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 One reason was that the State of Wei's foundation hadn't been destroyed, unlike Great Shun's, so relocating it would damage it.

The other was because the State of Wei had less than 10,000 people remaining while everyone else had died. There was not too much point in taking these people away.

If he couldn't relocate the State of Wei, he would have to leave people to guard it. As such, it would be best to leave the people here. It was also a pity that Zhao Fu couldn't take away the corpses of the soldiers with high grades, as the State of Wei now belonged to Great Qin. Refining their corpses instead of giving them a proper burial wouldn't look too good.

However, there was a person and three corpses that Zhao Fu had to take. The person was a round-faced young man who had served as Wei Xin's bodyguard. He was called Gou Bian, and he was a famed General of the State of Wei who was SS grade. The three corpses were all historical Generals of the State of Wei.

Their General Stars had been sealed, so if he refined their corpses, he would obtain their Grade Orbs and General Stars. If he fused them with someone else, he would be able to obtain more General Stars.

At the same time, the State of Wei's 50,000-strong player faction also became Great Qin's, and since the State of Wei had been the largest faction, Great Qin could use it as a cornerstone to conquer this region.

Zhao Fu had essentially gained this player faction of 50,000 players for free, and he provided some good equipment and medicinal pills to boost their battle strength in order to make them as useful as possible when large battles erupted.

Now, they had finally concluded matters here, and Zhao Fu took his soldiers back to Great Qin.

He then went to the underground region and first refined the three historical Generals' corpses. They were all S grade, so they had Earthly Spirit Stars.

The three Earthly Spirit Stars could be fused into a Heavenly Spirit Star, and Sima Cuo already had a Heavenly Spirit Star. With one more Heavenly Spirit Star, they could fuse to form a General Star.

Since they were still missing a Heavenly Spirit Star, Zhao Fu hadn't given the Innate Talent Blood Crystal to Sima Cuo yet.

Even though Gou Bian originally belonged to the State of Wei, he had also submitted alongside Wei Xin.

Zhao Fu's historical Generals were Bai Qi, Wang Jian, Wei Liao, Meng Tian, and Sima Cuo. Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and Wei Liao had been born with General Stars, while Meng Tian had obtained a General Star after destroying Great Shun and refining Great Shun's corpses.

From how things seemed, Great Qin didn't have many historical Generals, but they had also raised many Generals from indigenous residents, such as Zhang Dahu, Xiao Jian, Doke, Saar, and Daisy.

Of course, historical Generals were more powerful than ones raised from indigenous residents, mainly because of Fate and General Stars. However, historical Generals had their own masters, and they were intensely loyal. One could only obtain them by having their lieges surrender and submit.

After all of this concluded, Great Qin went into a time of peaceful development again.

During this time, the first Representative Assembly was conducted. Zhao Fu had decided to allow the people to choose their own representatives, but because of all sorts of delays, the first Assembly was happening just now.

When this news spread, the representatives were incredibly happy, and they put on new clothes before coming to the newly-built Meeting Hall.

It was empty within the Meeting Hall except for a stage that was three meters tall and four meters wide. There were stairs going up on all four sides of the stage, and there was a golden seat with nine dragons engraved on it at the center.

As a nation with imperial rule, Zhao Fu would respect his people's opinions, but he couldn't allow it to become a completely democratic country like in the real world that was completely ruled by the people. He still required there to be sovereign rule, so there was only one seat in the Meeting Hall.

The representatives were split into groups of ten people, and they stood in lines. They formed four columns with a three-meter wide gap between them, where there was a red carpet. After everyone was gathered, Zhao Fu wore his dragon robe and crown before he entered the Meeting Hall.

To be able to discuss such important matters with their Majesty, all of the representatives felt incredibly excited, and they immediately kneeled and paid their respects as they said, "Welcome, Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu gave off a solemn, majestic, dignified aura, and Li Si and a few female attendants followed slightly behind Zhao Fu as he walked on that red carpet and went up to the stage. Then, Zhao Fu sat in the golden chair.

Looking at the people kneeling below, Zhao Fu said, "You may all rise. The first Representative Assembly shall now begin. You may bring up any of your views and suggestions, and I will consider all of them seriously."

"Yes, Your Majesty!" the people below replied simultaneously as they stood up. At first, no one dared to speak, but soon, someone mustered up the courage and spoke about his village's thoughts. After that, more and more people started to speak.

Zhao Fu earnestly listened to each of them while Li Si took notes. Because there were so many matters and so many villages, it was impossible for Zhao Fu to remember everything that they brought up.

The Representative Assembly lasted for an entire day before adjourning. All of the representatives were incredibly happy and excited as they left, feeling quite sad that the Assembly had ended. No matter what they had brought up, His Majesty had sincerely replied to them, and after telling everyone else about this, they all felt incredibly grateful to have such a good ruler.

Afterward, Zhao Fu felt quite worn out - it was quite difficult to take care of internal affairs. He told Li Si to deal with the matters as they had discussed during the Assembly, and soon, Great Qin's Popular Support increased by ten.

Early the next morning, the golden sun slowly rose over the mountains, heralding a new day. Zhao Fu got out of bed and was greeted with a piece of good news.

Li Wen was waiting outside, and he was the one who was responsible for exploring the underground region and killing Skeletons to obtain equipment, Refined Martial Souls, and Soldier Souls.

"Your Majesty, this subordinate has gathered 100 Soldier Souls," Li Wen said as he smiled and bowed towards Zhao Fu.

When he heard this, Zhao Fu was delighted because this meant that he could fuse together another General Armament. With this, Great Qin would have four General Armaments.

The person who he chose this time was Meng Tian. Zhao Fu wasn't sure what sort of General Star Meng Tian would awaken because he originally had a Heavenly Spirit Star and only obtained a General Star through an Innate Talent Blood Crystal. He wondered if there would be any variations to the General Star.

Zhao Fu went to a large open area. Because fusing General Armaments always caused terrifying abnormal signs, Zhao Fu decided to go even further away this time.

He started to fuse the Soldier Souls together before asking people to bring Meng Tian over. There were many people who felt quite curious about Great Qin's fourth General Armament, so they came over as well.

"I greet Your Majesty!" Meng Tian quickly arrived, and upon hearing that he was going to receive a General Armament, he looked quite excited.

Zhao Fu smiled as he handed over the Divine Soldier Souls, and Meng Tian started to fuse them.

Meng Tian specialized in using spears, so the medium of this General Armament was a Legendary grade spear called the Piercing Snake Spear.