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 However, looking at Zhao Fu's back and hearing his voice, Sun Qin felt that her boss seemed quite familiar. She had definitely met him in the real world somewhere before.

Zhao Fu didn't pay much mind to Sun Qin's gaze, and he had her return to the real world for now. Destroying the Wang family could result in trouble, mainly from the system main city, so he had to deal with it personally.

Sun Qin understood what Zhao Fu was going to do, so she immediately agreed to leave the Heaven Awaken World. Seeing Zhao Fu about to leave, Sun Qin couldn't help but say, "Boss, please be careful!"

Zhao Fu felt a bit surprised when he heard Sun Qin's care-filled words. He nodded before his body blurred and disappeared.


"Sir, something terrible has happened! Our young master has been killed by someone!" an elderly man in gray, who looked like a butler, quickly ran into a house and said to a dignified-looking middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man frowned. Because it wasn't a true death, he wasn't very angry or feel much pain. Rather, he felt quite confused - his son had taken 20 or so Stage 1 experts with him, and he had been killed in Great Ancient City. Just who was bold enough to offend the number one faction in Great Ancient City?

"What's going on? Tell me the details," the middle-aged man asked.

The gray-clothed elderly man immediately told him all of the information he had to the middle-aged man. After hearing this, the middle-aged man looked furious as he roared, "That unfilial son!"

The middle-aged man wasn't angry at what his son had done. However, he had told him many times not to make trouble at that restaurant, yet his son had gone and done exactly that. The Wang family was unafraid of any of the factions in Great Ancient City except that restaurant.

The restaurant was owned by a player, and that player opened his restaurant many months before any other restaurants opened. This meant that the player had become a Baron months before anyone else and had unrivaled wealth to be able to purchase property, carry out renovations, and hire guards.

What's more, they had dishes that no one else could make. Even though the ingredients were quite ordinary, they were difficult to obtain because they were from different regions. Just based on the ability to cross different regions was enough for the player to be feared.

Crossing to another region required passing through a Void Zone, which was incredibly dangerous. The middle-aged man had attempted this with a team before but had failed miserably.

"However, that person saying that he wants to exterminate the Wang family is simply too arrogant. With our strength, we don't fear any player faction in Red Plum Plains." The middle-aged man still felt quite confident.

This was because his daughter had married one of Great Ancient City's Generals, and it was because of him that the Wang family had been able to develop so quickly. In fact, in times of need, they could even use a portion of the system main city's strength.

The restaurant was only something that the Wang family was slightly wary of, and it hadn't ever shown its true strength. "You've killed my son and said that you want to exterminate the Wang family; you're seeking your own death. Butler, immediately gather our people as well as some city guards and kill everyone in that restaurant. Don't let even a single one of them escape."

"Arghhhh..." Just as the middle-aged man finished murderously giving out these orders, pained cries started sounding out from outside.

Immediately, the middle-aged man felt incredibly startled, and he walked out to see that the entire residence had been surrounded by a gray fog. Black figures flashed about, massacring his people.

"What's going on?" The middle-aged man felt completely shocked - the people he had nurtured were unable to retaliate at all. Just as they tried to attack, their throats would be slit, while those black figures' auras were those of Stage 1 or above.

What was going on? Why were there so many Stage 1 experts attacking the Wang family? Just what faction was this?

Suddenly, the middle-aged man thought about what the butler said - that person had said he was going to exterminate the Wang family, and he was now here. Only now did the middle-aged man realize what a terrifying force he was facing.


An arc of light streaked at the middle-aged man's throat without any warning, looking incredibly fatal. Just as it was about to slice open his throat, the middle-aged man roared and threw his head back, narrowly dodging the attack.

However, before the middle-aged man could celebrate, a ghostly figure appeared behind him, and another sharp light flashed out. The middle-aged man felt a pain in his back as a long gash was opened, causing blood to flow out.

"Arghhh!" The middle-aged man swung his large saber, chopping behind him ferociously, but the figure suddenly disappeared.

Suddenly, the middle-aged man sensed something and looked up - a figure had appeared above him, raising two silver hidden blades and slashing towards the middle-aged man as the figure dropped down towards him.


The middle-aged man raised his large saber and blocked, resulting in a massive metallic collision sound.

However, another figure appeared by the middle-aged man's side, giving him a fright, and he quickly dodged to the side. However, his abdomen was slashed by a sharp hidden blade, causing blood to stain his clothes.

The middle-aged man found that he was being attacked by five people. If it was just one of them, he would be able to deal with it, but these five people's cooperation was seamless, and he wasn't a match for them at all.

Soon, the middle-aged man's body was covered by ten or so bloody cuts, and most of the Wang family's people had died by now. All of the corpses on the ground belonged to the Wang family, and blood dyed the ground.

The middle-aged man roared in grief and anger - he knew that the Wang family was most likely going to fall here, and he felt incredible regret. Why had his son offended such a terrifying faction? After all of this, he would definitely teach him a lesson.

Afterward, the battle came close to concluding. More and more of Great Qin's Assassins attacked the middle-aged man, who was covered in wounds. Was he going to die here?

Seeing more and more people start to attack him, the middle-aged man started to grow weaker and weaker, and he started to feel a trace of despair.

"Father-in-law! I'm here to save you!" A thick-eyebrowed big man suddenly appeared, brandishing a large sword and slashing out a ten-meter long sword light that was incredibly destructive and forced away Great Qin's Assassins.

The thick-eyebrowed big man was called Dongfang Xiang, and he was one of Great Ancient City's Generals and the Wang family's son-in-law. The Dark Ghost World outside could stop Stage 1 and Stage 2 people, but it couldn't stop anyone at Stage 3 or above.

Dongfang Xiang was unable to bring his soldiers in, so he had rushed through by himself. After seeing the bloody scene, he felt quite shocked, and seeing his father-in-law being surrounded by so many people, he immediately attacked to save him.

Seeing Dongfang Xiang arrive, the middle-aged man became delighted and saw a trace of hope. They started to resist Great Qin's Assassins together.