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 The State of Zheng was on flat land, and there were ten or so villages around it. There were also fields of crops and many fruit trees.

The town walls were ten meters tall, and they weren't made from mountain rocks but from stone bricks. They weren't as crude and grand as town walls made of mountain rocks, but they looked more refined and elegant.

It was currently dusk, and the light of the sunset fell on these villages, giving them a glow of peace and tranquillity.

"Attack!" A cold voice broke this tranquillity as a black flood rushed towards these villages. The sound of the soldiers marching was like thunder, and it shook the surrounding region

The tired villagers who had worked for an entire day saw this and completely disregarded their tiredness as they cried out in fear, "Hurry! To the Town!"

The countless villagers left everything behind and pulled their relatives away as they rushed towards the State of Zheng's Town. In the face of so many soldiers, their villages of just a few hundred people couldn't defend at all, and only by entering the Town did they have a chance at life.

By then, Great Qin's isolation barrier had already been set up, so teleportation channels couldn't be used. Therefore, the villagers could only run.

At the same time, there were some who didn't want to leave and wanted to defend their village. They constructed some simple defenses outside the villages and found weapons for themselves.

However, the black flood was cruel and merciless, and anything in its way seemed incredibly weak and frail. The black flood gave off a terrifying aura that seemed to be able to destroy anything, instantly inundating those villages. Sounds of crying, shouting, and killing rang out for a short while before everything turned silent.

After the flood passed, the villages were filled with corpses, and blood dyed the ground completely blood-red. The golden setting sun shined on those corpses, creating a twisted scene that made it seem like it wasn't of this world.

Unfortunately, it was impossible for those who were escaping by foot to outrun Great Qin's Cavalry. After running for a short while, they were caught up by Great Qin's Cavalry, who showed no mercy to those villagers. All of them were killed by spears or sabers - after all, showing mercy to enemies at such a time wasn't befitting of a soldier.

Those who constructed defenses and wanted to defend their villages were dealt heavy blows. The warhorses were incredibly powerful, and they instantly destroyed the wooden barriers. The remaining villagers could only use their weapons to try to resist.

However, they were quickly devoured by the mass of Cavalry and slain in just a few moments, leaving corpses all over the ground.

The State of Zheng's Legatee, Wang Xiao, who had been in the real world the entire time, quickly rushed back to the Heaven Awaken World after receiving this news. After hearing this, the entire Wang family descended into chaos.

Seeing this, Wang Xiaozhu inwardly laughed and felt much better.


"Wang Jian! Wei Liao! Meng Tian! Take 20,000 soldiers each and attack from the northern, southern, and western sides." After destroying these villages, Zhao Fu ordered his soldiers to continue onwards.

The dark flood split into four groups as three of them headed away.

The Town's gates were tightly shut, and all of the soldiers were on the town walls. At the same time, they had conscripted many of the young men in the Town.

The soldiers had also gathered many boulders and logs, and they threw them down from the town walls to attack.

On the eastern wall, Wang Xiao looked at the countless enemies surrounding the State of Zheng's Town. He had already guessed who these people were - after all, Great Qin had been quite active recently, destroying the State of Wei not too long ago. He hadn't expected them to set their eyes on the State of Zheng so quickly.

"Why is Great Qin attacking the State of Zheng? We've never had any grievances with Great Qin, nor have we joined the Qin Resistance Alliance. Please give me an explanation!"

Facing the threat of such a large army, Wang Xiao felt that the gap between their strength was too great and that it would be very difficult to repel Great Qin. He knew that Great Qin hadn't come with good intentions, but he had still chosen to speak like this.

This was because it would be beneficial for the State of Zheng to go into talks with Great Qin instead of fighting. As long as he could preserve the State of Zheng, anything was permissible.

Second, this made his side seem like they were in the right to boost morale. They hadn't offended Great Qin, so why was Great Qin attacking them? Since this was the case, the State of Zheng could only retaliate in self-defense. Standing on the side of righteousness would definitely boost the soldiers' morale.

Within this oppressive atmosphere, Zhao Fu rode on Little Black as he slowly walked out and looked up as he replied simply, "The weak are prey to the strong!"

This was the law of the jungle, and Zhao Fu's words caused Great Qin's soldiers' hearts to become resolute. After all, in this world, there was no such thing as absolute good or evil; there was only the strong and the weak. Only by continuously becoming stronger could one survive - this was the mentality of an empire.

Zhao Fu's calm reply caused Wang Xiao to become speechless. After all, it didn't matter that they hadn't offended Great Qin - if they wanted to destroy the State of Zheng, they would destroy it. Wang Xiao felt quite furious, but Great Qin indeed had the right to say such a thing.

Suddenly, bestial roars sounded out from the northern, southern, and western sides. On the western side, Wang Jian raised the Army Destroyer Sword as he roared, "Soldier Aura Formation!"

The Army Destroyer Sword gave off a terrifying black light as traces of a black aura rose up from the soldiers following Wang Jian and gathered towards him before forming a ferocious black tiger.

On the southern side, Wei Liao also roared as the Voracious Wolf Sword gave off an obscure green light as his soldiers' bodies gave off traces of a green aura that gathered to form a vicious green wolf.

Finally, on the northern side, Meng Tian held the Heaven Pillar Spear and pointed it towards the sky as he roared, "Heaven Pillar!"

The spear gave off an intense azure light as his aura continuously grew stronger. The soldiers he was leading felt something calling out to their bodies as they roared, and traces of an azure aura rose up from their bodies.

After rising from their bodies, the azure aura flew towards Meng Tian, and in an instant, a 30-meter wide azure orb appeared in the sky, giving off a shocking aura.

An azure light shot out from the Heaven Pillar Spear and into the orb as the orb condensed, and the aura it gave off became more and more powerful.

"Moo!" A massive bull's bellow sounded out as an incredibly powerful-looking azure bull giving off a strong aura of suppression appeared in the sky.

The three teams didn't immediately attack the city because their main task was to feign attacks as distractions. After the three massive beasts attacked, they started to attack the people on the town walls.

Seeing the massive beasts attack, the soldiers on the town walls immediately tried to use bows and arrows to attack them. However, before they could even draw their bows, Great Qin's soldiers shot out countless powerful arrows towards the town walls.

Immediately, many unsuspecting defending soldiers were hit by the arrows, resulting in many injuries and casualties. The massive beasts started to charge towards the town walls with unstoppable momentum. The massive impact instantly killed many people and knocked others off.