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 No! You have to come so that I can know the true situation about you," Wu Qingniang said resolutely as she pulled Zhao Fu's hand.

Zhao Fu felt quite troubled because this would be equivalent to exposing his identity. Zhao Fu truly didn't want his life to be in someone else's hands, so he said, "Qingniang, I really don't want to go. My Fate's been looked at already, and it's nothing great."

"I don't believe you! This time, you have to listen to me. Taoist Qiu's abilities are extraordinary, and he is an important figure in the School of Taoism. Trust me, he won't do anything to you."

Wu Qingniang had always felt that Zhao Fu was hiding something that was related to Fate. She wanted to know just how big his Fate was, and even if Zhao Fu was unwilling, she was determined to take him to Qiu Fengzi.

Hearing Wu Qingniang's words, he realized that he would have to go. Did he have to just allow this to happen to him? Wu Qingniang was simply too domineering, and she was now dragging Zhao Fu along.

At that moment, Qiu Fengzi had already run over. Seeing his master run over, the young Taoist immediately said, "Master, there's something I need to tell you!"

"Later!" Qiu Fengzi immediately yelled before going over to Zhao Fu and Wu Qingniang as he stared intensely at Zhao Fu.

Seeing Qiu Fengzi run over, Wu Qingniang smiled - without having to take Zhao Fu over, Qiu Fengzi had come over himself. Just as Wu Qingniang was about to say something, she felt that there was something strange about Qiu Fengzi's gaze.

Qiu Fengzi looked excited and even a bit crazed as he stared at Zhao Fu, making him wonder just what was going on.

Seeing this long-bearded Taoist staring at him, Zhao Fu's hairs stood on end, and he struggled free from Wu Qingniang's grasp and turned to leave.

"Young sir, please wait!" Qiu Fengzi unknowingly spoke incredibly respectfully to Zhao Fu when he saw that Zhao Fu was about to leave.

This made Wu Qingniang feel incredibly surprised - why was Qiu Fengzi speaking so courteously to Zhao Fu? With Qiu Fengzi's status, even a large family had to treat him with respect, so why was he acting like this towards Zhao Fu?

"Sir, I have some matters to attend to, so I'll be going now." Even though Qiu Fengzi's attitude was quite good, Zhao Fu couldn't give in. He felt that if he continued staying here, that Taoist would definitely discover something.

"Young sir, please just give me three minutes - no, one minute will be enough," Qiu Fengzi said quickly.

Qiu Fengzi hadn't used Fate Gazing on this person in front of him yet, but he could feel Son of Heaven's Might radiating from him. This was something that only Legatees of nations would have, and ordinary people wouldn't be able to detect it.

Wu Qingniang also had some, but it wasn't much. It was something that one's body gave off by itself that made others want to respect one and submit to one, and it also made some spirits and ghosts scared to approach. The reason Wu Qingniang was ranked third on the Ancient Beauty Ranking was because she had a domineering Son of Heaven's Might that made countless men willing to worship her as slaves.

However, the person in front of Qiu Fengzi had almost fully formed his Son of Heaven's Might - the only person who could have so much Fate was Great Qin's Legatee.

However, in order to confirm this, Qiu Fengzi started to perform hand seals, and his eyes gradually became azure-colored.

Beside him, the young Taoist also started to use Fate Gazing. He had felt that something was off and hadn't discovered Zhao Fu hiding behind the fat man. Only after the Fate Gazing event was over did the young Taoist see Zhao Fu and feel that something was off.

As such, after the meeting concluded, he came over to confirm. However, he was unable to tell anything with his power, so he now used Fate Gazing together with his master to investigate Zhao Fu.

Qiu Fengzi's eyes became fully azure-colored - this was him using his Fate Gazing with his full might. Zhao Fu felt quite startled and immediately tried to leave.

However, Qiu Fengzi's Fate Gazing had already been completed, and he looked at Zhao Fu with his azure-colored eyes.

Immediately, Qiu Fengzi's body trembled. He saw a blood-red aura spread out from Zhao Fu like an ocean, dyeing the sky and earth completely blood-red. Everywhere was filled with an aura of slaughter, death, disaster, and terror, making the entire world seem like hell.

There was also a massive devilish star that gave off an incredibly powerful pressure. Qiu Fengzi's body trembled, and he sweated cold sweat - this was the Chaos Imperial Star!

Suddenly, the situation changed. Perhaps it was because it sensed Qiu Fengzi's Fate Gazing, but the massive blood-red star started to rotate. It gave off a bright blood-red light, and a formless evil aura exploded out.

Qiu Fengzi's expression became blank as he coughed up a mouthful of blood, and blood also streamed out from his eyes as he powerlessly fell to the ground.

"Ahhhh!!!!" The young Taoist was also affected, and he felt as if he had fallen into an icy cavern. He was terrified to the point of collapsing to the ground and started screaming.

This scene caused countless people who had been preparing to leave to suddenly look over curiously.

Zhao Fu and Wu Qingniang stared at the unmoving Qiu Fengzi and the terrified young Taoist, and the four of them became the center of attention.

Seeing that Qiu Fengzi had coughed up blood and collapsed to the ground, the other Taoists hurried over and picked him up to check his injuries. They let out a sigh relief and fed him a few medicinal pills.

"Qiu Shi, calm down and tell me what happened," an older Taoist asked the paralyzed young Taoist seriously.

Seeing his senior apprentice brothers come over, the young Taoist gradually recovered. He trembled as he pointed at Zhao Fu and said, "J-Just then, when master used Fate Gazing on him, he received a backlash. I also saw an aura of slaughter, death, disaster, and terror... senior apprentice brother, I'm so scared!"

As he spoke, the young Taoist started crying. The Chaos Imperial Star's power was simply too terrifying, and the other Taoists started to comfort the young Taoist.

Now, everyone's gaze was on Zhao Fu!

Zhao Fu heavily sighed and let go of Wu Qingniang's hand - it seemed that the trouble today was inevitable.

Wu Qingniang could also tell that the situation was becoming quite tense, but she didn't fully understand everything. Seeing Zhao Fu heavily sigh, Wu Qingniang was about to ask what was happening when Ying Qin suddenly spoke.

"Slaughter, death, disaster, and terror? This person's definitely a sign of calamity. For him to cause Taoist Qiu to suffer such a heavy backlash, he will definitely cause great harm to the Ying family if he stays here. Guards, capture him and kill him!" Ying Qin had long since felt quite displeased towards Zhao Fu, and now that he had been determined to have the greatest Fate in the younger generation, he decided to use his power to have this person killed.

The guards nearby obeyed Ying Qin and started walking towards Zhao Fu. It was only natural that they would obey his command because Ying Qin was the number one successor of the Ying family, while Zhao Fu was only someone from the collateral family who didn't matter at all.