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 As everyone was passionately discussing the matter about representatives, Zhao Fu ordered people to start constructing a Meeting Hall. The Meeting Hall would be able to seat thousands of people, which would be used for conferences with the representatives. As Great Qin's population grew, the number of representatives would also increase.

The Meeting Hall would be the main place for voicing the opinions of the people, and they would hold a meeting once every year. After all, Zhao Fu didn't have the time to conduct these meetings all the time.

As the construction of the Meeting Hall and choosing of representatives went on, Zhao Fu turned his attention to the next matter, which was Great Qin's agriculture.

Now, tree leaves were turning yellow, and the green leaves slowly disappeared. The temperature gradually became colder, and there was no longer any summer heat. It was now autumn, which was harvesting season.

Because of the Great Qin City's stats, everything grew much faster, but when it was autumn, there were many extra bonuses, such as many things tasting better and sweeter.

For example, most fruits taste sweeter, and grains are plumper and filled with more flavor.

Zhao Fu went to the agriculture region and saw many people harvesting grains or picking fruits. Picking fruits was quite simple - they would simply take the fruits from the trees and place them in baskets before carrying them away.

This was quite simple and didn't take much skill, and the efficiency was alright. However, things were different with grains.

This was because grains used fairly primitive methods to beat branches with rice crops, causing the mature grains to fall.

This was too primitive and inefficient, taking too much time and effort. Seeing this, Zhao Fu thought of a tool he had seen when he was young for harvesting grains.

It was a contraption that was about as big as a bed and primarily made of wood and some iron. People continuously stepped on boards that turned rollers, which beat the branches of rice crops.

This sort of tool was still quite primitive in the modern world because everything was done with machines in the real world, making things extremely easy.

Of course, it would be difficult to create such machines in the Heaven Awaken World for now, so Zhao Fu wanted to at least use wooden tools, which would be easy to make.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu returned to the real world and started to look up grain harvesting methods, and he quickly found some methods.

Zhao Fu spent some time memorizing the methods, but just as he was about to return to the Heaven Awaken World, someone knocked on his door and asked, "Mr. Zhao, are you awake yet?"

This was Zhao Fu's bodyguard, and Zhao Fu felt quite surprised upon hearing his voice. Normally, Zhao Fu was the one who always called him first because he was always famished after returning to the real world, and he would always ask his bodyguard to buy him food. There was definitely something going on.

"Come in!" Zhao Fu replied, and the bodyguard walked in. "Mr. Zhao, there's something I've been told to tell you."

"What is it?" Zhao Fu asked.

"The Ying family has announced that anyone who belongs to the Ying family, whether that person is from the main family, branch family, or collateral family, must participate in a meeting. Anyone who doesn't attend will be heavily punished," the bodyguard replied.

"A meeting? Everyone needs to attend?" Zhao Fu frowned. He felt that this matter wasn't simple and asked, "What's the purpose of this meeting?"

The bodyguard thought for a moment before replying, "I heard that it's to check each person's Fate!"

When he heard this, Zhao Fu felt quite startled - just what was going on? For the Ying family to check every person's Fate, could it be that he had been exposed? He had nothing to hide his Fate in the real world, and an expert would definitely find out that he was Great Qin's Legatee!

"What should I do?" Zhao Fu rapidly thought as he asked, "When will this meeting be?"

"7 AM tomorrow morning!" the bodyguard replied.

Zhao Fu nodded and asked his bodyguard to leave before he thought about this dangerous situation. Because the Ying family was making such a big move, Zhao Fu felt quite threatened.

The Ying family's higher-ups had already ordered that anyone who didn't go would be heavily punished, and if he didn't go, it would be too suspicious.

However, what could he do if he went? He had nothing to hide his Fate, and they would be primarily checking his Fate.

They definitely had experts, and once his identity was exposed, it was possible that the Ying family would simply kill him and take his legacy, and he would have no power to retaliate. With how cold-blooded these large families were, they wouldn't let off even those related to him, and even his grandpa and grandma would most likely die.

"What should I do? What should I do?" Zhao Fu felt quite worried, and he knew that the situation was quite dangerous for him. After thinking for a while, he decided to dial a number.

Zhao Fu dialed for a long time, and just as he was about to hang up, the call connected.

"Hello?" An elegant woman's voice that Zhao Fu was familiar with sounded out - it was Xianru's voice.

Zhao Fu felt quite relieved and replied, "It's me!"

Xianru sounded quite surprised as she said, "Your Majesty? What is it?"

Zhao Fu had asked for Xianru's number a while ago in order to make sure that he could contact her in the real world in emergencies. However, he had never called her in the real world before because he was too weak and had to be very wary.

Now, it was finally time to make this call. He told Xianru about the situation and could only hope that she had some method to deal with this.

"Your Majesty, I believe that the target of this meeting is you; there'll definitely be experts familiar with Fate, so even if you use an item to conceal your Fate, they'll feel that something is off and will be able to discover you."

After hearing Xianru's words, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised - if even items that could conceal his Fate were useless, did he have to run? However, he had practically nothing in the real world - could he really survive and escape from the Ying family? Most likely not.

Luckily, Xianru continued, "Your Majesty, I can use a technique item to temporarily change your Fate to an ordinary person's Fate; that way, you won't be exposed."

However, the problem was that they were in different places in the real world, so how could they facilitate this? After all, the meeting was at 7 AM the next day.