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 Do I really have to be defiled like this? Sun Qin thought to herself in despair.

Suddenly, a light wind blew as squelching sounds sounded out, and a bloody mist sprayed onto the wall. The 20 or so people standing at the entrance were instantly decapitated, and their heads and bodies fell to the ground.

A black-cloaked figure appeared before the restaurant, and the figure held a demonic sword and gave off an icy and powerful aura as the figure said, "You deserve death!"

Zhao Fu waved his hand, and a formless energy sent the young man pressing down against Sun Qin flying.

Zhao Fu walked in and saw Sun Qin in her torn clothes. He walked over and took out a set of clothes from his King's Ring as he asked, "Are you alright?"

Sun Qin immediately recognized this person to be the owner of this restaurant, who she had not seen for a long time. All of her feelings of terror and despair evaporated, and she used the clothes to cover up her exposed skin as she said gratefully, "Thank you!"

Afterward, she said apologetically, "Sorry for causing you so much trouble."

"It's not your fault!" Zhao Fu's voice was somewhat cold, and his eyes were filled with killing intent as he looked at the young man getting to his feet. Anyone who violates Great Qin's people must die!

The drunken young man was slightly woken up after being hit. He looked at Zhao Fu and then the 20 or so headless corpses and cried out in fear, "I'm the Wang family's Young Master; if you dare to do anything to me, you'll die a horrible death!"

Zhao Fu coldly laughed, "Wang family's Young Master? Not only will I kill you today, but I'll also exterminate the entire Wang family!"

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, not only the young man but also everyone outside felt quite shocked. If anyone else said that he wanted to exterminate the Wang family, they would have taken it as a joke. After all, the Wang family was the number one faction in Great Ancient City, and it would be almost impossible to exterminate them.

However, they had just seen Zhao Fu kill 20 Stage 1 experts with a casual blow, and he seemed incredibly mysterious. Perhaps he would be able to do this.

After all, this was Great Ancient City's biggest restaurant, and there were rumors that it was controlled by a massive and mysterious faction. However, this faction had never revealed itself, resulting in many people taking wild guesses.

After hearing Zhao Fu's words, the young man felt quite afraid. After all, his father had told him many times not to make trouble at this particular restaurant.

Suddenly, the young man tried to run out of the restaurant. Right now, his safety was the most important thing. However, just as he started to move, Zhao Fu waved his hand, and a formless energy smashed the young man against a wall, causing him to cough up a mouthful of blood and for three or four of his ribs to be broken.

This was the first time he had suffered so much pain, and his face twisted as he shrieked, "When the Wang family's people get here, I'll make sure you die a terrible death! And I'll screw the bitch beside you to death! I'll..."

Zhao Fu looked at the berserk young man, a chilling intent within his eyes. He decided not to kill him instantly, and instead, countless traces of black aura streamed out of his body and wrapped around his palm.

"Arghhhh!!" a howl tore through the air as the young man's body was lifted by an invisible force into the air. His arms seemed to be broken by a pair of formless hands, after which his legs started to be twisted as well.

The young man continuously screamed, his face completely contorted in pain, and he couldn't even utter a word.

"Sir, I think this should be enough. After all, this young miss wasn't injured too badly," one of the city guards came up and said. After seeing what Zhao Fu was doing and hearing the young man's howls, he couldn't keep watching. Moreover, his higher-ups had ordered them to look after the Wang family, so if the Wang family's young master was killed right in front of them, they would be punished.

"Boss, I think it should be alright now. I'm fine anyways." Sun Qin had wiped away her tears, but her eyes and cheeks were still a bit swollen.

She was already incredibly grateful that Zhao Fu would save her. After being in Great Ancient City for so long, she knew how powerful the Wang family's faction was. She didn't want Zhao Fu to encounter trouble because of her, and she could tolerate this sort of grievance.

Employing her was already showing great grace to her, and if Zhao Fu met trouble because of her, she would feel great guilt.

After hearing the city guard and Sun Qin's words, Zhao Fu decided to stop. The young man crashed to the ground, and seeing that Zhao Fu had stopped, everyone let out a sigh of relief and thought that everything was over.

The young man started to loudly laugh, "Now you know how powerful the Wang family is, eh? You're a dead man now! People have already gone to let my dad know about this."

The young man's words caused the settled atmosphere to once again become tense.

Zhao Fu slowly turned around and glanced at the city guard. The city guard's body froze when he saw a pair of incredibly devilish blood-red eyes under that black hood.

Bang! The city guard was sent flying by a formless energy, and Zhao Fu turned to look at the city guard and coldly harrumphed.

"Leave!" These city guards were people who he had employed with his money. Not only had they not helped his people, but they were also asking him to spare this young man. What a joke! After what he had done, how could Zhao Fu spare this young man?

The city guards had never thought that Zhao Fu would act against them; after all, city guards represented the system faction, and everyone was quite fearful of them.

However, seeing how murderous Zhao Fu was yet still now directly killing them, they realized that Zhao Fu was already giving the system main city face. They no longer dared to stay here and took the injured city guard away. Everyone else watching also didn't dare to stay any longer and quickly left.

The young man started to feel fearful, but Zhao Fu didn't even look at him as he waved his hand, causing a black sword light to fly out and pierce through his head, killing him instantly.

"Attend me!" Zhao Fu stood with his hands behind his back, his voice filled with dignity and killing intent.

Just as he spoke, a hooded figure suddenly appeared by his side and half-knelt as he said, "Your Majesty, what orders do you have?"

"Immediately head to the Wang family's headquarters and kill everyone whether or not the person is young, old, a man, or a woman - anyone who has anything to do with them - kill them all!" Zhao Fu ordered, and the hooded figure immediately complied and disappeared.

On the side, Sun Qin looked at Zhao Fu, who was giving off an incredibly icy and bloodthirsty aura. He didn't even put Great Ancient City's number one faction in his eyes, and he ordered them to be exterminated just like that. Just how powerful and confident did he have to be to do such a thing?

Moreover, Sun Qin heard that hooded figure call the boss 'Your Majesty'- it turned out that her boss had an incredibly noble background and was a Legatee. When she thought of this, Sun Qin felt incredibly unworthy.