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 Little Sha and Tuoba Qing were not only the two strongest Assassins but also King's Guards chosen by Zhao Fu. They could use some of Zhao Fu's King's Power, and now that Zhao Fu's bloodline was a God-Killer Royal Bloodline, the power that they had was even stronger.

This allowed Little Sha and Tuoba Qing to be able to ignore the Dark Ghost World and attack Wei Xin without it. As for Wei Xin's Fate Dragon, it was still suppressed by Zhao Fu's Fate Dragon.

"Hah!!" Tuoba Qing quickly reached Wei Xin and yelled as she raised her large sword with both hands. She gathered an immense amount of sword qi as she slashed towards Wei Xin with an attack that seemed to be able to split mountains.


An explosion rang out as Wei Xin drew the sword at his waist and blocked Tuoba Qing's large sword. His body gave off traces of violet aura, and if he hadn't used his Fate Dragon's power, he wouldn't have been able to block Tuoba Qing's strike.

However, Wei Xin's hairs suddenly stood on end as an incredibly sharp blood-red line slashed towards him - Little Sha had also attacked.

Wei Xin immediately retreated as the blood-red line passed by. Even though it hadn't been able to injure Wei Xin, it had cut off a lock of his hair, and the cut was incredibly clean.

Wei Xin looked at the two people in front of him incredibly seriously and didn't dare to be even the slightest bit careless. Tuoba Qing and Little Sha immediately attacked again.

"Army Destroyer!""Voracious Wolf!" Two roars sounded out as a black pillar of light and a green pillar of light rushed into the sky, and soldiers' auras started to gather towards Wang Jian and Wei Liao.

A ferocious black tiger and a ruthless green wolf appeared in the sky, giving off overwhelming auras as they roared and howled.

Wang Jian and Wei Liao raised their swords before pointing them towards the State of Wei's Town. The massive beasts looked at the Town and gave off ferocious auras as they charged towards the town walls with immense force.

Boom! Boom!

Two muffled sounds rang out as the town walls on both sides trembled. The two massive beasts had essentially become siege engines, and with their power, they would be able to knock down a small mountain. The State of Wei's City Heart shined with a golden light that reinforced the town walls, or they would have fallen already.

"Hurry and attack those beasts!" the State of Wei's Generals cried out. If these two massive beasts continued to attack, the town walls would definitely fall.

It was a pity that there were only 4,000 soldiers and a few thousand residents stationed on the northern and southern town walls. They were unable to adequately respond, and only a few hundred arrows were shot out. They were unable to threaten the two massive beasts at all, as they could easily dodge such attacks.

Conversely, Great Qin's side suddenly started to attack. Countless arrows densely shot at the town walls. These arrows all contained immense force, and as the arrows fell like rain, they claimed countless lives.

Because most of the people on the town walls were residents who didn't have very good equipment like shields or armor, they were forced to duck and doge. However, Great Qin's side had shot far too many arrows, and the town walls were already completely covered with arrows. The most terrifying ones were from the Stage 1 Archers and the Stage 1 Ballistae, which could pierce through ordinary wooden shields. Without any defensive measures, anyone hit was killed instantly.

Even those who had tough shields had to block with all of their strength. However, there were simply too many attacking soldiers, and the difference in cultivation was too great.

This wave of arrows instantly killed 30% of the State of Wei's defenders, but Wang Jian and Wei Liao weren't in a hurry to attack. After all, most of the State of Wei's residents were on the town walls, and if they rashly attacked, they would suffer a lot of retaliation and would have to kill many of the residents.

Since they could easily kill the State of Wei's people, there was no need to unnecessarily engage in such a battle. After all, Great Qin wasn't lacking time.

As such, Wang Jian and Wei Liao chose to have their Archers attack while the massive beasts rammed the town walls. The soldiers and residents on the town walls were completely suppressed, and they could only raise shields and try to avoid the arrows.

The violent trembles on the town walls gave Wei Xin a big fright. Even though he didn't know the precise condition of the other two walls, he knew that things weren't looking good for his side.

Wei Xin roared and exploded out with an even more intense violet light. His aura became many times stronger, and the wounded violet dragon roared and tried to return to Wei Xin's body.

However, the savage black dragon refused to let the violet dragon off. It flicked its tail, seeming to cause the air to explode as the violet dragon was blasted back 100 or so meters. The black dragon then opened its mouth, ferociously biting towards the violet dragon and forcing it to continue fighting.

Little Sha and Tuoba Qing's auras also became more powerful as they continued to attack Wei Xin. Facing their attacks, Wei Xin had to fully focus on defense.

Zhao Fu rode on Little Black as he looked at all of this. The King's Seal on his hand gave off waves of black light, providing Little Sha and Tuoba Qing with King's Power.

"Kill them all!" Seeing how intense the resistance was, he gave the order for his soldiers to attack at will.

Hearing this, Bai Qi immediately ordered, "Ghost Summoners, summon the Malicious Ghosts!"

The 300 Ghost Summoners walked out and pressed their hands against the ground, causing traces of ghostly qi to rise up. The wind started to blow as 2.5-meter tall ghosts with two horns appeared.

Now that the 300 Ghost Summoners' cultivations had reached Stage 1, the Malicious Ghosts that they summoned had Stage 2 strength. These Malicious Ghosts obeyed the Ghost Summoners' commands and flew into the ghostly qi filled region.

The Malicious Ghosts had Stage 2 strength and were ghosts, so they could resist the Dark Ghost World - in fact, the Dark Ghost World was their main stage.

The Malicious Ghosts that rushed into the Dark Ghost World started committing a massacre; the soldiers and residents within the Dark Ghost World all stood there dumbly like wooden pillars.

This made it incredibly easy for the Malicious Ghosts to kill them - some Malicious Ghosts bit people's heads to pieces, others stabbed out hearts with their claws, and some even tore people in half, causing the stench of blood to fill the area.

Pained howls sounded out from within the ghostly qi filled area, and those outside had no idea what was happening, creating an eerie and terrifying atmosphere.

Hearing these cries, Wei Xin felt incredibly grieved and furious - his subjects were being massacred. How could he stand such a thing? He roared as he sent a shocking sword light towards Tuoba Qing that blasted her away.

However, at that moment, Little Sha appeared beside Wei Xin and slashed out with his dagger, opening up a cut on Wei Xin's waist. Blood dyed his clothes red, and feeling this sensation of pain, Wei Xin slashed back with his sword, causing a massive sword light to shoot towards Little Sha. Little Sha quickly retreated, avoiding this attack.

Tuoba Qing once again attacked from the front, and each of her strikes contained great power as Little Sha continuously moved about, giving Wei Xin a lot of trouble. As they fought, more and more wounds appeared on Wei Xin's body.