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 As time passed, the State of Wei's soldiers on the town walls continuously died, and large cracks started to appear on the northern and southern town walls. The two massive beasts continuously rammed at the town walls, and the defending soldiers could do nothing about them.

The main reason was because there were countless Archers and Ballistae shooting arrows and bolts from under the town walls, and the arrows and bolts were difficult to avoid even with shields. The soldiers and residents could only hide behind incredibly thick objects, and going out meant death.

The battle was completely one-sided!

This was just as the State of Wei's people had expected - it was impossible for them to defeat Great Qin. The main issue was that Great Qin's tactics were far superior; they had illusions to lock down most of their people, they could also summon powerful beasts that attacked them.

If it wasn't for those two professions, the battle wouldn't be so one-sided in Great Qin's favor, and the State of Wei would be able to put up some resistance and not seem so pitiful.


The two massive beasts once again roared and gave off powerful auras as they smashed against the cracked town walls. An explosion sounded out as the northern and southern town walls finally collapsed, sending a lot of dust into the air.

"Cavalry, get into formation!" This was the time to attack, and Wang Jian loudly shouted as the Cavalrymen formed ranks. Their expressions were incredibly serious, and they gripped their spears as the Infantrymen, Shieldbearers, and Archers also made preparations.

Within the ruins of the southern town walls, a group of people comprised of residents and some soldiers were led out by 150 Cavalrymen. There were around 4,000 of them in total, and their expressions were incredibly resolute as they walked out and got into formation.

The battlefield became incredibly tense, and there wasn't a single sound. It was completely silent all around them, and not even the sound of insects or birds could be heard, seeming like the calm before a storm.

One side had tens of thousands of people and gave off a powerful aura. Great Qin's soldiers gave off an unstoppable aura, seeming like a berserk beast.

The other side had far fewer people, but the aura they gave off wasn't weaker. All of their expressions were incredibly determined, and they were completely prepared to die. Their willingness to stake everything on this fight made them seem like an incredibly sharp sword.

"We will fight and die with the State of Wei!" one of the Generals at the front roared and spurred his horse towards Great Qin's soldiers. His horse whinnied, and the soldiers and residents also echoed what he had said. They gripped their weapons and charged forwards, creating a moving and tragic scene.

"Attack!" Facing the State of Wei's side, Wang Jian's eyes were incredibly cold as he pointed forwards with his sword. Great Qin's soldiers obeyed, charging forwards like unshackled beasts that wanted to destroy everything in their way.


The clash between the two sides seemed to shake the heavens, and the air around them seemed to freeze. Their killing intent covered everything within ten kilometers, and soon, the two waves of people clashed together.

Clang! Clang! Clang...

Countless weapons collided as flowers of blood seemed to blossom in the air. Whether it was numbers, equipment, cultivation, or strength, the State of Wei's side was much weaker than Great Qin, and their fate was already decided.

The wave of people created by the State of Wei's side only caused Great Qin's flood to momentarily pause before it continued onwards with unstoppable momentum.

The 6,000 Cavalrymen at the front gripped their spears, tearing through the State of Wei's side. Their spears pierced through multiple people, but the defending soldiers and residents didn't fear death. They continued to rush up, but Great Qin's Shieldbearers and Infantrymen quickly followed.

Great Qin's flood quickly swept past, leaving countless corpses peacefully lying on the ground within pools of blood. The scene was quite a heroic one, and not a single soldier or resident had taken a step back in retreat.

Wang Jian couldn't help but feel a trace of respect towards them - they were a truly united nation and had died for their nation. This was what the subjects of a Legatee should look like.

"Advance!" Wang Jian didn't dwell on this and ordered Great Qin's soldiers into the State of Wei's town. At that moment, a violet energy barrier appeared around the City Heart, which had gone into defensive mode.

The violet barrier was a protection from the Legacy, and the barrier had inscriptions of dragons on it. It was many times tougher than that of a Basic City's, so it seemed that they would only be able to conquer the State of Wei's Town by killing Wei Xin.

On Wei Liao's side, after entering the Town, he first made sure that Great Qin's side controlled the Town. They gathered up all of the remaining elderly and children and then went towards the eastern side.

On the eastern side, the violet dragon in the sky was covered with injuries, but it still desperately fought against the ferocious black dragon. The black dragon continuously used its mouth, claws, and horns to ruthlessly injure the violet dragon, making the violet dragon seem quite miserable.

This was because Great Qin's black dragon was one that specialized in warfare and was the Legacy of a Dynasty, which meant that it had a lot of Fate. It wasn't something that a Legacy of a mere Nation could contend against.

The ground was covered with blood and gore, and there were countless fragmented corpses with terrified expressions on the town walls. Blood, guts, and limbs were scattered all about, and there was a piercing stench of blood that made one want to vomit.

Almost all of these people had been killed by the 300 Malicious Ghosts, and now only a few thousand people from the State of Wei were left. Seeing this, Zhao Fu ordered his people to release the Dark Ghost World.

The surviving defenders were released from the Dark Ghost World, and their legs almost crumpled upon seeing the scene around them as they cried out.

After the ghostly qi dissipated, Wei Xin looked at the scene around him as a wave of pain assaulted his heart.

These were his subjects, people who loved and respected him. He wailed and exploded out with the rest of his power as a violet flame burned high into the air, and the space seemed to freeze as an incredibly powerful aura burst forth.

"Is it painful? It was you who chose this path. I'll give you one more chance on account of the history between Great Qin and the State of Wei. I can give you a Lordship, but if you want the entire State of Wei to die with you, I can massacre all of you right now and not leave even a single child behind."

Zhao Fu stood in the air, and he was giving off a monstrous aura. Black chains danced about in the air around him, making him seem like a peerless King. His voice was incredibly cold and filled with killing intent as he once again spoke to Wei Xin.

Zhao Fu had once again given Wei Xin an opportunity to submit because he appreciated Wei Xin's talent. For his soldiers and residents to be so loyal, this wasn't something that an ordinary ruler could do. A powerful Empire could only be established and sustained by having countless talents.

There were two other reasons: one was that the State of Wei most likely had a special effect that helped with producing talents, but this would only be kept if Wei Xin submitted; the other was because of historical reasons.

If it was before, Wei Xin would have refused. However, after looking at those who had survived, the corpses around him, and the elderly and children under guard, he started to hesitate.