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 As Little Grey howled, the Black Forest Horses all stopped what they were doing and looked towards Little Grey.


Little Grey howled again, a clear challenge to the Black Forest Horse King.

Facing Little Grey's provocation, the Black Forest Horse King, who had been lying down at the Den, gracefully stood up and gazed at Little Grey. It whinnied, and just as Zhao Fu thought that his plan had succeeded, the 300 or so horses started to run at Little Grey instead of the Black Forest Horse King. The ground started to shake as if there was an earthquake, and the horses gave off a fearsome aura.

Little Grey was scared and quickly ran away. Luckily, Little Grey was completely prepared and ran quite quickly, or it would have been stomped into a meat paste.

After returning to Zhao Fu's side, Little Grey looked incredibly wronged as it howled pitifully. Zhao Fu awkwardly smiled and took out another Little Spirit Pill to comfort it. That plan had failed.

Now, he could only think of a new plan. Zhao Fu sank into deep thought, and after a while, Zhao Fu once again looked at Little Grey. Facing Zhao Fu's gaze, Little Grey was already quite wary, and it prepared to run.

Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh, and he grabbed its tail and said, "Little Grey, what are you running for? Don't worry; you won't have to do anything this time but give commands."

Following this, Zhao Fu told his plan to Little Grey. After hearing the plan, Little Grey reassuringly howled, signaling that it agreed.

Apart from Little Grey, Zhao Fu also brought 6 normal Grey Wolves. This time, Zhao Fu ordered Little Grey to command the Grey Wolves to pretend to attack the Black Forest Horses in order to lure them out slowly.

Everyone else also made preparations and formed an encirclement. Once this was completed, the plan began.

"Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!"

The 6 Grey Wolves rushed out from within the forest and acted like they were going to attack. The Black Forest Horses did not take the Grey Wolves seriously. The Black Forest Horses obviously wouldn't attack with all 300 horses, and instead, only 20 or so horses started to gallop towards the Grey Wolves.

The Grey Wolves immediately turned and ran, and the 20 or so Black Forest Horses chased after them. Since the Grey Wolves immediately fled, the Black Forest Horses decided to return to the herd.

"Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!"

The Grey Wolves stopped and roared at them with a ferocious look, and they charged towards the 20 horses as if they were going to devour them. Facing the Grey Wolves' provocation, the 20 Black Forest Horses once again rushed towards them, vowing to stomp them into the ground.

The Grey Wolves once again turned and ran, and they looked incredibly devious.

These Black Forest Horses were very fast and filled with anger, causing them to run at their fastest speed. Soon, they started to catch up to the Grey Wolves.

At this moment, lassos flew out from the grass nearby, falling on the Black Forest Horses' heads. After being lassoed so suddenly, the Black Forest Horses panicked and turned back to escape.

However, the soldiers that threw the lassos quickly tied the other end of the rope to large trees.

Three of the horses that had not been lassoed tried to run, but in the next second, countless lassos flew at them and captured them as well.

Zhao Fu was quite happy to catch 20 or so Black Forest Horses in one go. When the horses tired themselves out, Zhao Fu's soldiers started taming them.

After this successful run, he continued using this method.

The 6 Grey Wolves howled as they rushed out from the forest. The Black Forest Horses were not too intelligent, and they did not wonder where the previous Black Forest Horses had gone. Another 20 or so horses went to chase the Grey Wolves.

After repeating this method many times, it gradually lost its effectiveness. Now, there were 100 or so Black Forest Horses remaining, and they all became alert. After so many horses had disappeared, they would have to be idiots not to realize that there was something wrong.

"Awooooo!" Little Grey howled again as it walked out from the forest. This time, it did not look as wretched as when it was running away, and its mouth was instead curved like a human's smile, making it look quite pleased.

The Black Forest Horse King looked at Little Grey furiously and understood that Little Grey was somehow involved in all of this.

The Black Forest Horse King whinnied as it led the charge towards Little Grey to crush the despicable wolf.

When Little Grey saw the Black Forest Horse King personally rush over with 100 or so Black Forest Horses behind it, Little Grey immediately ran away.

In the next second, a lasso flew towards the Black Forest Horse King and fell around its neck. Now that the Black Forest Horse King had been caught, the rest of the Black Forest Horses panicked.

The Black Forest Horse King whinnied furiously and leaping high into the air as it ran. The 5 soldiers gripping the rope lost their balance and were dragged behind it.

Another lasso fell around the Black Forest Horse King's neck. This time, Bai Qi also acted, yet they were still dragged away by the Black Forest Horse King.

"This Black Forest Horse King is so strong!"

Lassos continuously fell around the Black Forest Horse King's neck. In the end, it took 30 soldiers, Bai Qi, and Zhang Dahu to finally stop the Black Forest Horse King.

After being caught by the lassos, the Black Forest Horse King continued to struggle, and they used all their strength to hold the ropes in place.

Zhao Fu moved his attention from the Black Forest Horse King for now and made sure that the other horses were caught as well before turning back to the Black Forest Horse King.

Even now, the Black Forest Horse King was still vigorously resisting. Zhao Fu was not in a hurry, and after waiting for a few hours, the Black Forest Horse King was tired to the point that it was lying on the ground and breathing heavily.

Only then did Zhao Fu walk up and try to use Taming. However, the effects were the same as when he had tried to initially use it on Little Grey, and the Black Forest Horse King stubbornly resisted.

At this moment, Little Grey rubbed against Zhao Fu as if it had an idea. Zhao Fu was quite surprised, but he allowed Little Grey to try.

Little Grey ran over and quietly howled at the Black Forest Horse King, and Zhao Fu had no idea what Little Grey said. In response, the Black Forest Horse King turned its head away, completely ignoring Little Grey.

Little Grey ran over and used its claws to hit the Black Forest Horse King's head a few times, infuriating it and causing it to want to stand up and teach Little Grey a lesson.

However, it was already completely exhausted, and there were also many lassos binding it. As such, countless scratches appeared on its face, and there were many bites on its body.

Zhao Fu could tell that this was Little Grey's revenge against the Black Forest Horse King for chasing Little Grey for so long. Zhao Fu smiled and called Little Grey to stop before going to the Black Forest Horse King's side and looking at it. He stretched out his hand and said, "This is your last chance. If you don't submit to me, I'll have to kill you!"

Following this, Zhao Fu used Taming, and the light from his palm covered the Black Forest Horse King's body. The Black Forest Horse King's green eyes looked at Zhao Fu as if it was considering something.