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 Out of the many large families, the one that reacted the greatest was the Li family. The Li family's old patriarch flew into a fit of fury and slammed his fist down on the table next to him - he had completely miscalculated this time.

He had never thought that Zhao Fu would be able to grow to such a degree; not only had he become the proxy family leader of the Ying family, but he was also the representative of Great Qin's Legatee. He now had the authority to make decisions on behalf of Great Qin's Legatee in the real world.

What the Li family's old patriarch simply couldn't believe was that Zhao Fu had King's Fate, which meant that it was likely that Zhao Fu would become a King in the future.

"We should have killed him at all costs; after all, nurturing a tiger invites calamity," the Li family's old patriarch said as he gnashed his teeth, feeling immense regret.

Li Baiqing stood by the side and looked incredibly serious. He had also greatly underestimated Zhao Fu - who would have thought that Zhao Fu would have King's Fate like him and become Great Qin's Legatee's representative. Now, apart from Great Qin's Legatee, Zhao Fu was now the Li family's greatest enemy.

On the side, a middle-aged woman looked quite distressed as she sighed and said, "Back then, I told you all not to treat that mother and son like that, but none of you listened. If he had joined the Li family, he would've been a great help to us!"

The Li family's old patriarch coldly harrumphed, and he also felt that he had been wrong and said, "Since things have turned out like this, we need to think about how to face this. Now, not only can he use the Ying family's power, but he can also use Great Qin's Legatee's power. He is a great threat to us."

Li Zhe uncaringly said, "Just think of a way to quickly kill that bastard; we can't allow him to continue to grow!"

"Hmph! You think I didn't know that you trash who only knows how to eat and drink? If it wasn't for the fact that you gave birth to a good grandson for me, I would have long since chased you out." The Li family's old patriarch felt angry whenever he looked at Li Zhe because all of this had been caused by him.

Seeing this, Li Baiqing finally said, "Alright grandpa, please stop being angry at my dad. What he said is right - we need to do all we can to kill him, or the consequences will be disastrous in the future.

"However, now that he has become the Ying family's proxy family leader, this will be incredibly difficult because it also concerns Great Qin's Legatee. The Li family needs to make sure that it thinks of the long-term as well!"

The Li family's old patriarch nodded and started to discuss with everyone else.

When other factions heard about what had happened in the Ying family, they also felt incredibly shocked. They had thought that Great Qin's Legatee hadn't returned to the Ying family this entire time because he hated the Ying family; who would have thought that he had long since planted someone within the Ying family and been secretly observing the Ying family.

The leaders of countless factions sent people to investigate Zhao Fu; they couldn't help but take this matter seriously.

After all, the Ying family was one of the five largest families, and the power that they had was enough to change the current situation. Adding on the fact that Zhao Fu was Great Qin's Legatee's representative, he had already become an incredibly important person. Now, Zhao Fu's name was known by almost the entire world.


Within a room, Li Wu felt quite confused as to what was happening. He had been brought by a few people here, and he still had no idea who had saved him. However, after seeing a familiar figure, it all made sense to him.


Back at the Ying family, now that Zhao Fu had become the proxy family leader, he was moved to a villa area with tight security and had ten or so bodyguards protecting him now. Zhao Fu also kept his bodyguard from before because he was quite familiar with him now.

After Zhao Fu became the proxy family leader, his residence was visited by countless people, but Zhao Fu rejected all of these visits. This matter had taken up a lot of his time, and he quickly returned to the Heaven Awaken World.

After returning to the Heaven Awaken World, a soldier came to report that they had caught five King-type creatures.

Hearing this, a trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face, and he went with a soldier to an open area where there were five creatures in wooden cages.

There was a Wild Chicken King with a wingspan of two meters, a Mountain Goat King that was taller than a person, a powerful-looking Buffalo King, an eight or nine meter long Water Snake King, and a ferocious-looking Wild Dog King.

Seeing these five creatures, Zhao Fu took out the King's Crown and waved his hand, sending five rays of sword light to pierce through their heads. The five creatures instantly died and collapsed within their wooden cages.

Five crystal-like blood-red threads left the five creatures' corpses, and they were absorbed into the King's Crown, restoring its power slightly.

At the same time, they dropped two items: one was a Silver grade City Creation Stone, and the other was a small statue.

The statue looked like a little boy, and it seemed incredibly real. It was about as long as a finger and seemed to be made out of jade. It also felt slightly warm to the touch.

Many Treasures Boy: A mystical item. The Many Treasures Boy will ask you a question, and if you answer correctly, the Many Treasures Boy will give you a gift.

This item was quite interesting. Zhao Fu thought for a moment before deciding to use it. A boy's curious voice said, "What kind of room has no doors or windows?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt that this sounded like a riddle and answered uncertainly, "A mushroom?"

"Congratulations, you've answered correctly! Here's a present for you!" the boys' voice said excitedly.

The statue turned into an orb of white light, which revealed a black talisman paper after the light disappeared.

Tracking Talisman: A type of talisman that locks onto a person's aura and allows one to instantly teleport near that person.

Zhao Fu felt quite happy after looking at this talisman. If one didn't use this talisman well, one would just use it to follow someone. However, if it was used well, it would bring massive benefits.

Zhao Fu had always wanted to find another Legatee to get rid of him before he becomes powerful. However, it was a pity that he hadn't been able to find a Legatee's village. With this talisman, it would be possible to find another Legatee's village.

As such, Zhao Fu called Guo Binglin.

Within the territory that Zhao Fu wanted to claim, there were five Legatees they knew about, and four of them had been against Great Qin: the State of Wei of the Warring States Period; the Kingdom of Qi from the Sixteen Kingdoms; Later Zhou from the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms; Great Shun, which was established by Li Zicheng at the end of the Ming Dynasty; and the State of Zheng, which was established by Wang Shichong at the end of the Sui Dynasty.

Out of the five Legatees, Great Shun had already perished, and there were still four left. Zhao Fu called Guo Binglin and asked him to report on the information they had on the four Legatee. In the end, Zhao Fu chose the State of Wei.