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 The State of Wei was a State during the Spring and Autumn period, and it was the one that had existed for the longest. Even after the First Emperor of Qin destroyed the other States, he didn't destroy the State of Wei.

This wasn't because the First Emperor of Qin didn't have the power to destroy the State of Wei - after all, he had destroyed the powerful six states, so how could he not have the power to destroy the tiny State of Wei?

It was because the State of Wei had already been a subsidiary of the Qin State, and their relationship had been quite good. Another reason was that the State of Wei had been destroyed by the Wei State and only had a few cities left, making it alive in name only.

[TLN: Both states have different characters but are both 'Wei' in pinyin]

Even though the State of Wei existed in name only, the First Emperor of Qin had still allowed it to exist; when the second Qin Emperor rose to power, he got rid of the State of Wei in name.

The State of Wei had produced many talents, such as Shang Yang, Wu Qi, Lu Buwei, Nie Zheng, and Jing Ke, who were all quite famous in history.

It was a pity that even though the State of Wei had produced many talents, it couldn't keep them. Shang Yang and Lu Buwei joined the Qin State, Wu Qi joined the Chu State, and Jing Ke joined the Yan State.

Logically speaking, the State of Wei and Great Qin's relationship should be quite good, but because the State of Wei had joined the Qin Resistance Alliance to oppose Great Qin, Zhao Fu decided to act against it.

Zhao Fu gave the Tracking Talisman to Guo Binglin and ordered him to confirm that it was the State of Wei's Legatee before using it, or he wouldn't be able to discover the village's location. Zhao Fu only had a single Tracking Talisman, so this was their only opportunity.

Guo Binglin nodded seriously and took the talisman before leaving. After teleporting a few times, he went to the region that the State of Wei was in.

Guo Binglin first gathered the members of Great Qin who were in that region. After all, this was about destroying the Legacy of a Nation, so they had to take this seriously.

Guo Binglin stationed people by the teleportation channels of the system main cities and spent a large amount of money to bribe members of the State of Wei to gather information on the State of Wei's Legatee. Regardless of whether the information was important or not, Guo Binglin summarized the information into detailed notes afterward.

The State of Wei's Legatee was called Wei Xin, and he was 25 years old and had a wife. His character was decent, and he treated people with courtesy. He never acted arrogantly and managed his faction quite well, resulting in him not only obtaining the respect of the indigenous residents but also players as well, making him quite popular.

The State of Wei's forces were split into two main portions. The first was at Wei Xin's village, which was comprised mainly of indigenous residents. There wasn't much information on this, but it was most likely a Basic Town at least, and there was no information on its military power. However, it most likely wasn't too weak because the historical State of Wei had existed for a long time and had gathered a lot of Fate.

The second portion was the faction at the system main city, and it was mainly comprised of players. This was quite easy to investigate - the faction had 50,000 or so players, and all of them weren't weak at all. From this, it could be seen how powerful the State of Wei was.

At the same time, because of Wei Xin's character, many people were willing to submit to him, and they were very loyal, allowing him to create a powerful force of players.

From the information they had obtained, Wei Xin seemed to be a good lord. However, it was a pity that he had chosen to go against Guo Binglin's liege, and he could already envision the conclusion of this matter.

However, since ancient times, nations had only been categorized by strength, and this was especially so in the war-torn Heaven Awaken World.

This age was destined to be a bright Age of Kings and a cemetery for countless heroes and Kings.

Guo Binglin didn't continue thinking about this - he was only loyal to Great Qin and Great Qin's Legatee, and his eyes gradually became cold. All those who opposed his King would die!

"Sir, we've successfully bribed a few players from the State of Wei's faction," a black-hooded figure reported after walking in and bowing.

Guo Binglin nodded and went with this person to a dark room. Guo Binglin had also put on a black hood, and he looked at the players in front of him.

A few players were in the room, and they understood that the person in front of them was the one bribing them. As such, one of them smiled and said, "Sir, do you have any matters for us?"

Even though Wei Xin treated people quite well, earning him the respect of many, he was unable to control them fully. After all, players sought personal profits, and under this immense temptation, they had chosen to betray him.

"It's nothing much. I just want you to tell me when your leader will come to the faction's headquarters in the main city," Guo Binglin said.

Hearing this, all of the players felt incredibly relieved - it was actually such a simple matter in exchange for 100 gold coins. As such, they happily agreed immediately.

A while later, Guo Binglin was notified that the State of Wei's Legatee would be coming soon. As such, he waited outside their headquarters - because this task was very important and his Majesty had stressed to him the need for success, he had to carry this out himself.

Soon, a refined-looking young man with a few guards walked down the street, and Guo Binglin started to move. The Tracking Talisman bound itself to one's aura, so it didn't need to touch the target directly; simply being close enough to the target would be enough to lock on to that person's aura.

Guo Binglin deeply breathed in and acted as normal as possible. Of course, he couldn't hide his appearance, or that would be too suspicious. As such, he had put on an ordinary set of clothes, and his appearance was shown to everyone as he walked towards Wei Xin.

The two parties came closer and closer, and Guo Binglin stealthily took out the Tracking Talisman as he came closer and closer. Ten meters... eight meters... five meters...

Just as Guo Binglin was about to come close enough, a round-faced young man beside Wei Xin with a sword at his side looked at Guo Binglin, and a light flashed in his eyes as he blocked Guo Binglin's way.

Guo Binglin felt quite shocked and understood that he had been seen through. Two gray hidden blades extended out from his sleeves, and he waved his hand, causing a gray aura to shoot at the round-faced young man.

The round-faced young man had been quite wary of Guo Binglin, and he drew his sword to block. However, the gray aura passed through his sword, and his head started to ache.

The equipment set that Guo Binglin had chosen was the Soul Equipment Set, which specialized in mental attacks. The round-faced young man hadn't anticipated such an attack, resulting in him being hit. Guo Binglin quickly ran around the round-faced young man and rushed at Wei Xin.

The guards by his side immediately went to block him, and Guo Binglin coldly harrumphed as his hidden blades gave off gray auras. He killed the guards in a few blows.

Guo Binglin once again flew towards Wei Xin, and just as he was one meter away, a trace of killing intent surfaced in his heart. He decided to try to kill Wei Xin while he had this opportunity. He sent all of his strength into his hidden blade as he stabbed towards Wei Xin.

However, Wei Xin stood his ground and looked at Guo Binglin calmly. Just as Guo Binglin came incredibly close, a violet light flashed from Wei Xin's body, and a dragon's roar sounded out as an invisible force blasted Guo Binglin back ten or so meters.

Guo Binglin crashed to the ground and coughed up a mouthful of blood, but he immediately got up and ran away.