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 Facing Wang Xiao's attack, Zhao Fu waved his hand, causing three iron chains to shoot out from the ground and ferociously shoot towards Wang Xiao. Wang Xiao slashed out with his sword, sending out a large wave of sword light that sent the three chains flying away.

Zhao Fu once again waved his hand, and three chains shot out from behind Wang Xiao with immense strength, trying to pierce through him.

However, Wang Xiao slashed out backhanded, sending out another wave of sword light that blasted away the three chains, making it seem as if the iron chains were unable to touch him.

By now, Wang Xiao was about ten or so meters away from Zhao Fu, and he felt that Great Qin's Legatee wasn't all that he seemed to be. Just as he was about to attack Zhao Fu, Zhao Fu expressionlessly grabbed at the air with his hand.


A massive clanging sound rang out as countless chains that contained immense force rushed at Wang Xiao from all directions. Wang Xiao was given a big fright and unleashed a massive sword light as well as his blue barrier.


The world seemed to go silent as Wang Xiao's body was pierced by over a hundred chains from different directions, his body completely torn apart. Blood flowed along the chains and dripped to the ground, and Wang Xiao had a confused expression as he died.

Traces of crystal-like blood-red aura rose up from Wang Xiao's body and floated into the King's Crown, and the King's Crown was once again greatly restored.

After Wang Xiao died, the blue dragon in the sky automatically dissipated. Zhao Fu withdrew the chains, and Wang Xiao's pitiful-looking body fell to the ground.

This was the first time Zhao Fu had truly used the King's Crown's power, and it was quite powerful. After all, it was a King Armament and quite effective against Kings.

Now, it was time to clear up the battlefield. Zhao Fu left this to Bai Qi while he flew towards the State of Zheng's Town Hall.

The protective barrier had already shattered as a result of Wang Xiao's death, and Zhao Fu walked into the Town Hall. He looked at the cube floating in the air and placed his hand on it before choosing to conquer it.

Immediately, the City Heart gave off a blue light that rushed into the sky, causing the sky to tremble. Instantly, the blue light seemed to fill the entire sky.

"Roarrrr!!" A massive dragon's roar filled with pain, unwillingness, and bitterness sounded out in the entirety of the northern side of the Midland Continent.

The sudden dragon cry once again caused the entire northern side of the Midland Continent to feel shocked - another State had fallen.

Countless factions returned to the real world, and after investigating, they found that the State of Zheng had been destroyed. Without a doubt, it was Great Qin again.

This caused the countless unsettled factions to become even more terrified and disturbed. It was now confirmed that Great Qin could travel to different regions, so no one was safe in the northern side of the Midland Continent.

At first, they all hoped that Great Qin was only targeting those in the Qin Resistance Alliance because they were openly against Great Qin, and it was only expected that they would be destroyed by Great Qin. However, this trace of hope was destroyed by Great Qin attacking the State of Zheng because this signified that Great Qin would attack anyone.

Since the State of Zheng was in Great Qin's targets, all of them were too. When they thought about how powerful Great Qin was, they felt a trace of fear within their hearts.

Could they just wait for Great Qin to destroy them like this?

Of course, none of the factions were willing for this to happen, so they couldn't just sit there and wait to be destroyed. As such, they all came to a decision and contacted Su Yan.

At first, Su Yan was quite hesitant about this - after all, he had lost miserably against Great Qin's Legatee last time. Thinking about how much Fate Great Qin had now, even Su Yan felt afraid and understood how difficult things would be this time.

If he didn't do this, he would be betraying his own ideals, but if he did, it was likely that he would fail and that he would pay for it with his life.

After thinking for a long time, Su Yan decided to agree - after all, if they succeeded, his name would be recorded in history forever, and he would fulfill his ideals. Perhaps he would die, but there would be nothing to regret if he could fulfill his ideals.

Soon, countless factions were united with a single motive with Su Yan as the strategist. A massive dark cloud started to move towards Great Qin.

As for the Wang family that was just been destroyed, they sank into pain and grief, feeling incredibly hateful towards Great Qin. Now that they had lost their Legacy, they had lost their status of a family with a Legacy. However, they still had a trace of hope because the Wang family in the real world wasn't weak at all.

If they greatly developed their faction, there was still a chance they could make it in the Heaven Awaken World. However, because they had lost their Legacy, it would be much more difficult.

Now, the Wang family started to look for who leaked the location of the Town. They immediately killed a few of the main family members who were suspicious, but it was a pity that they were unable to find the actual person.

Wang Xiaozhu saw all of this, but he couldn't act differently at all costs. Even though he had to endure being bullied and insulted, he didn't feel much hatred. Instead, he felt incredibly happy. After all, the State of Zheng had fallen at his hands.

At the same time, he started to develop his faction. With a Silver grade City Creation Stone and 20,000 gold coins, his faction would be able to develop quite quickly.

Su Yan also went to find Great Shun and the State of Zheng, which Great Qin had destroyed. Because the State of Wei had been subjugated by Great Qin, there was no point in finding them.

The main reason Su Yan went to find those two factions was to obtain intelligence onGreat Qin's military. Both families were incredibly happy that Su Yan had come to find them because they hated Great Qin to their bones, but they were unable to do anything to Great Qin now.

After hearing Su Yan's goal and what the countless factions wanted to do, the Li family and Wang family happily joined and told everything they knew about Great Qin to Su Yan.

After hearing this, Su Yan felt quite shocked. He had never thought that Great Qin's military would be so powerful. At the same time, he found out that Great Qin could form massive beasts and ghost-type illusions.

After hearing all of this, Su Yan organized this information and sent it to the countless factions so they could prepare themselves to stop Great Qin.

After obtaining this information, the countless factions were delighted, and they marveled at Su Yan's abilities. They started to prepare so that they would be able to resist Great Qin when the time came.

After doing these things, Su Yan looked at the state of the entirety of Chian and personally penned ten or so letters. He ordered some people to deliver them to the Legatees of Dynasties.

After reading Su Yan's letter, the Chinese Legatees of Dynasties didn't respond. While they were more confident than the Legatees of States, they had more things to worry about.