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 In a world where the strong preyed on the weak, asking why someone wanted to kill them was simply laughable. However, Zhao Fu still answered him, "For your village!"

Zhao Fu then looked over and ordered, "Leave a few of them alive!"

The Archers and Crossbowmen were about to fire when the big man quickly called out, "I'm the Village Chief of the Great Tiger Village, Zhang Dahu!"

Zhao Fu was quite surprised when he heard this. He hadn't expected the big man in front of him to be the Village Chief, so he immediately called out, "Stop!"

Zhang Dahu let out a sigh of relief. He knew from listening to Zhao Fu and seeing how well-equipped and ferocious his soldiers were that the Great Tiger Village would face disaster if Zhao Fu attacked it.

At this moment, Zhao Fu was looking at Zhang Dahu and wondering what to do. How he could use this big chess piece to take the Great Tiger Village.

"Why do you want our village?" Zhang Dahu suddenly asked while looking at Zhao Fu earnestly.

Zhao Fu did not plan to hide anything and simply replied, "To stop the 5,000 Orcs that are 100 kilometers away!"

"What? 5,000 Orcs?"

Zhang Dahu and his people were incredibly shocked. As residents of the Heaven Awaken World, they knew how terrifying the Outlanders were.

Orcs normally never left Humans alive. If 5,000 Orcs came over and discovered the Great Tiger Village, not a single one of them would survive.

Since Zhao Fu's soldiers were well-equipped, perhaps they could stop the Orcs. In that case, joining Zhao Fu would not be too bad because Zhang Dahu was not skilled at management. However, if they joined just like that, the Great Tiger Village would seem much too weak. Furthermore, they didn't have to join - they just had to work together.

Because of this, Zhang Dahu decided to test Zhao Fu's strength as well as show his own power, so he pointed at Zhao Fu's soldiers and said, "The Great Tiger Village will not easily submit to anyone. I see that the pretty boy next to you seems to be a decent fighter. If he can beat me, I'll join your village; if I win, we'll only work together to stop the Orcs, and you'll need to supply us with equipment."

"Pretty boy?" Zhao Fu felt quite confused. He looked over and saw that Zhang Dahu was pointing at Bai Qi, and Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile, thinking, "This fellow dares to call Bai Qi a pretty boy and wants to challenge him? He's simply seeking death."

Zhao Fu thought about it, and since he benefited whether Bai Qi lost or won, Zhao Fu decided to agree. Plus, he was quite confident that Bai Qi would win.

Zhang Dahu took off his bow and pulled out his large saber. When Bai Qi started walking forwards, Zhang Dahu said, "Watch out, pretty boy, don't blame me if you get hurt."

Those who knew Bai Qi's strength said some prayers for Zhang Dahu.

The battle began!

Zhang Dahu raised his large saber and chopped down at Bai Qi ferociously. Bai Qi's expression was incredibly calm, and he did not move at all. Just as the large saber was about to hit him, a ray of sword light flashed.


A metallic clanging sound rang out as Zhang Dahu felt a massive impact against his saber, almost causing it to fly out from his grasp.

In the next second, a cold light flashed as Zhang Dahu saw Bai Qi thrust his sword towards his neck. He quickly used his large saber to block Bai Qi's sword when Bai Qi spun, lashing out with a side kick and sending him flying.

Zhang Dahu fell to the ground and looked unconvinced as he got up. He rushed over at Bai Qi and was beaten down again in a few bouts. Zhang Dahu was dumbfounded. He was quite confident in his strength because the Great Tiger Village would have been destroyed by Outlanders long ago if it wasn't for him. How could this pretty boy be so strong?

"Wait, I admit defeat."

By now, Zhang Dahu's saber had long since been sent flying away, and Bai Qi didn't bother using his sword either. He smashed his fist into the big man's face repeatedly, making him feel immense pain.

Zhang Dahu knew that he should have surrendered long ago, so after taking a few blows to the face, he decided to finally surrender.

Bai Qi stopped attacking and returned to Zhao Fu's side when he heard Zhang Dahu surrender.

Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile. Zhang Dahu had dug himself a hole and had even jumped into it. He had even called Bai Qi a pretty boy - now, he had been taught a good lesson.

"You've lost. Do you still remember what we agreed on before?" Zhao Fu said to Zhang Dahu as he suppressed his smile and walked over.

Zhang Dahu sighed and knelt on one knee as he cupped his fists, saying, "Those who are prepared to bet must be prepared to lose. I respectfully greet Sir!"

Zhao Fu received a system announcement that asked him if he wanted to accept Zhang Dahu's surrender. Zhao Fu accepted and received 100 Achievement Points.

Following this, Zhao Fu looked at Zhang Dahu's stats with interest.

Name: Zhang Dahu

Grade: SS

Title: None

Profession: Militia

Achievement Points: Citizen (24/500)

Race: Human

Age: 31 (100)

Loyalty: 60

Stats: Strength: 10, Intelligence: 6, Constitution: 10, Agility: 8

Cultivation: Stage 0

Cultivation Technique: None

Skills: Basic Saber Technique

Equipment: Coarse Cloth Clothes, Cloth Shoes, Coarse Cloth Pants

Zhao Fu was quite shocked when he saw Zhang Dahu's stats. Zhang Dahu was SS grade, but he did not have a cultivation technique and his profession was only Militia, giving him only a basic skill. And yet, he did not look too weak. After joining the Great Qin Village and receiving all sorts of benefits, Zhang Dahu would become vastly more powerful, and he would become a valiant general.

Nearby, everyone in the peaceful Great Tiger Village suddenly heard a system announcement, sending the village into chaos.

Luckily, Zhang Dahu quickly returned and calmed everyone down. However, they still looked quite fearful when they saw Zhao Fu and his soldiers. It was because there were not only soldiers in plate armor but also Goblins and Gnomes among his 300 soldiers. After all, most Humans were quite afraid of Outlanders.

Zhao Fu went to the Village Hall and looked at the Great Tiger Village's stats. However, he felt slightly disappointed when he saw them. It was only a Normal grade Village, and it had only recently risen to Intermediate level.

The Great Tiger Village was about 15 kilometers away from the Great Qin Village, so Zhao Fu planned to take all of the villagers to the Great Qin Village to fill in the gaps he had.

After choosing to [Relocate] the Great Tiger Village, a system announcement sounded out, telling Zhao Fu that the Great Qin Village had received 540 EXP.

This was the most EXP he had obtained from Relocating a village, but because it was an Intermediate Village, it would go back down to a Primary Village. However, there was nothing Zhao Fu could do about this - the Great Tiger Village was simply too far away from the Great Qin Village, and if something happened, Zhao Fu would not be able to respond in time, so he had no choice but to relocate it.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu took the villagers to the Great Qin Village. When the Great Tiger Village's villagers saw how powerful the Great Qin Village was, they secretly felt delighted and safe. After seeing how well-organized and managed everything in the Great Qin Village was, Zhang Dahu felt quite embarrassed. He felt that his own village had been like a doghouse compared to the Great Qin Village.

Now that 600 or so people had joined the Great Qin Village, the Great Qin Village had 1,340 villagers. Considering the Orcs, Zhao Fu arranged for 300 of them to change professions, boosting his military to 600 soldiers.

As for Zhang Dahu, Zhao Fu did not mistreat him at all. He first allowed him to change professions before giving him a Refined Martial Soul, a Silver grade saber, and Blue grade armor.

After receiving so many benefits so suddenly, Zhang Dahu couldn't help but feel ecstatic, and his loyalty greatly increased.