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Dongfang Xiang swung his sword as he spun in a circle, bringing about a sharp sword wind that sent Great Qin's Assassins, who were attacking from three directions, flying away.

However, Great Qin's Assassins were able to use their hidden blades to block the sword wind, and they weren't injured by this attack.

Dongfang Xiang felt that Great Qin's Assassins were quite troublesome to deal with, so he turned and asked seriously, "Father-in-law, what sort of person did you offend? These Assassins are much more powerful than ordinary city guards, and they aren't people ordinary factions can develop."

The middle-aged man looked quite bitter, and he gave a summary of what had happened in the restaurant as they fought.

Dongfang Xiang immediately understood - that restaurant was indeed quite special, and the strength it had displayed was simply unfathomable. "Father-in-law, I'll break you out of the encirclement. The Wang family's residence has been surrounded by an extremely strong illusion, and my men are unable to come in."

The middle-aged man looked at the Wang family's people being slaughtered, and his expression became dim. The Wang family had essentially been destroyed, but he could at least survive. Relying on Dongfang Xiang, he could still start over, so he nodded and agreed.

"Hah!!" Dongfang Xiang loudly roared, and an extremely powerful aura exploded out of his body. He raised his sword as a brilliant sword light shot out from it.


As Dongfang Xiang slashed downwards, a massive sword wind was slashed out, creating a 100-meter long sword gash on the ground as the intense sword wind forced back countless Assassins and opened up a path.

Dongfang Xiang immediately grabbed the middle-aged man and ran. Dongfang Xiang's cultivation was at Stage 3, and he was quite fast. All Great Qin's Assassins saw was a black blur moving, and they were unable to keep up at all.

It looked like Dongfang Xiang and the middle-aged man were going to escape when a figure blocked in front of them.

It was a person in a black cloak who didn't give off a very powerful aura. He simply stood there unmenacingly.

Dongfang Xiang looked ahead and saw a pair of blood-red eyes under the hood. Immediately his hairs stood on end as he was assaulted by a feeling of danger. He immediately stopped running and asked seriously, "Who are you, sir?"

Zhao Fu looked at Dongfang Xiang and the middle-aged man beside him as he calmly replied, "I'm of course the person who's going to exterminate the Wang family. I advise you not to stick your nose into other people's business; I don't want to form enmity with Great Ancient City. You should think about your position and not cause any trouble for Great Ancient City."

Zhao Fu's words seemed incredibly bold, and it was to the point that he was threatening a system main city. However, Dongfang Xiang completely believed that Zhao Fu had the power and right to do so.

He was one of Great Ancient City's three Great Generals, and he didn't want to make trouble for Great Ancient City. However, this middle-aged man was his father-in-law, and he couldn't just allow him to die. What was worse was that it was them who were in the wrong, and if the City Lord became involved, the blame would fall on them.

"Sir, you've already killed everyone in the Wang family, and everything here belongs to you. I just want to take my father-in-law away." Facing this dangerous cloaked figure, Dongfang Xiang could tell that he was much weaker, so he spoke in a courteous tone.

The middle-aged man felt quite shocked. He knew how powerful Dongfang Xiang was, yet he was still backing down in front of this black-cloaked figure. Just how powerful was this person?

"I already said that I'm going to exterminate the entire Wang family!" Even though Dongfang Xiang had already taken a step back, Zhao Fu was unwilling to relent. He immediately refused because leaving the Wang family's leader alive would result in many troubles in the future. With Dongfang Xiang's power, he would be able to rebuild everything quickly.

After hearing Zhao Fu's words, Dongfang Xiang gripped his sword and prepared to fight.

Seeing Dongfang Xiang prepare himself, Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and instantly disappeared.


A muffled explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu appeared in front of Dongfang Xiang, punching Dongfang Xiang's chest and blasting him backward.

Dongfang Xiang was too confident. If it was before, Zhao Fu wouldn't have been able to fight against a General, but things were different now. Let alone a General, even a City Lord without a City Lord Seal would be nothing in front of Zhao Fu.

Dongfang Xiang coughed up a mouthful of blood. He had never thought that a simple punch from Zhao Fu would injure him so severely. What angered him even more was that Zhao Fu was now holding the middle-aged man by his throat and raising him into the air. The middle-aged man was unable to resist at all, and he could only desperately struggle.

"No!" Dongfang furiously roared.

However, Zhao Fu coldly twisted with his hand, breaking the middle-aged man's neck. The middle-aged man immediately died, and Zhao Fu let go, allowing him to drop to the ground and sending some dust into the air.

"Arghhh!!" Dongfang Xiang roared, his face completely red with anger. He looked like a berserk beast as he rushed at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu stood his ground, stretching out his palm towards Dongfang Xiang as a black mark appeared at the center of his palm.


The black mark flashed with black light, and a massive formless energy sent Dongfang Xiang flying back like a rubber ball, causing him to crash into a house and turn it into rubble.

Within the ruins, Dongfang Xiang coughed up a large mouthful of blood and powerlessly lay there, and he was heavily injured.

Zhao Fu didn't attack again. Rather, he looked up into the sky, where a large bearded man had appeared - this was evidently Great Ancient City's City Lord.

After Dongfang Xiang had hurried over, it was impossible for the City Lord not to know what was happening.

"Sir, if you leave matters at this, I won't look into it." The large bearded man looked quite coarse and rough, but he wasn't a rash fool. Seeing that his subordinate had been injured by Zhao Fu so easily, he didn't want to directly engage in a massive battle with Zhao Fu.

First, he could sense an aura of danger from Zhao Fu, and he could sense the energy ripples of a City Lord Seal from within Zhao Fu. Even though it was only the City Lord Seal of a Basic City, he was sure that there was more that Zhao Fu was hiding.

This was because Zhao Fu was a player, and he was the first player City Lord who he had met. To be able to raise a Village into a Basic City in such a short amount of time, his background was definitely quite extraordinary.

The large bearded man wasn't sure if he could win in a fight, and if they really fought here, the ones who would suffer the most were the people of Great Ancient City. After all, the aftermath of their battle would destroy a lot of the city.

Moreover, this was originally a dispute between players, and the system faction shouldn't be brought into this. Based on what the Wang family had done within Great Ancient City, losing the Wang family wouldn't harm Great Ancient City at all.

In fact, losing the Wang family would suppress the players and get rid of a blight in the city, which was actually good for the city.

Even though the large bearded City Lord could easily get rid of the Wang family, he had to be wary of the rest of the players. As the players became more and more powerful, the Wang family had become more and more powerful. Adding on the fact that Dongfang Xiang was the Wang family leader's son-in-law, it would be good to use Zhao Fu to get rid of the Wang family.