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 "Wait! Killing someone just because of something like this is too rash!" Seeing that the guards were coming over to carry out Ying Qin's orders, Wu Qingniang immediately stepped in front of him.

The guards looked quite hesitant and looked over at Ying Qin.

Seeing that Wu Qingniang was protecting Zhao Fu, Ying Qin felt even angrier, and he coldly harrumphed as he said, "Qingniang, is there really a need for you to do this? Why would you harm our relationship for a low person like him?"

Wu Qingniang realized Ying Qin wanted to kill Zhao Fu because of her and felt quite apologetic towards Zhao Fu. She turned and looked at Zhao Fu, and a beautiful smile appeared on her face as she said, "Because he's the man I've chosen!"

These words caused countless people to feel incredibly shocked. Before, their relationship had seemed intimate but ambiguous, and now that she had said this, Zhao Fu was officially hers. Now, their relationship was incredibly close and intimate.

Zhao Fu had never thought that Wu Qingniang would say such a thing in public. Zhao Fu couldn't help but worry that this would be disadvantageous for her in the future because he knew that many people were helping her because they wanted to pursue her.

"Qingniang, how could such a lowly and useless piece of trash be good enough for you?!" Ying Qin pointed at Zhao Fu and shouted angrily.

Upon hearing Wu Qingniang's words, Ying Wu also felt incredibly jealous and furious, and he said, "I also feel that this person is a sign of calamity, and he should be dealt with as soon as possible. I heard that he is also a direct descendant of the Li family and might be a spy. Moreover, how could a bastard like him be good enough for the Legatee of the Wu family, the future ruler of Great Zhou?"

Many of the people already felt quite disdainful towards Zhao Fu, and hearing the number one successor of the Ying family and Great Qin's Legatee say these things, many of them started to speak as well.

"That's right! This person is a scourge, so how can you keep him? Just kill him!"

"He's definitely a spy and has entered the Ying family for his own evil purposes. Otherwise, why would a bastard from the Li family be in the Ying family?"

"This sort of lowly person isn't suitable for big miss Wu at all. Who does he think he is, wanting to get close with big miss Wu?"

"Enough!" a voice cried out, cutting through all of the chaotic talking. Wu Qingniang looked quite angry as she gave off a powerful aura and said, "Zhao Fu's mine now; I won't allow anyone to humiliate him!"

Wu Qingniang indeed deserved her title as the most domineering woman. Her yell and aura suppressed the entire scene, making everyone fall silent.

"Qingniang, don't be obstinate and choose such a worthless person," Ying Qin roared with a reddened face.

"This is my choice. Even though he has nothing now, I trust that he'll have the power to rule the world and reign above everyone in the future." Wu Qingniang stood her ground, speaking vigorously without backing down at all.

"Hahahaha..." Ying Qin reacted as if he had heard the funniest joke in his life, and he laughed uproariously as he pointed at Zhao Fu and said condescendingly, "Him? Do you really think that is possible? In terms of status, power, wealth, looks, education, and talent, what can he compare to me in? He's just a piece of trash; someone who's only suited to living at the bottom of society."

"I already said that he's the person I've chosen, Ying Qin! You'd best treat him with more respect." Wu Qingniang's beautiful eyes glinted with coldness.

Hearing Wu Qingniang say such things to him for Zhao Fu, Ying Qin was completely infuriated.

By the side, Ying Xi knew that she couldn't allow this to go on, or it would be detrimental to everyone. As such, she said, "I believe that even if Zhao Fu is a sign of calamity, he doesn't necessarily have to be killed, and we can just remove him from the Ying family. Moreover, Qingniang, Zhao Fu's status is too far below yours, and your family will reject him as well."

Seeing that her good sister had spoken up for her, Wu Qingniang's tone softened, and after thinking about it, she said, "Alright, I'll take Zhao Fu back to the Wu family. From today onwards, Zhao Fu will be a part of the Wu family; are there any objections?"

Hearing Wu Qingniang's words, Ying Xi sighed - after knowing Wu Qingniang for so long, she knew that she wouldn't change her mind once she decided on something.

"Absolutely not! He's a sign of calamity and will threaten the Ying family in the future, so he must die. Hurry up and follow your orders! Kill him!" Yang Qin said with a murderous gaze when he saw how resolute Wu Qingniang was.

The guards obeyed and prepared to step forwards, preparing to kill Zhao Fu.

"I'll see who dares to touch him!" Wu Qingniang blocked in front of Zhao Fu and yelled, seeming incredibly overbearing as her female bodyguards also stepped forwards and surrounded her and Zhao Fu. The atmosphere suddenly became incredibly tense.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu's grandpa prepared to go over and block in front of Zhao Fu to beg for mercy. How could he allow his grandson to be killed? After all, he knew that his grandson had suffered a lot ever since he was a child, and he refused to let anything happen to him.

However, he was stopped by Zhao Fu's uncle. "Dad, if you go out now, not only will you not be able to change anything, but you might also implicate us. Please think of the rest of us as well!"

In the end, Zhao Fu's grandpa could only give in. Zhao Fu's cousins also wanted to go out, but they were also stopped by his uncle and aunty.

"Wu Qingniang, are you sure you want to go against our Ying family just because of him?" Seeing that Wu Qingniang was determined to protect Zhao Fu, Ying Wu called her by her full name, seeming incredibly hostile.

Hearing Ying Qin's words, the leaders of the Ying family's major branches all frowned - from how they saw it, there was no need for there to be hostility between their two families just because of something like this. The two large families working together brought both of them great benefits, so how could they sever ties just because of something like this?

All of the Ying family's branch leaders shook their heads upon seeing Ying Qin's unruly behavior.

However, this woman was simply too overbearing and didn't place the Ying family in her eyes at all. It wouldn't be too bad to suppress the Wu family a bit, so the leaders of the major branches didn't plan on doing anything.

Ying Qin's words made Wu Qingniang become serious. If there was a rift between the two families, the one that would suffer the most was the Wu family because the Ying family was many times bigger than the Wu family, and it had greater wealth and resources.

Working with the Ying family was very profitable, and moreover, the Wu family was an enemy of Great Tang. Great Tang was always trying to find ways to steal back Fate from them, and if they offended the Ying family as well, Great Zhou would have to face two Empires in the future.