.

Zhao Fu transferred all of his Achievement Points to Saar. He was now the City Lord of Orc City, so it was better for his status to be raised.

With the bonuses from the King's Ring, the 3,000 Achievement Points were enough to raise Saar's status to a Third-Ranked Viscount, fulfilling another one of the requirements to raise Great Qin to a Great City. Taking down a Legatee of a State still gave great benefits.

By now, Bai Qi had finished clearing up the battlefield and came to report, "Your Majesty, our side achieved total victory, and there were very few injuries and casualties. We obtained a large number of items, equipment, and money, and 8,000 people surrendered."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded. Zhao Fu wasn't too concerned with these spoils of war. Afterward, he relocated the State of Zheng and obtained 160,000 EXP.

Following this, Zhao Fu ordered his people to take out four corpses from the pile of high-grade corpses. These four corpses were the State of Zheng's Generals, and one of them had SS grade while the other three were S grade.

After taking the soldiers back to Great Qin, Zhao Fu refined the four corpses and fused the SS grade Orb with the Innate Talent Blood Crystal from before, resulting in a new Innate Talent Blood Crystal.

Zhao Fu then called Sima Cuo over and gave him the Innate Talent Blood Crystal to use. After consuming it, Sima Cuo's body shined with a blood-red light, and Zhao Fu smiled - Great Qin had obtained another SSS grade General with a General Star.

Right now, Great Qin's only historical General who was at SS grade was Zhang Han. Now that they had obtained three S grade historical Generals' corpses, they were only lacking an SS grade corpse to give Zhang Han a General Star as well.

Afterward, Zhao Fu re-established the State of Zheng's Town. Now that he had obtained three Legacies, he had obtained a massive amount of Fate. Great Qin once again went into a period of stability to solidify its foundations.

They had been continuously fighting recently, and after obtaining this complete victory over the State of Zheng, Zhao Fu announced a holiday to allow the soldiers to take a good rest.

Zhao Fu once again set his sights on internal affairs. Because it was autumn, the agricultural sector was quite busy. Many fruits and crops had started to ripen and needed to be quickly harvested, so Zhao Fu increased the number of harvesters.

At the same time, Zhao Fu prepared to change the seasonal crops. There was nothing to worry about in spring, summer, and autumn because many fruits and crops could be grown during those times.

However, winter was a season when countless things fell silent and many crops and fruits didn't grow. Even with the reductions to growing time and the bonuses in production, if they weren't even able to grow crops, these stats would be useless.

Now, it was already late autumn, so it would be winter soon. As such, it would be best to prepare some crops that could be grown during winter.

The variety of crops in the Heaven Awaken World was greater than in the real world by tens of times, so there were many types of crops to consider. Cereals and grains were of utmost importance and couldn't be missing, while vegetables and fruits were less important.

Zhao Fu settled on a crop called Cold Wheat, which was a type of wheat that was resistant to the cold and could grow during winter.

There were many types of fruits and vegetables, and Zhao Fu chose 20 or so types that tasted good and were easy to cultivate.

Because it would be fairly cold in the Heaven Awaken World during winter, they had to prepare a large amount of warm clothes and bedding for the army and residents, so they needed a large number of cotton-type items.

Because cotton-type items were like crops, they could be grown in great quantities very quickly. With the production bonuses and reductions to growing time, one didn't have to wait for as long as in the real world.

Now, the Great Qin City's stats were incredible, so it would be quite easy for Great Qin to get through winter. Normal villages wouldn't be able to keep up with the demand, and they would have to buy things.

After making preparations for winter, Zhao Fu turned his attention to transportation and infrastructure, and he decided to construct four major roads.

Teleportation channels made getting from one village to another village quite convenient, so there weren't many roads. However, if this was to be their territory, how could they not have roads?

Teleportation channels were convenient, but what if they couldn't use them? As such, it was unacceptable that they didn't have roads, so Zhao Fu decided to construct four major roads going north, south, east, and west.

The Great Qin City would definitely be the Capital in the future, so they had to start working on transportation. The four roads would connect to different cities and branch outwards, forming a transportation network.

Zhao Fu planned to build the four roads out of brick, and because most of Great Qin's villages were 2,000 kilometres away, this would be a massive task that would take a lot of time. Zhao Fu was in no rush, and he prepared to go about it slowly because they didn't lack time.

After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu went and rested. Three days later, Great Qin was greeted with some good news.