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 The State of Zheng's Town only had 50,000 or so residents and 10,000 soldiers. Now, they had to face an attack from four sides, which meant that there were only 2,000 or so soldiers and a few thousand soldiers on each town wall.

However, each side needed to face at least 20,000 soldiers, and just the first wave of attacks had killed 20% of the State of Zheng's defenders.

Following this, Wang Jian and the other Generals launched another wave of attacks. Great Qin's arrows were more powerful and had greater range and precision, successfully suppressing the defenders. At the same time, the three massive beasts rammed at the people on the town walls.

Even though the defenders did their best to attack the massive beasts, they were far too weak and could only lightly injure them.

Very soon, nearly 40% of the defenders had died or been injured, and when he heard this, Wang Xiao's heart sank. However, he was unable to leave the eastern town wall.

This was because the other three town walls were facing 20,000 soldiers, while he was facing 60,000 soldiers as well as Great Qin's Legatee. The danger here was far greater, so he couldn't leave and could only order more residents to go and defend.

At that moment, traces of gray ghostly qi started to spread out as the atmosphere became quite eerie. Wang Xiao, who had just given out orders, was unknowingly surrounded by the ghostly qi.

He immediately felt that something was off, and the soldiers around him stiffened as their expressions became ones of terror. There were even some soldiers wildly swinging their weapons as if they were trying to get away from something.

Wang Xiao's body automatically lit up with a blue light, making it so that the ghostly qi didn't dare to come close to him. It would dissipate as soon as it came close, so it was unable to affect Wang Xiao at all.

Seeing that the Dark Ghost World had taken effect, Zhao Fu ordered, "Release the fire arrows!"

Zhao Fu didn't hope to obtain too many people in the course of taking down another Legatee. After all, with the resistance they would put up, it was very difficult to obtain many people at the end. Since this was the case, Zhao Fu didn't hold back with his attacks and ordered his soldiers to use fire arrows. Even if they didn't kill the defenders immediately, the fire would burn them to death.

Even if they burned the entire State of Zheng, Zhao Fu wouldn't mind, as he would only be giving up some of the material resources. What Zhao Fu wanted most was the State of Zheng's City Creation Stone and its Fate.

The fire arrows streaked like meteors as they flew towards the town walls.

"Roarrrr!!" A dragon's cry sounded out as a blue barrier appeared, blocking some of the fire arrows. Wang Xiao's body emitted a blue light as he furiously stood on the town walls. Because the ghostly qi dissipated whenever it came near him, Zhao Fu was able to see him clearly.

The Dark Ghost World was effective against most people but not against people and things that suppressed ghosts, such as Kings. After all, normal illusions were unable to affect Kings much.

Wang Xiao was furious, but because he could tell that the State of Zheng had essentially already lost, he loudly called out, "Great Qin's Legatee, as long as you don't destroy the State of Zheng, I can agree to any of your conditions."

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised that Wang Xiao would take the initiative to take such a big step back, but he wasn't satisfied. After all, the 'any of your conditions' didn't mean that he was willing to submit but that he was willing to pay any price for Great Qin to let off the State of Zheng.

Of course, Zhao Fu immediately refused such an offer - victory was already at hand, so how could he just give up?

When he saw Zhao Fu unhesitatingly refuse, he felt enraged, and a blue flame erupted out from him as he turned into a ray of blue light that shot at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed, and he didn't even bother moving. By his side, Bai Qi waved his hand, and countless Archers shot their arrows towards Wang Xiao.

Facing so many arrows, Wang Xiao was given a big fright, and he stretched out his hand and released another blue barrier. However, the countless arrows smashed against it like a torrential rain, destroying it in an instant. Seeing this, Wang Xiao unleashed another blue barrier before quickly dodging out of the way.

In the end, Wang Xiao was hit in the right arm by an arrow and escaped back to the town wall.

Consuming Fate could give one immense strength for a short period of time, but this strength wasn't unlimited. Even if it was Zhao Fu, without using his Nation Armament, he wouldn't dare to face 60,000 soldiers directly.

In this world, one could become incredibly strong and kill a multitude of people singlehanded like a godly spirit. However, even godly spirits had finite strength, and it was possible to kill them.

After returning to the town wall, Wang Xiao felt quite fearful. That torrential rain of arrows was simply too terrifying, and he knew that he couldn't just rush up. Wang Xiao raised his sword and pointed it at Zhao Fu as he roared, "Great Qin's Legatee, do you dare to fight me?"

Currently, what Wang Xiao was thinking was that if he could defeat Great Qin's Legatee, he would be able to relieve the State of Zheng of this crisis and also obtain Great Qin's Fate and dominate the world.

Of course, this was only wishful thinking on Wang Xiao's part. The Legatee of a State simply couldn't defeat the Legatee of a Dynasty. After all, Legatees of Dynasties had the ultimate weapons: Nation Armaments.

However, Zhao Fu didn't plan on using his Nation Armament. After all, it wasn't easy to obtain Fate, and Zhao Fu didn't even bother fighting with Wang Xiao. Instead, he ordered his soldiers to fire. Flaming arrows that gave off sharp auras continued to streak towards the town walls.

Seeing that he had been completely ignored, Wang Xiao almost felt like exploding in anger. He howled as a pillar of blue light exploded out from him, shooting up into the clouds as a massive aura rippled out and shook the heavens.

"Roarrrr!!" A 60-meter long blue dragon appeared and roared. That roar reverberated in the surrounding ten-kilometer radius area, causing countless creatures to flee in terror.

When he saw that the blue dragon was only 60 meters long, he knew that the State of Zheng didn't have much Fate. Seeing the Dark Ghost World was gradually dissipating due to the blue dragon, Zhao Fu didn't hesitate and planned to release his own Fate Dragon to suppress Wang Xiao's.

However, at that moment, soldiers came to report that only 2,000 defenders remained at the northern, southern, and western town walls. Hearing this, Zhao Fu didn't bother releasing his Fate Dragon because this would cost some Fate.

Zhao Fu ordered Wang Jian, Wei Liao, and Meng Tian to come to the eastern wall and for their command to be handed over to the other Generals there. After that, he looked at Bai Qi.

Bai Qi understood and nodded, and he drew his Seven Murders Sword before shouting. A blood-red sword light shot towards the sky as blood-red auras rose up from countless soldiers, forming a massive blood-red eagle that gave off an immense killing intent and flew towards Wang Xiao.

Similarly, the three other massive beasts also flew over.