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 At the Wang family's residence on a small path, a few youths dressed in fine clothes had mocking smiles on their faces as they stopped a youth wearing ordinary clothes.


One of the finely dressed youths savagely slapped the ordinary youth's face without any warning.

The ordinary youth stumbled back a few steps and felt a stinging pain on his face, making him want to cry. His eyes watered, but before he was able to regain his balance, he was kicked to the ground.

"Wang Xiaozhu, you dare to disobey us? You're just a member of the collateral family; you're just a dog in front of us. We are from the main family," one person said in a condescending tone as he stepped on the ordinary youth's head while the others loudly laughed.

Wang Xiaozhu didn't move, allowing them to step on him without any resistance. After all, resisting them would simply result in more pain and suffering, and they could even put his family in danger.

The finely dressed youths had all been laughing and grinning, but seeing that Wang Xiaozhu wasn't reacting or resisting even after they kicked him a few times, they got bored and walked off.

After they left, Wang Xiaozhu held in the pain and humiliation as he crawled up. His eyes were filled with hatred as he looked at the youths walking away.

Wang Xiaozhu's status was quite special - he was the child of a servant, but because he was found to have the Wang family's bloodline, he was elevated to be part of the collateral family.

However, this status hadn't benefited him at all. The children of servants were bullied by the main family descendants since they were young. Even if he was a part of the collateral family now, his status was still far inferior to theirs.

When he was bullied, his parents would simply tell him to endure it. After all, the main family descendants' statuses were far higher than theirs, so they couldn't afford to offend them.

Wang Xiaozhu had understood this since he was young, and his thoughts were far more mature than anyone his age. He desperately wanted to get rid of this status and become someone who could reign above others. At the same time, his hatred towards the Wang family became stronger day after day.

However, it wouldn't be so easy for him to obtain an opportunity, and if he didn't find an opportunity, he would always be stuck with this lowly status and have to endure the bullying from the Wang family's main family descendants. Wang Xiaozhu didn't want to continue living the same life as his parents.

Wang Xiaozhu patted off the dust on his body and put on an expression as if nothing had happened. He then went to the place where the main family descendants were going to eat and helped out with carrying food around and cleaning.

The wages for working here were quite high, and he could earn a lot of money. However, Wang Xiaozhu didn't work here for the money - after all, as part of the collateral family, he didn't have to worry about his daily needs. Rather, he had another purpose.

Whenever he worked here, he would listen in on the main family descendants' conversations. Since he wasn't going to be given an opportunity, he would make one for himself.

While serving food today, he had heard that there was a mountain that looked like a woman lying down in the east, and Wang Xiaozhu committed this to his memory.

After returning to his room, Wang Xiaozhu went to the Heaven Awaken World and recorded this information in a book - he had recorded a lot of information in here already.

After this, he took out a fairly rough-looking map that was filled with all sorts of symbols. Carrying these things, he went to a mountain cave outside of the system main city and used the teleportation channel there.

He had been preparing for this opportunity for a long time and had long since learned how to create teleportation channels. After teleporting a few times, he arrived at a small mountain, and he saw a Town in the distance next to a mountain that looked like a woman lying down.

When he saw this, Wang Xiaozhu couldn't help but grin. He had been looking for the Wang family's base this entire time, and as a collateral family member, he didn't have the right to know of its location. As such, he had continuously collected information and gone exploring.

Since he wasn't given an opportunity, he would create one for himself. Not only would he destroy the Wang family, but he would also make himself someone who was a part of upper-class society.


Back at the Great Qin City, a Great Qin Assassin walked into a hall and reported, "Your Majesty, we found a person who might know the location of the State of Zheng, but he says he wants to meet with you personally."

The Great Qin was expending a lot of effort trying to find the various Legatees in the regions it wanted to conquer because the Age of City Lords had now begun. Over the past few days, it wasn't just China's five Great Dynasties but also many foreign Dynasties that had started to establish Cities as well.

Attacking a Town couldn't be compared to attacking a City, and because Zhao Fu couldn't afford to give his targets the opportunity to develop, he wanted to destroy them as quickly as possible.

When he heard this, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised - why did this person want to meet with him?

However, Zhao Fu still went to the region and walked into an inconspicuous-looking room.

When he saw someone wearing a cloak who gave off a powerful, noble, majestic aura come in, Wang Xiaozhu immediately realized who it was. He had never thought that the person would be willing to meet with such a lowly person like himself.

"This lowly one greets Great Qin's Legatee!" Wang Xiaozhu immediately bowed low.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised to see that this 16 or 17-year-old youth knew who he was.

"How did you know that I was Great Qin's Legatee?" Zhao Fu asked as he lightly laughed.

Wang Xiaozhu confidently raised his head as he said, "In the north, apart from Great Qin's Legatee, no one else can destroy the State of Zheng, nor can anyone pay such a high price to find the location of its base."

Even though Wang Xiaozhu had a low status, he knew a lot about the world through his research. He had found all sorts of information on Great Qin's Legatee and started making this plan ever since Great Qin's Legatee had destroyed Great Shun.

When he heard this, Zhao Fu couldn't refute his words and felt that this youth was quite cunning. As such, he didn't waste any words and asked, "What would you like?"

Wang Xiaozhu didn't beat around the bush either and replied, "Your Majesty, I would like a Silver grade City Creation Stone and 20,000 gold coins. I also have an additional request as well."

"I can agree to your first two requests; what is your final request?"

Zhao Fu immediately agreed to the first two requests; after all, compared to taking down the State of Zheng, they were a small price to pay. However, Zhao Fu was wary about the final request, and he didn't agree to it before hearing what it was - after all, a King's promise was worth more than a mountain of gold, so he would have to keep any promise that he made.