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 "Let's go!" They arrived at the meeting place, and Wu Qingniang regained her noble and dignified manner. She put her arm around Zhao Fu's as they walked towards the crowd of people.

It was a spacious garden, and more than 10,000 people had gathered here. Luckily, the garden was massive, or it would have been quite crowded with so many people.

With Wu Qingniang holding on to Zhao Fu in such an obvious way in public, they drew many gazes.

The Ancient Beauty Rankings drew the attention of countless people, and being ranked third, Wu Qingniang was quite famous. Whether it was the Ying family's main family, branch family, or collateral family, everyone wanted to see her beautiful looks and temperament for oneself.

However, they found that she was arm-in-arm with an ordinary, only slightly handsome-looking young man, making them feel incredibly envious and spiteful.

Ying Xi also felt quite shocked upon seeing her good sister holding onto Zhao Fu. This was out of her expectations because she thought that Wu Qingniang only treated Zhao Fu as an important chess piece or a friend.

It seemed that what Wu Qingniang thought of Zhao Fu greatly exceeded anything that she had expected.

When she thought of how close she had been with Wu Qingniang before and saw how affectionate she was with Zhao Fu now, Ying Xi couldn't help but feel a bit jealous.

The Young Master of one of the Ying family's other branches, a handsome young man named Ying Qin, saw this and hated Zhao Fu. He had been pursuing Wu Qingniang this entire time not only for her but also for the faction behind her.

However, Wu Qingniang had always treated him lukewarmly. He had thought that she was too proud, so he slowly pursued her. And yet, she had walked in arm-in-arm with another man.

After all, this wasn't some sort of banquet, and she didn't need a male partner. This meant that she had a very close relationship with that young man.

There was another person coldly looking over, and the person was Ying Wu, Great Qin's fake Legatee. Ever since the first banquet, he had thought of Wu Qingniang and Su Yuyan as his women.

Regarding Su Yuyan, he hadn't made much progress. Su Yuyan hadn't directly rejected him, nor did she show any affection. Regarding Wu Qingniang, he hadn't been able to make any progress because she hadn't veiled her rejections at all.

Seeing how close Wu Qingniang seemed to be with Zhao Fu, Ying Wu felt incredibly angry. After the first banquet, Ying Wu had asked some people to investigate him.

From these investigations, he found out that Zhao Fu was a mere collateral family member and had no status at all. He could easily kill him, so he had disregarded Zhao Fu's existence and had thought that Wu Qingniang only saw him as a subordinate. However, he had never thought that he would see this scene before him.

How could Ying Wu not feel livid upon seeing the woman he wanted acting so affectionately with another man? Even though he had many women, none of them could compare to Su Yuyan and Wu Qingniang.

At that moment, Zhao Fu's cousin saw this and said, "Grandpa, look over there!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu's grandpa and the rest of his family looked over. Upon seeing this, a delighted smile broke out on Zhao Fu's grandma's face - if Zhao Fu could marry such a beautiful woman, he would be incredibly lucky.

However, when they heard someone nearby start to talk about Wu Qingniang's status, they started to look worried - how could Zhao Fu match up to such a prestigious background?

Zhao Fu's aunty said, "It's best to tell Zhao Fu to stay away from her; she's too high up above minor figures like us. If he offends some big figure things, it will be bad for him, and we might even be affected as well."

Many of Zhao Fu's family members felt quite displeased, and Zhao Fu's grandpa angrily yelled, "Have you already forgotten who saved your two sons? How can you say such a thing?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu's aunty fell silent.

Facing so many gazes, Zhao Fu felt quite uncomfortable and said, "Qingniang, can you please let go?"

Wu Qingniang rolled her eyes as she said, "Do you know how many people want to be in your position but don't have the chance?"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, "Of course I do; you're the third-ranked beauty on the Ancient Beauty Rankings, and countless people would dream for such a thing."

When she heard Zhao Fu, Wu Qingniang couldn't help but smile, and seeing that Zhao Fu really did look quite uncomfortable, she decided to let go.

"Qingniang! Over here!" Ying Xi called out.

Wu Qingniang walked over to talk with her, and because Zhao Fu's status was quite low, he had no right to be with such high-profile people.

Zhao Fu didn't mind and decided to go to an inconspicuous spot to avoid all of the gazes.

However, after he took a few steps, he was suddenly pushed by someone, making him stumble and almost fall over, and a mocking voice said, "It's best that you leave Big Miss Wu alone; don't you know how lowly you are?"

Zhao Fu breathed in and quelled his anger as he looked at a few young men. He didn't say anything and found a fairly secluded spot to think about how he would get through this.

Afterward, Zhao Fu saw 30 or so people wearing Taoist robes and holding horsetail whisks walk out from the side. The Ying family's people treated these Taoists very politely, which showed that they were quite extraordinary.

Zhao Fu started to feel even warier, and someone started to announce the rules of how this meeting would proceed. The main family would go up in groups of three for a Taoist to look at their Fate, the branch family would go up in groups of 20, and the collateral family would go up in groups of 100.

Hearing this, since Zhao Fu was from the collateral family, he hoped that he would be able to somehow get past this without having his identity exposed.

Of course, the people from the main family went first, and they were the young masters and misses of the major branches of the Ying family: four men and two women.

The 30 or so Taoists were led by a long-bearded Taoist, and he was Qiu Fengzi.

This meeting had been arranged by Qiu Fengzi, and on the face of things, it was to seek out talents for the Ying family. However, it was actually for him to find Great Qin's Legatee.

Ever since he had found out that Great Qin's Legatee was within the Ying family, Qiu Fengzi had tried all sorts of methods to find him. As such, he decided to go big this time and seek him out.

The Ying family was quite receptive to Qiu Fengzi's idea and greatly supported him. This was because looking at one's Fate wasn't a simple matter. It would be fine to look at an ordinary person's Fate, but looking at someone's Fate when that person came from a prestigious background could cost one's lifespan.

The first person to go up was Ying Qin, and everyone watched as he went before Qiu Fengzi.

If it wasn't for the existence of Great Qin's Legatee, Ying Qin definitely would have become the next leader of the Ying family. Whether it was his status or talent, he would have been the best choice. Moreover, the Great Qin Bloodline that he had was the purest as well.