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 "Your Majesty, this subordinate deserves to die. I tried to assassinate Wei Xin without permission but was unsuccessful." There was still some blood on Guo Binglin's lips as he spoke. After he had failed to kill Wei Xin, he had immediately come to Zhao Fu to report what had happened.

Zhao Fu was sitting in a chair, and he replied, "You may rise. The most important thing is whether or not the Tracking Talisman locked onto his aura."

"It successfully bound to him, and this subordinate has stationed people at the various teleportation channels in the system main cities so that we know if he is in a system main city. However, this subordinate cannot fully confirm that Wei Xin is in his Town at this point in time."

Seeing that Zhao Fu didn't look very angry, he let out a sigh of relief. Luckily, the Tracking Talisman had automatically locked onto Wei Xin's aura when he had tried to kill him. However, Guo Binglin was unable to confirm if Wei Xin was at his Town or if he was elsewhere.

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided that they could only rely on luck, and he said, "Use the Tracking Talisman and see if you can locate his Town!"

Guo Binglin obeyed and rose to leave.

Zhao Fu wasn't very angry as what Guo Binglin had done. If he hadn't been discovered and done such a thing, perhaps Zhao Fu would have punished him for it. However, he had been exposed from the very beginning, and attempting to assassinate Wei Xin made it seem like that was his sole aim. Since the main task had been completed, Zhao Fu didn't plan on punishing him.

It would have been good if Legatees could be killed so easily, but that wasn't the case. Each Legatee possessed the legacy of a nation or empire, and Legatees had King's Fate. In times of crisis, their Fate Dragon would automatically protect them, making it quite difficult for ordinary people to kill them.

Unless one also had a Fate Dragon or was exceptionally powerful, it would be incredibly difficult to kill a Legatee.

Perhaps Guo Binglin's failed assassination attempt would make Wei Xin feel wary, but what was important was whether or not they would be able to find Wei Xin's Town through the Tracking Talisman.

"We have to deal with this quickly to avoid anything unexpected from happening," Zhao Fu thought as he sat in his chair.


Elsewhere, Guo Binglin went to a system main city's teleportation channel and took out the Tracking Talisman. This Tracking Talisman could be used in conjunction with teleportation channels.

Because the Tracking Talisman's own teleportation power wasn't very strong, if one wanted to travel a long distance with it, one would have to use it in conjunction with a teleportation channel. Guo Binglin had already made sure that Wei Xin wasn't at any of the system main cities, but he was unable to confirm if Wei Xin was within his Town or elsewhere.

As such, Guo Binglin felt quite nervous as he held this Tracking Talisman. Soon, the black talisman paper started to burn as a black light enveloped Guo Binglin's body, causing him to disappear from the teleportation channel.

His surroundings blurred as he found himself within a dense thicket of bushes, and there was a Town not too far away. Guo Binglin was delighted and put on his hood as he ran forwards to make sure.


Very soon, orders started to be given out within Great Qin, and Great Qin's soldiers put on their equipment and headed to the Martial Grounds. Seeing this, the residents knew that a large battle was about to erupt.

At the Martial Grounds, many soldiers were gathered, and there was a somber atmosphere. Zhao Fu stood above them and looked at the soldiers before announcing, "To war!"

Bai Qi roared out his command, and all of the soldiers started to march out. Guo Binglin had already confirmed that the Town was the State of Wei's Town, and it was quite strong. The population had reached around 60,000, and the State of Wei had 10,000 soldiers.

However, Great Qin had 120,000 soldiers, which was twice the State of Wei's population, so it wouldn't be too difficult to take down the State of Wei.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu went to a high place and looked at the State of Wei's Town. It was situated against a mountain, so there were only three points that they could attack from. The town walls were made from rocks from the mountain, and they were ten meters tall. There were also many soldiers stationed on top of the walls, making the town seem quite solid in terms of defense.

Guo Binglin had reported that the residents lived in harmony and that all of them had smiles on their faces - it seemed that Wei Xin was quite capable.

Zhao Fu temporarily didn't attack, and he instead first ordered Great Qin's Assassins to set up an isolation barrier to prevent teleportation in the surrounding 500-kilometer radius area.

Wei Xin had no idea that his Town's location had been exposed and that Zhao Fu had brought his soldiers here already. If Zhao Fu set up an isolation barrier, Wei Xin wouldn't be able to bring the 50,000 players from the State of Wei's player faction here.

If the 50,000 players joined the 60,000 residents, it would be much more difficult for Zhao Fu to attack.

In the end, there were costs and benefits to everything - the more players one had in one's faction, the easier it would be for one's location to be exposed. Moreover, the more a faction relied on its players, the more crippled it would become if it lost those players.

In the wilderness, the State of Wei was essentially an overlord, and there was no faction nearby that could stand up to it. However, it was a pity that Great Qin had come for it.

After the isolation barrier was set up, Zhao Fu got on Little Black and stood at the front of his army as he looked at the State of Wei's town. He waved his arm, giving the order to attack.

With his 120,000 soldiers, there wasn't much need for tricky tactics - they would rely on sheer might to break through the Town.

Seeing Zhao Fu give the order, the soldiers behind Zhao Fu streamed forwards like a black flood, causing the ground to rumble as they charged towards the Town. The massive sound gave off an aura of catastrophe, causing the surrounding birds and beasts to escape in terror.

The fastest ones were the Cavalrymen on Black Forest Horses and the Orcs on Giant Wolves. There were many races that had Cavalry professions, but only the Orcs could ride on the Giant Wolves. The aura they gave off was incredibly ferocious.

Soon, the Cavalrymen charged into various villages and started killing the residents with their sabers and spears - the main strength of Cavalry was its unstoppable momentum.

Any resident who didn't kneel and submit was immediately killed. Soon, the villages turned into a blood-red hell, and there were many corpses on the ground. War was an incredibly cruel thing.

Since some of the residents were unwilling to submit, Zhao Fu's soldiers could only kill them in order to prevent them from trying to fight back.

The Cavalrymen tore through the villages like a sharp blade and charged towards the State of Wei's Town. The Infantrymen behind them devoured each village like a flood, causing them to instantly disappear.

The flood continued onwards, and soon, they reached the walls of the State of Wei's Town. Cavalrymen weren't very suited to launching sieges, so they stopped there.

The State of Wei's gates were tightly closed, and soldiers stood on the town walls, looking incredibly serious as they held their weapons.

Wei Xin walked onto the town walls, and when he saw the countless soldiers, he couldn't help but cry out, "Great Qin's Legatee!"