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 The book recorded information about the mysterious empire, which was called the Heaven Murder Empire. Its name implied that it could kill the 'heavens,' or gods; split the earth; create mountains of corpses; and form rivers of blood.

The Heaven Murder Empire had been one of the most powerful empires in the world, and even the gods had to treat it with respect. It was a pity that it had been destroyed, as its enemies were even more terrifying.

These enemies were simply too powerful - for even the monstrous Heaven Murder Empire to fall at their hands, Great Qin would have no chance against them.

The Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, such a heaven-defying existence, was indeed the root of disaster. If they found out that Great Qin now possessed this formation, Great Qin would be doomed. Even if Great Qin established a nation, it would be unable to resist at all and be doomed to destruction.

Now that Great Qin had encountered such great trouble, Zhao Fu's face became quite pale. Now that Great Qin had the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation and become related to the Heaven Murder Empire, even if Zhao Fu gave up on the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation and sealed the underground region, it would be useless.

If they found out about this, they wouldn't hesitate to destroy Great Qin - after all, Great Qin was only like an ant in front of them, and which powerful person would speak with an ant? That was completely impossible.

Zhao Fu's face had turned deathly pale, and this was the first time he had looked like this after obtaining Great Qin's Legacy. Only after a long while did Zhao Fu recover.

They couldn't do anything to Great Qin while the Heaven Domain Boundary existed, and after such a long time, perhaps they had perished. As such, he didn't have to worry too much, and in order to aid Great Qin's development, he couldn't give up on the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation.

Moreover, even if they did attack, it wasn't as if Great Qin wouldn't be able to retaliate at all. Even though Great Qin was quite weak right now, that didn't mean Great Qin wouldn't be able to surpass the Heaven Murder Empire.

As Great Qin, they shouldn't fear any enemies. The blood that flowed through Great Qin was the blood of war, and no one could make Great Qin submit. Even if it was to fall, it wouldn't take a single step backward.

As the battle song went, 'Valiant Old Qin, facing difficulties in unity; Valiant Old Qin, returning our lakes and mountains. Our blood will not cease flowing, nor will we stop fighting till death! Great Qin in the north is like a sun rising, and it will never be stopped! With turmoil in the world, where can we find peace? Against Great Qin's elite soldiers, who can resist?'

Zhao Fu's heart became resolute, and his expression became normal again. The other soldiers had finished going through the historical remnant but hadn't discovered anything useful, so they returned to the surface.

This book was written in an ancient language, so most people wouldn't be able to read it. If it wasn't for the information from God Kerr, Zhao Fu wouldn't have been able to read it.

After returning to the surface, Zhao Fu continued to read through the book. The book was incredibly thick, and Zhao Fu wouldn't be able to read through it in a short amount of time. Afterward, Zhao Fu immersed himself in the book, feeling how mighty the Heaven Murder Empire had been and learning about its culture and customs.

A day later, Zhao Fu had finally finished reading through the book. He rubbed his tired eyes, and he summoned Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and Wei Liao. This matter was far too important, and he didn't want too many people to know about it.

After hearing what Zhao Fu had to say, Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and Wei Liao looked incredibly shocked. They had never thought that the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation could possibly bring them such a great disaster.

However, now that things were like this already, there was no use for regret. At the same time, the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation had provided them with a massive opportunity. The resources from the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation and the Soldier Souls from the underground region had provided Great Qin with great help.

Back then, the Heaven Murder Empire had also relied on the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation to refine all sorts of things and walk onto the apex. As such, Great Qin would be able to do the same.

Afterward, Zhao Fu and the others discussed as to what they should do before concluding the discussion. They now felt significant pressure, but they couldn't just worry about the future - they had to focus on the present for now.

After Bai Qi and the others left, Zhao Fu took out that almost-broken spatial ring and remembered the blueprint within it. Because of how important the matters in the book were, he had almost forgotten about the blueprint. Zhao Fu now took out the blueprint and looked at it.

[Yin Bone China - Blueprint]: A type of chinaware made from bone ash that looks like ivory. It is top-grade chinaware. The better the quality of bone ash, the better the quality of the chinaware created.

It turned out that the workshop was for creating chinaware. Yin Bone China wasn't something unique to the Heaven Murder Empire, so Great Qin could manufacture it without being exposed.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu thought about the countless skeletons beside the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation - all of them could be used to refine Yin Bone China. Even though they couldn't be used to refine equipment, it should be no problem to use them for Yin Bone China. This workshop had most likely been established in order to make full use of those bones.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided to see how the Yin Bone China was. He ordered people to find someone who could make chinaware, and soon, a tanned middle-aged man knelt before Zhao Fu and said, "Your Majesty! Commoner Xie Jinfei has come to report for duty."

"You may rise! Take a look and see if you can refine this chinaware." Zhao Fu told Xie Jinfei to rise before giving him the blueprint. Xin Jinfei was Great Qin's best chinaware maker, and if he couldn't make it, Zhao Fu would have to keep looking for people.

This blueprint was quite detailed, and each step was quite important. After looking at each step carefully, Xie Jinfei replied, "Your Majesty, I can try, but I'm not completely confident that I can do it."

When he heard this, Zhao Fu nodded and told people to go and find the materials. The underground region was filled with bone ash, and the quality was quite high. Of course, creating this chinaware required not only bone ash but also other materials such as clay and chilling well water.

After all of the materials were collected, Xie Jinfei started to refine Yin Bone China. He first combined the bone ash with the clay before molding it and putting it on a pottery wheel.

Using the centrifugal force from the pottery wheel, Xie Jinfei quickly molded a vase. He then created two more before putting them in a sealed kiln and continuously fanning the flames.

A few hours later, Xie Jinfei extinguished the fire within the kiln and took out three elegant, jade-like vases.

Seeing these vases, Xie Jinfei smiled and took them to Zhao Fu as he said, "Your Majesty, the chinaware have been completed."

Zhao Fu looked at the vases and saw that they were not only beautiful but also felt icy and smooth to the touch. There were glimmers of light on the surfaces, and they were definitely top-grade chinaware.