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 "System announcement! You have obtained the loyalty of a Chief class creature, the Black Forest Horse King."

"System announcement! You have obtained 50 Achievement Points for subduing a Chief class creature."

Finally, the Black Forest Horse King chose to give in, and Zhao Fu was able to successfully tame it. He felt quite happy as he opened the Black Forest Horse King's stats:

[Black Forest Horse King] (Chief)

Level: Stage 0-4

Grade: S

Stats: Strength:10, Intelligence: 9, Agility: 21, Constitution: 14

Skills: Horse King's Might (makes ordinary horses feel fear, making them submit), Nightmare Dash (runs at a very fast speed)

After looking at its stats, Zhao Fu felt that the Black Forest Horse King was quite similar to Little Grey, and the only difference was in some stats. He told his soldiers to remove the lassos, and after everyone heard that the Black Forest Horse King had been conquered, they were quite delighted and went off to pick their own horses.

After Zhao Fu went to the Den and touched the horse statue floating in the air, some information appeared in his mind.

[Den - Black Forest Horse]: (Primary 1400/5000), Grade: White, Description: The Den of Black Forest Horses, spawns 2-5 Black Forest Horses per day.

After seeing this information, Zhao Fu decided that if everything went smoothly, the Black Forest Horses would be the Great Qin's main warhorses, and they would conquer everything under the heavens with him.

After Zhao Fu chose to conquer the Den and [Relocate] it, the Great Qin Village received 140 EXP and he received 50 Achievement Points. Now, Zhao Fu already had 463 Achievement Points, and he was 37 away from being promoted to Esquire.

He had perfectly resolved the situation with the Black Forest Horses. At the end of it all, they had tamed 324 Black Forest Horses. Out of his 600 soldiers, Zhao Fu chose 200 to change their profession to Cavalry. Right now, the Great Qin Village was an Intermediate Village and would summon 24-29 new villagers per day. For now, Zhao Fu planned to increase the number of the other 3 professions before adding more Cavalry to keep a certain ratio of each type of soldier.

Just like before, after taking care of matters in the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu returned to the real world. Just as he was thinking of boiling some water to eat some instant noodles, someone knocked on his door, and he opened it in surprise.

There were four men and one woman standing outside. The woman was wearing a suit and a short dress and wore a pair of sunglasses. She was holding a document folder and had good looks. The other 4 men wore suits as well and gave off deep auras. From that, Zhao Fu knew that they were not ordinary people.

Just as Zhao Fu opened the door, he became quite wary, and he asked, "Do you have any business with me?"

The woman slightly smiled and introduced herself, "Hello! My name is Ji Qin, an employee at the Ying Family Collective. Are you Zhao Meiling's son, Zhao Fu?"

Zhao Fu felt that this matter was not simple at all. He realized that there was no way of hiding since they had found him, so he nodded in response.

Ji Qin continued, "Mr. Zhao, you have the Ying family's blood flowing in your veins. According to the Ying Family Collective's orders, we are here to invite you to come with us to the Ying family. Don't worry; we won't hurt you, and this is a great opportunity for you. In the Ying family, you won't have to do anything, and the Ying family will give you a good life."

Zhao Fu instantly realized what this was all about. The powerful families were gathering everyone who had their bloodlines. After all, they were part of the same family, and these people could be beneficial to helping them grow and consolidate in the future.

The Ying Family Collective had most likely come to find him because his mother's relatives had gone and returned to the main family. The descendants of his maternal grandpa and grandma most likely had the Ying family's blood.

After entering the Heaven Awaken World, they would be notified of their bloodlines, and with the Ying family giving them such good treatment, why wouldn't they return to the main family? This was most likely how they had found out about Zhao Fu.

By now, Zhao Fu had more or less worked everything out, and his expression became calm as he replied, "No need, I prefer being by myself."

Ji Qin once again smiled, but her tone changed and became more assertive, saying, "Apologies, Mr. Zhao, but this is an order from the Ying Family Collective. All descendants of the Ying family must return to the family."

Zhao Fu frowned - it was a bit too domineering to force him to go with them. However, he realized that it was because the Ying family had not found the Legatee of Great Qin after such a long time and was probably going mad over it, which was why the Ying family decided to do such a thing.

Now, Zhao Fu had 2 choices: to return with them to the Ying family or to escape.

The second option simply wasn't feasible. If he escaped, he would be a person of suspicion, and he would not be able to hide forever from a big family. He would be caught sooner or later, and if that was the case, it would be better to simply go with them now.

As such, Zhao Fu cooperatively nodded as he said, "Alright, please wait for a moment. I'll get my things."

Ji Qin smiled in a friendly way and nodded.

After going into his room, Zhao Fu looked around and felt that there wasn't much worth taking. He picked up a bag and put in a few sets of clothes and the important Heaven Awaken Stone before leaving with Ji Qin.


In the Li family's villa, the butler had been monitoring Zhao Fu the entire time. As such, when Zhao Fu was taken away by the Ying family, the butler immediately heard about it and told the Li family's leader, Li Feng.

Li Feng was quite angry, but he heavily sighed as he said, "Who would have thought that he also possessed the Great Qin's bloodline. If we knew about this, allowing Zhe'Er to marry her wouldn't have been a bad thing. In fact, it might have given our families an opportunity to work together."

However, Li Feng's gaze became cold. That bastard child will definitely attain a good position in the Ying family considering his personality and abilities.

Now, Zhao Fu was able to slightly threaten the Li family, and it was possible that he would obstruct the Li family's growth and harm his darling grandson and the Great Tang Empire's future. The best thing to do right now was to kill him.

Of course, if they killed Zhao Fu, they might offend the Ying family, so Li Feng said with a serious expression to the butler, "Find someone else to take care of him, and make sure that the Li family is not connected to the death. Otherwise, the consequences will be terrible - even though the Ying family hasn't found its Legatee yet, none of the Five Great Families can be easily angered!"

The butler nodded with a serious expression and left the room to find an assassin to dispose of Zhao Fu.

On the other hand, Zhao Fu had no idea about any of this. Instead, he was completely shocked by the Ying family's resources. He was put on a private jet with some other people who had the Ying family's blood, and they flew to the Ying Family's headquarters in Nankou City.