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 Sun Wu followed behind Bai Qi. Bai Qi said that they were going to meet 'His Majesty,' who was the true master of this faction. Sun Wu felt somewhat nervous but also excited, and he wondered what sort of person controlled such a powerful faction.

Soon, Bai Qi and Sun Wu arrived at an exquisite-looking restaurant. After walking up a flight of stairs and arriving at a room, they saw a room filled with people who all looked quite powerful. They all gave off a dense smell of blood and had most likely killed many people recently.

These people were standing at the side, looking like guards. Upon seeing them, Sun Wu already felt that they were quite terrifying.

There was a young man sitting at the table beside the window, and he was elegantly drinking wine. He gave off an incredibly dignified and prestigious aura and an incredibly dangerous air that made one feel respect and not dare to look at him directly.

"Your Majesty, I've brought him here." Sun Wu saw the Commander who had taken down his Town become serious and respectful as he spoke to the young man.

By now, Sun Wu felt that he had to be incredibly careful - such an extraordinary Commander was acting so respectful and disrespectful, so he had to be on his guard. This 'Majesty' looked like an incredibly dangerous person, and because he had no idea what sort of temperament he had, Sun Wu also bowed alongside Bai Qi.

Zhao Fu had just finished listening to Guo Binglin give a report as to how they had dealt with the four largest factions. These four factions had put up barely any resistance, and almost all of their core members had been killed. The remainder of their forces were at their villages' meeting points.

If they hid away, they would be fine, but if they dared to show themselves, Zhao Fu would pull them up by their roots.

Zhao Fu looked at the young man who Bai Qi had brought and looked at his stats. This young man was quite good - his grade was SS grade, and because he was a Mayor, he was most likely quite a talent.

Zhao Fu looked away and said, "Since you've submitted to Great Qin, I won't neglect you or your people in the future."

After saying this, Zhao Fu took out a Legendary grade spear and a Stage 2 Blood God Pill.

Facing those blood-red eyes, Sun Wu instinctively felt incredibly afraid - they didn't seem like the eyes of a human, and instead, they had traces of coldness, murderousness, dignity, and devilishness.

Only after Zhao Fu looked away did Sun Wu dare to breathe again. When he heard Zhao Fu's words and saw the things he took out, Sun Wu felt incredibly shocked.

He immediately half-knelt with a look of joy and exclaimed, "Thank you, Your Majesty!"

The others didn't feel any envy because they all had Legendary grade equipment, and they had already consumed Stage 2 Blood God Pills.

Now, Zhao Fu started to discuss establishing a faction at Hundred Bamboo. The four largest factions comprised of a third of the strength in Hundred Bamboo. One of the system main cities had been controlled by the Ren family, Skinbones Gang, and Lily Gang, but they had essentially been completely massacred in a single night.

As such, Zhao Fu could effectively take over this system main city now before integrating the other factions for his own use.

"Bai Qi, take them back for now and tell Li Si to make arrangements for the Town." Seeing that dawn would be coming soon, the entirety of Hundred Bamboo would soon face a large change. Zhao Fu decided to stay here and take care of matters himself, so he told Bai Qi and the others to return first.

Bai Qi obeyed and took the people back to the Great Qin City. Only afterward did Sun Wu find out what had truly happened, filling him with shock and terror. He wasn't terrified of the potential of the four factions attacking his Town but that he could have gone up against Great Qin.

The black-cloaked figures reeking of blood beside Zhao Fu had committed a massive massacre, killing around 60,000 people, which was three times the population of his Town.

"Great Qin's Majesty is so terrifying!" Sun Wu's first impression of Zhao Fu had been correct. What was quite reassuring though was that even though this Majesty was quite terrifying, he wasn't the type to kill for no reason and treated his subordinates quite well.

Within the boundless darkness, a massive blood-red star silently spun, giving off a devilish blood-red light that gradually became brighter.

"Arghhhhh!!" Early in the morning, as the sky became brighter, people suddenly heard an incredibly harrowing scream tear through the air.

Countless people hurried over towards the meeting place of the Ren family, one of the three largest factions in the main city.

Could something have happened? It didn't seem possible - the Ren family was one of the three most powerful factions in this city, and no one dared to offend them.

No one knew what had happened, and everyone went over curiously. However, before they had arrived, they could smell a dense odor of blood, allowing them to guess what had happened.

The Ren family's meeting point was filled with corpses, and blood stained the walls, ground, pillars, and almost all other places. All of the people's expressions were ones of terror, signaling that this had been a one-sided massacre.

Almost everyone from the Ren family's faction had been killed in a single night, and those who were fortunate enough to escape quickly left the Ren family, no longer daring to be associated with them.

Everyone felt quite curious - just who had the Ren family offended to be destroyed in a single night? Could it be a system main city? However, the system main city's people all looked quite furious that a massacre had been committed in their city without them noticing!

However, the others soon became even more shocked - it wasn't just the Ren family. Even the Skinbones Gang and Lily Gang had been destroyed in a single night. From the evidence left behind, it seemed that all of this had been done by a single faction.

The news of three large factions being destroyed in a single night quickly spread, and a terrifying aura eclipsed the system main city. For the three largest factions to be killed without anyone realizing anything, how could the smaller factions survive? They would only be massacred as well.

As such, many factions decided to move to other system main cities in order to prevent themselves from being massacred as well.

Very quickly, terror spread through the entirety of Hundred Bamboo, and everyone started to worry for one's safety. Some terrifying faction had arrived at Hundred Bamboo like a tiger among a flock of sheep. Almost every faction began to panic, feeling worried that they would be the target of the next slaughter.

Suddenly, a faction called Long Night appeared and recruited people in an incredibly high-profile manner. It took over the territories of the factions that had been wiped out, and everyone seemed to realize something. Everyone came over to offer gifts and words of congratulations.

Anyone who couldn't guess who had committed that massacre was an idiot. Almost all of Hundred Bamboo's factions came to express their good intentions; it was evident just what sort of an effect Great Qin had caused with its massacre.

In just a single day, Long Night had become the number one faction in Hundred Bamboo. No one dared to compete with it, and everyone treated it with great respect and courtesy. Even the system main city factions felt quite afraid of it.