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 "I would like Your Majesty to kill all of the Wang family's main family descendants. Kill them not only in the Heaven Awaken World but also in the real world as well."

Wang Xiaozhu spoke with great hatred and killing intent, surprising even Zhao Fu. It was rare for such a young person to have such killing intent.

When he heard this, Zhao Fu thought about it. Attacking the State of Zheng meant killing all of the Wang family's people, which was no problem, but it would be quite difficult in the real world.

Right now, there was still order in the real world, and this couldn't be destroyed. Otherwise, the entire world would fall apart and enter an apocalyptic state. Moreover, the Wang family was a faction with a Legacy, so even the Ying family wouldn't be able to get rid of it easily.

Zhao Fu looked at the youth. He didn't know what sort of enmity there was between him and the Wang family, but he replied, "I can kill the Wang family's people in the Heaven Awaken World!"

Wang Xiaozhu thought for a moment before asking, "Your Majesty, will you killing the Wang family's people after the Heaven Awaken World devours the real world?"

Zhao Fu didn't need to think before replying, "I will!"

If Great Qin was to destroy the State of Zheng, it would definitely have to destroy the Wang family. After all, this sort of enmity would be incredibly great, so they had to pull up the grass by its roots.

Hearing this, Wang Xiaozhu smiled and handed over a map to Zhao Fu, saying, "Your Majesty, this is the State of Zheng's location."

Zhao Fu took the map and looked at it. It was a fairly crude map and quite blurry, but it had detailed explanations. Zhao Fu handed this to the Assassin beside him and had him go verify it.

The Assassin quickly left, and everyone started to wait. Wang Xiaozhu waited silently, not daring to say anything. The information he had read about Great Qin's Legatee said that he was quite violent and bloodthirsty and that he had hundreds of thousands of people's lives in his hands. As such, it was best that he treaded as carefully as possible.

The room fell quite silent, and time gradually passed. After a while, the Assassin returned and reported, "Your Majesty, we've confirmed the State of Zheng's location."

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face, and he tossed a spatial ring to Wang Xiaozhu and said, "Your things are inside here!"

Wang Xiaozhu happily caught the spatial ring and looked inside it, and he saw a mountain of glittering gold coins as well as a silver cube. He couldn't help but feel excited because this would be his development funds for the future.

He definitely didn't want to be like his parents in the future, continuously enduring abuse from others. He would establish his own faction and obtain wealth and power!

After obtaining the State of Zheng's position, Zhao Fu ignored Wang Xiaozhu's expression and took Great Qin's people out. He ordered some of his subordinates to follow Wang Xiaozhu to prevent him from leaking any information about what was to happen - after all, there was no harm in being cautious.

Afterward, Zhao Fu started to collect information on the State of Zheng.

The State of Zheng was a State established by Wang Shichong at the end of the Sui Dynasty. Wang Shichong had been a General of the Sui Dynasty and held a high status. After Emperor Yang of Sui was killed, he made Yang Tong Emperor and then deposed him and established the State of Zheng. However, he was defeated by Great Tang's Li Shimin, and the State of Zheng collapsed afterward.

The State of Zheng had only existed for a short period of time, and because it was a State established during chaotic times, it didn't have a lot of Fate.

The State of Zheng had enmity with Great Tang, which was also Zhao Fu's enemy. However, Zhao Fu still wanted to destroy the State of Zheng. Even though he would be helping Great Tang, he had no choice - it hadn't been easy to acquire the State of Zheng's location.

Like most other factions, the State of Zheng's forces were split between its Town and a system main city. It had around 40,000 players, but its management wasn't as good as the State of Wei's. The players weren't extremely loyal, but there were still some who were loyal.

Great Qin's Assassins scoped out the Town and found that the State of Zheng had fewer residents than the State of Wei, only 50,000 or so, and the State of Wei's military was also smaller as well.

After returning to the Great Qin City, Zhao Fu started to gather his soldiers.

Upon receiving the order, the soldiers quickly returned to the Great Qin City and assembled. This surprised Great Qin's residents - the soldiers were gathered most likely because there was a large battle to be fought. As such, many of the residents came out to see the soldiers off and wish them luck.

After Wang Xiaozhu left, he didn't discover the Assassins following him, primarily because of how skilled they were. It was also because he was quite young and still quite naïve.

Zhao Fu had given the order that if he did anything detrimental to Great Qin, the Assassins were to immediately kill him.

However, Wang Xiaozhu had no such plans - he hated the Wang family to his bones and had finally obtained this hard-earned opportunity to destroy the Wang family. How could he go and make trouble for them?

After obtaining the City Creation Stone and 20,000 gold coins, Wang Xiaozhu held in his excitement and didn't use them yet because he still had a lot of planning to do.

These things included where he should establish his Village, how he should create his faction, and how he should spend his fortune of 20,000 gold coins. He had to be especially careful when using the money, or people would find out. At the same time, he couldn't tell this to his parents, or they could be killed in the real world.

After thinking about it, Wang Xiaozhu realized that Great Qin's Legatee was most likely gathering his forces to attack the State of Zheng's Town, so he felt that it would be better to stay in the real world for now.

After returning to the real world, Wang Xiaozhu acted completely normally - at such a crucial time, he absolutely couldn't show any abnormalities, or he could die.

However, no matter how the higher-ups thought, they would never have expected that it was Wang Xiaozhu who had leaked the State of Zheng's location. After all, no one had ever told him such a thing, nor had he ever asked about it. He had continuously collected bits of information, so it would be almost impossible for them to figure out that it was him. Wang Xiaozhu was quite confident about this!

Wang Xiaozhu went to the food hall and continued helping around, acting completely normally.

A while later, the main family descendants who normally bullied him came over and kicked him to the ground, and they laughed at him for a while before leaving.

Lying on the ground, Wang Xiaozhu continued to endure this, but he was coldly laughing inwardly - the Wang family was about to be destroyed because of him, and all of the main family descendants would die!

No one in the Wang family knew that a disaster was about to descend on them, nor did any of them think that their Town's location had been exposed. After all, they thought that they were keeping that secret well.

Everything was normal in the Wang family's residence, and everyone went about one's own business. In fact, even the State of Zheng's Legatee hadn't gone into the Heaven Awaken World yet, and everything seemed extremely calm.

However, this was simply the calm before the storm because Zhao Fu had already brought his army of 120,000 soldiers to a location near the State of Zheng's town. The countdown to the State of Zheng's destruction had begun!