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 Qiu Fengzi tapped different fingers against his thumb on one hand as he closed his eyes and muttered an incantation. When he opened his eyes, an azure light shot out from his eyes, making his eyes seem more invigorated and quite sharp.

"This young master has great Fate and will have a bright future!"

After casually glancing at Ying Qin, he said some congratulatory words. He had already taken a look at these young masters and young misses before, and none of them were Great Qin's Legatee.

However, as the young masters and misses of the Ying family's major branches, they had much Fate, which meant that they would have outstanding futures. Of course, they couldn't compare to Great Qin's Legatee.

After looking at Ying Qin, the second person to walk up was Ying Xi. Her Fate was only slightly inferior to Ying Qin's, and it was still quite good. The next young masters and young misses all had Fate that was slightly weaker than Ying Xi's.

After looking at the young masters and misses of each of the major branches, the next to go up was Ying Wu. This was merely the Ying family putting on a show, as they had announced him to be Great Qin's Legatee. Otherwise, with his true identity, he wouldn't be able to even step through the Ying family's gates.

Seeing that he had been put after the young masters and misses of the branches, Ying Wu felt quite humiliated because this was saying that he couldn't compare to those people. He didn't want to be below anyone, and although he was quite angry, he understood that his identity had been given to him by the Ying family and that they could take it away at any time.

"This young master has incredible Fate, and he will rule a piece of land in the future!"

The Ying family had made sure to instruct Qiu Fengzi not to even bother checking Ying Wu's Fate; all he had to do was say some congratulatory words that sounded good.

Qiu Fengzi told the Ying family that Ying Wu had decent Fate, resulting in the Ying family's higher-ups to take him more seriously and to properly nurture him.

Next, the descendants of the main family started to go up in groups of three, and they were checked by the other Taoists.

Qiu Fengzi didn't have the ability to check everyone's Fate, so he had other Taoists help him.

Even though the other Taoists weren't as proficient as him at Fate Gazing, they were still good helpers. Qiu Fengzi didn't expect them to find Great Qin's Legatee, and he only asked them to point out to him anyone who felt off or whose Fate couldn't be seen. It was likely that Great Qin's Legatee would be hiding among those people.

The Taoists started to use their various methods to look at people's Fate as the Ying family's main family descendants started to go up.

After going through the main family descendants, Qiu Fengzi was disappointed that Great Qin's Legatee wasn't within them. However, this was still within his expectations. Next were the people from the branch family.

Time gradually passed, and they had gone through all of the people from the branch family without finding Great Qin's Legatee. Qiu Fengzi sighed - next up was the massive group of people from the collateral family.

The people from the collateral family made up 60% of the people here, and now that they had gone through the main family and branch family, Qiu Fengzi could only place his hopes on the collateral family.

The people from the collateral family walked up in groups of 100, allowing the Taoists to look at their Fate.

Zhao Fu found an opportunity and followed behind an extremely fat man. Because there were many people gathered on the stage, Zhao Fu was able to successfully hide behind the fat man.

Following this, the Taoist started to look at their Fates, and there was a young Taoist who glanced at the Fat man. However, after he thought about it, he turned his gaze to others.

A while later, the Taoist finished looking at Zhao Fu's group's Fate, and Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief - the danger had passed. After coming down from the stage, he once again hid within the crowd.

"Martial Uncle, the Fate of those six people are a bit strange," one Taoist felt that something was off and walked over to tell Qiu Fengzi.

Qiu Fengzi looked at the six people and found that their Fate was indeed quite strange - their Fate shouldn't have been very strong, but for someone reason, their Fate had greatly increased. These six people were Zhao Fu's grandpa, Zhao Fu's grandma, and his uncle's family!

Qiu Fengzi passed on a message to the Ying family to treat these six people well, but they weren't Great Qin's Legatee.

After going through all of the collateral family members but still not finding Great Qin's Legatee, Qiu Fengzi felt quite dispirited and wondered if Great Qin's Legatee hadn't attended this meeting or if he had already left the Ying family.

On the other hand, the Ying family was celebrating because Qiu Fengzi had helped them find quite a few good seedlings with decent Fate, and they would become talents in the future.

After the Fate Gazing concluded, the Ying family conducted a banquet to celebrate. Zhao Fu didn't plan on attending, and now that the Fate Gazing was over, he just wanted to leave.

However, just as Zhao Fu turned to leave, a hand grabbed on to him, and Zhao Fu turned to see a 15 or 16-year-old young Taoist staring at him.

Zhao Fu felt quite startled - had this young Taoist discovered something?

At that moment, Wu Qingniang also walked over, and seeing this, she felt quite surprised. "Little Taoist, why are you holding on to him?"

The young Taoist immediately let go of Zhao Fu and shook his head as he muttered something incomprehensible.

Wu Qingniang felt quite confused, but because there were more important matters, she didn't take this to heart. She turned and asked Zhao Fu, "Zhao Fu, where did you go? Why didn't I see you go up onto the stage?"

"I did go up, and my name has been registered over there; it's probably because you just missed me," Zhao Fu replied.

Zhao Fu could tell from Wu Qingniang's beautiful eyes that she didn't believe him. She grabbed Zhao Fu's hand and dragged him along as she said, "I'm taking you over to Taoist Qiu right now so he can personally take a look at you."

Zhao Fu was dumbfounded - wasn't this equivalent to delivering him into a tiger's mouth? He immediately refused and said, "Qingniang, there's no need. I really don't have great Fate."

At that moment, Qiu Fengzi saw one of his younger disciples standing around muttering to himself, and there were two people beside him, one of whom was an incredibly beautiful woman.

Qiu Fengzi knew that this woman was from the Wu family. He had looked at her Fate before and seen that it was simply colossal because she was a Legatee. In fact, the six young masters and misses of the Ying family's major branches added together couldn't compare to her Fate. That was the benefit of receiving a Legacy.

He had also seen that her Fate was related to the Myrtle Imperial Star, meaning that she could become a Queen. Moreover, her Dragon Phoenix Constitution was the best in ten or so generations.

Wu Qingniang's future was simply limitless, and Qiu Fengzi could already guess that, like her ancestor, she would become an eternal female Emperor whose name would forever be recorded in the annals of history.

However, when Qiu Fengzi looked at the man beside her, his body trembled, and a look of shock appeared on his face. He completely disregarded his image as he sprinted towards that young man.